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Maitreya: Awakening of the Spiritual Forces

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The first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to endeavor to awaken our spiritual forces and energies. This can be done individually and/or collectively. In a Community of Light, collective spiritual practices are a must. Without generation of the spiritual energies and without bringing God into all levels of our lives, the lower nature will cause division and disunity between the members of the group. The result will be more division and more self-centeredness. Being more self-centered means a greater grip of the lower nature over the members and a degenerative cycle will start.

This cycle will continue until even the smallest matters will become bothersome and create irritation. The consequence will be resentment, judgmentally and even further separation. Such an environment is by no means proper to hold a community together, much less to become a Center or a Community of Light.

Although any community, in some degree, satisfies the economical and emotional needs of its members, the ultimate realization and main goal of the growth of each person should be to feel responsible and committed to the prosperity of the community and then to the rest of the universe: physically, mentally and spiritually. Emotional problems can be cured through spiritual awareness (Christ). They have a spiritual root.

The formation of a Community of Light brings many benefits. When a group of people share their resources, they can manage a less demanding life. Therefore, these people will be provided for, physically or economically, with less effort. Furthermore, because they live as a group, together they have greater safety. With the physiological and safety needs provided, the mental energies can be used for higher thoughts and greater purposes. Consequently, the mental development will be accelerated.

Through mental development and spiritual progress, a person will eventually realize that his or her emotional needs cannot be fulfilled from the external world but only from within. Therefore, not only will such needs decrease but ultimately the well of Love and devotion to God will be opened and enable a person to create unconditional Love. Hence, he or she will be able to give the Love-energy to others and help others also to find this Love within themselves.

The well of Love of God is the same as finding Him within. Or in other words, it is the same as having a cleansed spirit (chakras). When the chakras are cleaned of all unspiritual needs, then a sense of independence with a great Love for others is created in the person. The more people evolve to this state, the stronger will be the communities with greater Light manifested.

The lack of finding peace within is the cause of emotional problems. A person who intuitively feels he needs to be one with this Great Love, but does not know where to find It, directs his energy to the external world to find It. This Love and Peace, however, cannot be found outside. The person then takes the earthly attention from another person as the real Love. After the initial excitement of knowing the other person wears out, both realize that the other person does not have what they are looking for. Because he or she does not know what they really want, they blame each other for the lack they feel in themselves. The love wears out, and the mind comes in, with it judgmentally. The same person who used to be the center of his love becomes the most terrible person in the world.

That is when a great gap will be created and the result is their separation. They then continue their search to find It in another person or persons. They fall into the same trap and cycle of mistaking attention they receive as Love, and then later on disappointment. Unless they understand their real need, which is God within themselves, and find It there, they will remain disappointed and unfulfilled.

The reason for this is that if a person does not have something that we want, and he is even looking for the same thing, then such a person cannot fulfill our longing. Neither can we fulfill his. This is also true about that true Love that everyone is looking for. When one person does not have that true Love within self, and the other person does not have It either, they cannot give It to each other!

However, if a person found It within himself, such a person has what others desire. These people are the ones who have to gently direct others to find It within themselves also. They are the ones who truly understand the sentence, Love one another as Scriptures have taught us. They will teach all Love one another, not love only one other!

With this, people in the community will look within themselves to find the answer to their emotional needs - and to any other spiritual needs - and also, by spiritual practices, they will generate spiritual energy and bring God among themselves. Therefore, awakening of the spiritual forces and bringing God into the life of the community is essential - otherwise the unifying force of the Holy Ghost will be missing and there will be no joy within or unity left.

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