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Manifesting World Enlightenment: part 3

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Part 3 of 5

One of the very best ways to raise personal or group consciousness, is to MANIFEST spiritual Intentions into the environment at large.  The projection of love into one’s surroundings for instance, results in love being reflected back to the sender, like a returning echo.  In the group setting this principle holds equally true, except that it is far more amplified.  The psychic feedback which results from the projection of any state can realistically be called, “the instant karma of psychic action”.  Waves of feeling and Intent sent forth, (into the unified field of consciousness which surrounds us) return in like kind. 

The intentional, psychic projection of love on a personal level is potent in its effects.  This is especially true when the mind holds that focus in a one-pointed manner, as a meditation. The intentional “broadcast” of love however, is usually far more powerful than the unconscious projection of Intent found in most persons.  Intentional psychic action on a group level is geometrically greater still, as is the level of psychic feedback created through Group Mind Intent. 

            Our world, like all others, is composed of fields of Energy, which are coordinated into cohesive patterns by Awareness on a global basis. Energy and awareness are coordinated in accord with the Intent of all beings on this planet, as a conglomerate force. The conglomerate Intent of humanity forms what is known in the WMS materials, as the World Mind, whereas the Earth Mind is the sum total of all plant and animal consciousness on a planet-wide basis.  The Intent at large (planet-wide) that exists as a result of both the Earth Mind and the World Mind, is the primary determining factor for all world events.  Personal Intent shapes individual life, regional Intent shapes national policy, and world Intent determines international relations.  It is through Intent that both energy and awareness combine to form the patterns of consciousness, and from consciousness all material things are either manifest or changed. We are literally surrounded and permeated by fields of (subatomic) Energy, Awareness and Intent.  These subatomic energy fields are highly reactive, responding in like kind to any impulse which is projected into them.

Communities of people also display this natural principle of field reaction. As a system of minds, any community is capable of unconsciously reciprocating in entity-like fashion, to whatever state of consciousness is projected at it/them.  In this way, groups of people of like mind, react as does an individual person to “vibes” (intent) sent toward them. The fields at large in nature, (generated by the Earth’s forests, rivers, lakes, mountains and all creatures) and the fields at large generated by all human minds worldwide, (cities, towns, groups)  [the Earth and the World Minds respectively] are both dynamic systems of consciousness. They both respond to psychic inputs, on a collective, global basis. 

As social creatures we automatically form group minds with one another, creating interconnecting psychic networks. These networks or group mind connections, then function as a collective agency, even without the conscious knowledge of the participants!  Even the widespread fascination over fads and new ideas are in large part examples of group mind activity. This is why communities, (which are also local group minds) can often rally together around a cause of mutual focus so easily.  Their pre-existing psychic connections with one another, sometimes makes mutual action very smooth and spontaneous. 

Intentionally formed group minds, (such as meditation groups) can project very influential psychic stimulus into any given community, city or region.  This is why organized global meditations can be so spiritually effective. Stimulus in the form of Energy, patterned by Awareness and propelled by the Intent of focused minds, creates a psychic reaction in the surrounding (unified) fields, which mirrors the original projection.  The same is also constantly true, at the individual level. This is true even of those who are quite unaware of this psychic reciprocation, (karmic) principle.  Through our own radiated inner state of consciousness, we psychically change the circumstances which surround us.  Both love and fear, as well as every other state of consciousness conceivable, returns to the creating mind, often with amplified effect.  Thus the statement, “we create our own reality” bears a great deal of truth.

Group mind phenomena is made possible through the collective force of “separate” lifeforms, acting resonantly with one another. One might call this “a synergy of inner states”, (of consciousness).  Such a synergy of many minds in common focus, creates a “mutally manifested environment” that reflects the internal conditions of each being, as averaged by the group consensus. In a very real way, group mind Intent is the ultimate source for social ideas, attitudes and actions. It is the essence of society.  The synergistic emanations of consciousness, (particularly of Intent) of all life forms, is also responsible for much of the intelligence of Nature.  Through the group mind strength of all the plants and animals in a forested region for instance, the collective consciousness that results is of a wise, self balancing and intelligent kind.  Such collectives are fully capable of sophisticated response to psychic stimulus, on a collective, (group mind) basis. Anyone who has ever meditated or spent long periods in isolation in the woods can attest to this fact.  The collective group mind intelligence in nature, is the basis for the Earth Mind, or that which has been referred to as “Gaia”.

