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Manifesting World Enlightenment: part 4

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Part 4 of 5

There can be no doubt that the world situation today is grave. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the institutions, governments, and traditional methods of society, have little effectiveness in solving a collective crisis of global proportions.  In this respect even wholesale environmental destruction or international war, is not the true essence of the modern crisis.  Political parties and social policies are not in themselves at the root of human suffering.  Wars and corruption are not at ultimate fault in the failure of world peace agendas.  All of these conditions of the modern age are but symptoms of a central problem, one that is far beyond the reach of presidents and governments to remedy.  Our worldwide social obstacle to fulfillment as a species, comes from the central root of wrongly focused consciousness.  Therefore, the modern condition stems not from procedural inadequacy, but from a deep spiritual deficit.

Thousands of years ago we began to collectively assume that the purpose of life was the accumulation of material possessions beyond need.  Materialism arose through artificial thinking, and we began to fear truth and our true nature, as spiritual beings.  As we turned away from our spiritual selves, we also began to de-value nature and even that which is called God, as a spiritual resource.  In doing this, we began believing that only what is immediately perceived by the senses has any value in life.  It is this spiritual deficit which drains the energy away from all efforts at world peace.  It is materialism which robs our natural joy of its sparkle, making fear the materialists’ ever-present shadow.  To reverse the trends of the modern condition, it is our responsibility to turn away from materialism and the society which embraces it, to again realize the central purpose of life and living.  This central purpose is the expansion of consciousness.  Consciousness has always driven the course of evolution forward, and even now it is the central foundation for every reading eye, every breath, and every act we perform.  To expand consciousness is therefore to fundamentally change and improve our every act in life, and also to intentionally evolve ourselves and our planet as conscious beings.

There can be no political solutions.  The systems and laws created by humanity are not the essence of reality, and cannot be the source for our renewed progress in peace and spiritual prosperity.  We cannot realistically expect to find peace and fulfillment within the folly generated by politics or modern governments of any kind.  The reason for this is clear. There is yet a much higher order than that which has been invented by courts, popes and presidents.  This higher order is known as Nature, and its edicts are those of Natural Law.  In applying ourselves to this higher order completely, and without allowing interference from the inferior laws of human-kind, we are then freed to ascend and evolve at will.  But to accomplish this significantly greater degree of enlightenment, the willingness to both reject society, and disregard its petty considerations as irrelevant, is extremely useful.  Modern beliefs in the Dollar as God for instance, simply must be dethroned, and so must the governments and corporations who peddle such religious notions.   To reject materialism is therefore necessary to significantly progress on the path of spiritual realization.  This act becomes a matter of lifestyle, and not just intellectualism. In so doing we find that our only true need is to satisfy the intentions of both our own souls and Nature/God.

The road to greater self realization is endless, and there is no such thing as ultimate enlightenment, only higher and ever higher levels of spiritual embodiment.  One of the main obstacles to progress on this road, is belief in that which is not in accord with natural law.  In other words, belief in the false, is as sure a deterrent to real progress, as is apathy and ignorance.  To expand our consciousness then, it is of paramount importance to re-evaluate all the suppositions which make up the modern world.  In so doing we find that society has been permeated by the lies of centuries.  These falsehoods are a block to not only personal enlightenment, but world peace.  The more false beliefs are removed from the mind, the more consciousness will tend to naturally expand.  Likewise, the more consciousness expands, the more we tend to challenge the status quo in the most fundamental manner, because clarity and love allow insights into what is normally accepted as unchallengable.

Those who have already challenged the falsehoods of our day, have emerged victorious in their defeat of personal illusion, to a great extent.  It is they who are ready to cooperate in the spirit of good will, for the further growth of not only themselves, but the entire planet as well.  In some practitioners the realization of what is naturally true and therefore worthy of life focus, (and what is not) has grown to a great extent.  At this point they are prepared to engage the power of their consciousness to actually manifest a new world.  It is understood at some level by such persons, that intent is a force of consciousness which is capable of not only transforming the self, but also the environment in which we live.  As we combine this inner force of Intent together for the sake of mutual upliftment, our spiritual will