If humanity were to take the example of the, (harmonious) group minds of natural beings as a pattern for society, our species would quickly evolve to a much higher level of existence.  Any group focus which holds a positive and progressive intent, creates a very beneficial “space” for all of its participants.  All people have at some time felt the truth of this principle of positive group mind effect. In fact, it is well within our power to Intentionally evolve at a much greater rate by virtue of group spiritual will alone. The group fields created by most human communities today however, are based upon the Intent of material gain and competitiveness.  This is why the modern community is so permeated by fear, because these focuses are not in accord with evolution and therefore natural law. Any intention which is not in accord with natural law creates fear, because fear, (like pain) is a warning signal indicating ERROR.  Unnatural Intentions literally create destructive, entropic conditions in our collective environment.  If communities were patterned instead after the natural state/Intent of harmony seen in nature, (in love and spiritual unity) our world would look very different today. The very simplest and most direct way to change the crisis evident in modern society, is to change its prevalent, negative, group mind Intentions.  This group consciousness change, is a key method in transforming the material and social world as a result. To change group intention we must obviously change our own personal intention as well.  Each of us are like cells within the greater body of humanity.   For the body to be healthy, each of its cells must re-pattern themselves after the example set by nature.

            Practitioners knowledgeable in the employment of consciousness, and particularly Intent, may psychically reach out into the collective fields of the World Mind, using the positive feelings in their own bodies.  Feelings are actually energy (chi) resonating at a given pitch, both inside and outside the body.  Our subtle sensitivity to energy resonating at various vibrations, (feelings) makes our bodies the ideal instruments for the exploration of unified field physics, as well as the occult and spiritual sciences. Every feeling we have within, represents a resonant psychic connection with the world at large.  Our strongest feelings are in each of our chakras, and every chakra is as a portal or connection to all of humanity.  Thus, our personal feelings are also strongly effected by the mindstates in the surrounding environment. Such feelings, (especially those in the chakras) are a direct, two-way psychic connection with the World Mind, (global human collective consciousness).

In group meditation, we realize the truth of psychic connections, to and from fellow meditators.  The same principle is true of prayer groups and other spiritual gatherings. The group experience thus serves as training for us to register the two-way psychic connection we have with all of humanity.  By extending our positive feelings and intentions to the world, just as we would a dear friend, we may make significant changes in the global social structure, of a lasting and beneficial kind.  From our own places of meditation, we can transform international policy-making! Through positive use of the group mind principle, groups of practitioners may Intend into place the progressive states of greater love and clarity into the world environment, on a large scale basis.  When many practitioners do this simultaneously, the gradual conversion of the Intent in society, (as a collective organism/World Mind) will come about.  The ultimate aim of this work is to generate is “flash point” or “boiling point” in humanity’s collective consciousness.  When this occurs, the standing State of being for this world society, will no longer be alienation, fear, competitiveness and pain.  Instead, the standing World Mind consciousness after this Flash Point, (sometimes called the “Omega Point”, a phrase coined by Teilhard De Chardin) would be one of love, clarity, relaxed friendliness and strong spiritual motivation.  All people around the world will feel these World Mind shifts wherever they may be, within their own bodies.  They may not immediately understand their scope or origin, but the change will be increasingly reflected, in the more enlightened manner in which people relate to each other.  Subsequent to such World Mind changes of Intent, (and therefore feeling) communities, tribes and nations around the world, will automatically and synchronistically change their social policies for the better.

            The physical conditions of the world today, are clearly based upon the states of consciousness which underlie them.  The first step in changing those world conditions, is the transformation of one’s own state of consciousness.  This allows the spiritual work for which human life in Intended, to be carried out.  We cannot realistically expect to contribute to world enlightenment, without first elevating our own state of consciousness as much as we possibly can, and in the shortest period of time.  Now is the time for this change.  We can and we are pulling together at this very critical moment in world history, to facilitate these World Mind Flash Points or changes. 

           The second major step for world change is through the projection of the appropriate life affirming, spiritual Intentions by the individual practitioner.  This projection of increasingly greater love and clarity into the fields at large of the world, is an extremely useful part of ones’ daily spiritual ministry. The effects thus rendered upon the world by the spiritually-motivated individual, should not be underestimated.

The third major step in world transformation, and ultimately the most important one, is occurring through the formation of groups of spiritual practitioners, knowledgeable in the mutual employment of consciousness.  These groups project their Intent into the world, just as can the individual, making considerable psychic impact upon all life on Earth. [All existing groups of meditators are similarly invited to join into the GGM meditations]

As individuals and groups project higher Intentions into the World Mind, they convert the Intent already existing there, into higher forms. Thus the Intent currently residing in the World Mind, as the result of many centuries of wrong focus on the part of humanity, (upon materialism) can in this way be Intentionally shifted into more progressive states.  The accumulated force of Intent of the last 5000 years of civilization, is acting to maintain the stress, fear and aggressive competitiveness that to a large degree, still permeates the human species for destructiveness and pessimism.  These conditions of mind, and the entropic state of the material world in which we now live, is a direct result of wrongly directed human Intent.  Through occult and spiritual knowledge, we may quickly reverse the trends of past centuries, and create a new standing reality within which to prosper and grow.

            Conversion of the current world Intent is one of the highest forms of spiritual ministry which can be engaged in.  Through our World-Group focus, we will eventually reach certain global thresholds, or critical-mass stages of consciousness. When crossed, these will increasingly transform the world mindstate into a far more elevated position than it currently maintains.  In essence this type of transformation is no more mysterious or esoteric than the change of intent seen in any local meeting of people, (“As above, so below”).  Eventually the global transformation of consciousness will result in the widespread re-alignment of humanity with God, Nature and the Earth Mind. Such an accomplishment will imply the evolutionary success of our species.  Natural ways and wisdom will replace materialism as the world focus.   In so doing we will regain the paradise of our ancient ancestors, who knew right living to be the joy and connectedness of natural focus and a simple lifestyle.  We will remember that technology and so called “progress” are not a valid goals in themselves.  Technology, like material wealth, is best used as a tool for far greater things.  They are best used for the facilitation of spiritual endeavors, which nurture the soul and the welfare of all living beings, not the hollow images of consumerism.  A soul is not a “consumer”.

            Groups gathering together for the purpose of mutual consciousness expansion, may thus decide to proceed one step further, into a higher level of spiritual work.  This is the projection of expanded states of consciousness, (attained through meditation) into the world at large.  Group Intent may be projected locally, regionally, continentally or world wide, depending upon the preference of meditators. As a general rule of natural law, the larger the scale of focus and the higher the level of Intent employed, the greater will be the resulting spiritual effects. The raising of world consciousness as a meditative focus has very powerful potentials.  A group may “raise the world” as follows; 


Meet together at a pre-arranged time and place, which will be conducive to meditational practice.  Then:

1)   Employ the usual procedure for meditational preparation.

2)      Meditate together as a group. Use a pre-agreed meditational format, such as the Chakra Meditation, or any of the other meditations mentioned in The Perpetual Raising series. Other meditational methods with which you are currently familiar, can be similarly useful.  The recommended time for this step is 10 minutes.

3)      Once the desired state of consciousness has been gained by the meditators present, they may then, Intend each other into higher states of consciousness, (see the four steps of Intent above) just as they would do for themselves as individuals.  We may thus raise the state of consciousness of each other in our local groups, and/or the World Group, as described by The Perpetual Raising series. The group focus creates a reciprocating psychic field, that envelopes all present. Positive vibrations (such as love) and Intent, travel back and forth between meditators.  This reciprocating field elevates all involved, to an unlimited degree of spiritual potential, (by stages).  Each stage or threshold can be clearly felt by all meditators within a group simultaneously,  and this is a natural aspect of group mind action.  The mutual raising of consciousness then enhances the group’s ability to manifest higher states of being, (such as spiritual love or clarity) into the world environment.  [As a general rule of natural law, one must first be in an elevated level of consciousness, before being able to raise the environment into that level.]  Again, the higher the level of consciousness of an individual or group, the higher their global, spiritual effects will be

4)   Step 4 consists of the employment of a group visualization of the entire Earth.  Visualize our planet as if seen from space.  While maintaining an image of the planet in the mind, see the influence of the group in the form of a bright light, extending out from the local region in which it exists, and spreading rapidly over the entire Earth.  Picture in the minds’ eye, this happening again and again.

5)   Expand the group mind state at the same time, while visualizing the expanding light in step four. Reach out with your feelings, in the spirit of giving and compassionate aid. Feel love, clarity and spiritual progressiveness expanding outward from the group, (throughout your body) while maintaining this visualization.  Send love and clarity to the entire world and all of its peoples, just as you would a dear friend.

6) Intend that all people wherever they are upon the globe, be affected by this projected state. Know that they are gaining the best possible benefit from it, allowing them the greater access to their own enlightenment.  Intend that the group mind effects so projected, render permanent benefit for the World Mind in general. 

            The above group focus is a fairly sophisticated combination of practices and Intentions.  For this reason it is useful and often necessary, to appoint a facilitator to direct the group meditation, (sometimes according to a written format) as pre-agreed by the participants.  The facilitator, (also known as the Guide in the Perpetual Raising series) acts to keep track of time,  staying on the schedule needed if any, for the meditational format.  They coordinate each step of the above process, keeping the joint focus unified and therefore at maximum effectiveness.   When the group space is at a certain peak, it is then that the facilitator will shift the group focus from one of mutual psychic augmentation, to raising the world in general.  Or, they may do this according to a given time frame, as desired.   Individual and group meditation will prepare the meditator for more advanced World focuses of this kind.  Repeated “world raising sessions” will yield greater and greater results through practice, cumulatively.  “Raising the world” represents the employment of highly potent spiritual Intent. It employs a more sophisticated inner focus to manifest with proficiency, but its effects are also much more powerful than simple group practice.

            In the projection of any state of consciousness worldwide, groups of meditators will often note the strong  “psychic feedback” that is generated, (as mentioned above). This fact will often provide very profound experiences for all concerned.  The use of high levels of group Intent in this way, creates very excellent karmic results for practitioners.  Projected group-mind love results in an immediate reciprocation from the World Mind, in the form of similar feelings, echoing back to the group in an amplified form.  As “waves of love” are sent forth over the world, they return as a much stronger waves, a fact that resembles the phenomena experienced between individual meditators in group mind meditation.

            The World Mind, like the Earth Mind, is highly sensitive and reactive.  When it receives inputs such as strong love it enters a state of greater excitation, like molecules of water being brought to a boil.  Meditators will thus experience powerful surges of returning psychic Energy, being reflected back from the World Mind in general.  We must be prepared for these.  They represent thresholds of consciousness expansion at large, and are a natural phenomena.  When love or clarity for instance is projected into the World Mind, the energy fields around the planet are adjusted to a variable degreeThese psychic adjustments have lasting effects and are cumulative in nature.

             Through experience, the practitioner learns how to effectively absorb and then redirect this returning Energy once again into the environment.  In sending forth love, stronger love will often be sent back to the group.  An experienced group or individual, will then know this incoming surge for what it is, (psychic feedback from the fields at large).  They can then absorb it, and send it outward again in an amplified form, that is even greater than their first projection.  The experienced group is easily enabled to do this, because the resulting feedback from the World Mind gives them an enormous psychic boost.  It may happen that an even stronger reciprocation from the fields at large will occur again and again in this way. Individual practitioners and groups may make use of such psychic feed-back phenomena, to boost themselves into extremely high levels of consciousness.  The only real limit to how far this reciprocating psychic reaction of world-to-group and group-to-world can go, is imposed by the abilities of the practitioners themselves to sustain and employ it.  In theory a single, highly experienced and motivated group mind, (seven experienced meditators for instance) could by themselves and in the above fashion, convert the entire World Mind into a much more evolved state, at least for a limited period of time. A single individual may also do this, if they have such a level of Intent as a Buddha or a Christ.  Higher vibration, (greater love/positivity) clarity, right alignment, spiritual motivation, greater energy, and expansion, can ALL be sent globally in this way, benefiting all persons wherever they may be.  Current world-raising projections of Intent, make future meditations more potent on a progressive basis.  Projected Intent builds up its own inertia, acting to aid future efforts.  Remember that changing world consciousness is in principle no different than the changing of the “atmosphere” or “vibes” of a given roomful of people through ones’ positive presence.  This fact demonstrates that natural laws apply equally to all levels of existence, (from the atomic to the multi-galactic).

             The main factors which tend to limit meditational success of this type, are 1) the prevailing psychic conditions, which are sometimes more chaotic than others, and 2) that there is a great deal of inertia from the past use of wrong Intent, (past wars, negative feelings etc.) which must be offset. Also, current periods of warfare anywhere on the planet, create World Mind tension that is registered in each of our chakras. It is during these periods in particular, that we feel the most stressed and dis-empowered, and yet it is at exactly these times when our positive psychic projections are most needed. The collective effects and resulting karma of centuries of wrong human focus must also be corrected, just as personal karma is gradually corrected through meditation.  Patience is thus required for this type of spiritual work, and persistence is most valuable as well.  Practitioners should keep in mind that when changes are made in the fields at large, they rarely last at their peak level for an extended period.  Love sent into the environment for instance, may render significant influence upon communities for days or even weeks at a time, which can be distinctly felt.  They may also perceptibly last for only hours or minutes, depending upon current psychic conditions, the Intents used by practitioners, and other variables.  When these psychic effects apparently fade, know that there is always some permanent spiritual gains being made, and that these will make themselves apparent over time of practice and repeated meditations.  The Transformation of the World Mind is no small matter, and is a process which involves much spiritual work

 World Raising Intentions

(and their associated techniques, as described in The Perpetual Raising series library section

            Right alignment, or enhanced connection with God, (used by Channelers) may be Intended into place on a worldwide basis. Visualize the entire Earth being covered by a bright light, representing the extension of the group influence. Intent is employed in this case, to initiate greater rapport with God, (Universal Intelligence) for the benefit of the world in general.  While holding the above visualization of world-wide light, Intend that its visualization aid in the manifestation of greater rapport with the Divine, or the highest cosmic purposes that exist for our planet.  At the same time, allow That which is known as God, to manifest Itself as a stream of influence/feeling running through your body.  Let the body serve as a conduit for Divine Manifestation.  Allow the body to radiate Divine Intent like a powerful, radio broadcasting tower. Visualize an expanding light that represents the manifestation of “Heaven on Earth”, “Nirvana”, or spiritual rapture in accord with Natural Law, for every human being around the globe.  See this bright light streaming in from the Universe in general, and acting upon the Earth to raise its level of consciousness.  FEEL Divine love and evolutionary influence flow through the body and out through the chakras, to all beings on Earth.  Use the Intent that this incoming light brings the greatest Divine benefit for all people, including the meditational group itself.  [Groups and individuals may also employ the same thoughtform as that used in the Soulic Rapport Meditation, to gain Divine Rapport, or communion with God. When used on a planetary level, the Intent of God is also effectively visualized as entering into the planet Earth, via the North Pole.  See the Perpetual Raising for details] 

            The Chi Gaining Meditation (used by Energizers) may also be converted into a world energy-raising focus.  Again, visualize the entire Earth as being covered by bright light. Picture this light growing brighter as incoming Energy streams into the Earth.  See in the mind’s eye enormous lightning bolts entering the planet from all points in space, and raising its current level of chi.  See these bolts or steams of Energy filling the Earth, (and all people upon it) causing them to glow brighter and brighter. Intend that this Energy enter the Earth in a balanced way, providing the best possible benefit to all people and the planet as well.  Note; It is also useful to visualize the symbol of the Tao, (Yin/Yang) superimposed over the globe while drawing in planetary chi.  Intend that this visualization represent a cosmically balanced manifestation of greater chi for the planet.  The practitioner will note that there will sometimes arise in the minds’ eye, a geometric patterning of the energy so directed. This patterning may take the form of an interlocking grid-work over the surface of the planet, semi-circular lines of force, (as with the electromagnetic lines around a bar magnet), and other such mental manifestations. These images are naturally occurring, and should be encouraged,  (they should not become ones’ primary focus however). 

            Clarity may be manifested globally by practitioners, who first enter into a state of awareness of awareness.  (Visionaries use the Advanced Chakra Meditation to place themselves in a state of awareness of awareness, usually via the sixth chakra)  Visualize the entire Earth as being covered by bright light, representative of the group mind influence.  With this picture firmly in place in the minds eye, expand or in other words project, your state of clarity to the world, via this light.  Know that the Intent of greater clarity is manifesting itself in every person on the planet, with the most progressive spiritual results.  Know that it is activating the higher chakras in all people, allowing them to perceive themselves and the current world conditions clearly. FEEL clarity flowing through the sixth chakra into the World Mind, creating greater manifest intelligence among nations.  Know that this greater world clarity will result in the constructive formation of treaties, accords, and peaceful cooperation. 

            Enhanced spiritual will, or right intent/action, (as implemented by Motivators in the Perpetual Raising Meditation/third chakra) can also be sent world-wide.  Through the planetary visualization of the groups’ spreading light, Intend that the will to spiritually progress be manifest among all the peoples and nations of the world.  FEEL with the area of the stomach, the sheer motivation and enthusiastic will of humanity to evolve and become stronger and stronger.  Extend this motivation and enthusiasm to all people as one. Know that this Intent is being manifest in accord with Cosmic Laws, for the best benefit of all beings on this planet. 

            Love, (heightened vibration,) can be projected around the world in greater and greater levels of intensity, through a global visualization of light.  Picture the group effect expanding around the planet, while FEELING love, especially in the area of the heart, (fourth chakra).  As the visualization of light expands around the world, FEEL a corresponding expansion of love as it similarly travels outward.  [This is accomplished by the psychic specialists known as Purifiers]  Let love build up within your being, preferably throughout the entire body.  Send it out into the world just as you would to a most beloved best friend or soul mate.  Let all people be psychically bathed in its uplifting effects, while occasionally visualizing how people will look when effected by this high vibration. See in the minds eye people all around the world deeply moved, strengthened and empowered, by loving vibrations.  Know that this love is manifested for them according to Cosmic design, and with the most progressive, evolutionary effects.  

            The expansion of all the above focuses around the globe is implicit to some degree, when using such visualizations above, and the Intent to Raise the World. (Manifestors will therefore focus on the expansion of the group state around the Earth.  They act to aid all other psychic specialists in the projection of their specific focuses above, as a boosting of their psychic influence) 

            [The psychic specialists known as Guides, will perform their usual function of Field Coordination in group world-raising.  They will use their Intent to help coordinate the entire World Mind.  While visualizing the light of the group spreading world-wide FEEL throughout the body, each of the six modes of consciousness expansion mentioned above.  Focus on each one in turn as you are lead to do, according to felt need.  Sometimes there will be more need of increased group and world love, so the Guide will focus on vibrational raising.  Sometimes there will be a felt need of greater group and world clarity, and the Guide will then focus accordingly.  At other moments there will be a felt need of greater Divine Rapport, at which time the Guide will Intend more right alignment, etc.  In this way the Guide will act first to strengthen the psychic cohesiveness of the group, and secondly to coordinate the raising of the World Mind.  For this reason their focus must be as unwavering and as motivated as possible, for obvious reasons.] 

            In all of the above “world raising” functions and focuses, practitioners may expect considerable psychic feedback in ways which are unexpected. As mentioned, a focus of love will produce greater love in return, yet sometimes there will occur very unexpected psychic phenomena, such as the hearing of melodic tones, dizziness, the seeing of geometric patterns and more.  Projected clarity produces raised clarity levels for the group, but sometimes the insights which result, are so profound that they will act to distract practitioners from their world-raising focus. Make effort not to be so distracted, and instead be motivated to hold an even more purified and dynamic spiritual focus. Right alignment Intended upon the world will similarly bring increased soulic and Divine rapport for practitioners involved, but sometimes to degrees and in ways which produce both awe and wonder.  Increasing the world’s chi, will act to energize all meditators.  This may sometimes reach a point which causes the practitioner to feel as though their body has enlarged and/or strengthened, many times over in a matter of seconds.  Keep these facts in mind, and allow the body to accommodate the spiritual changes it will undergo as a result of such psychic transformation. 



by Matthew Webb


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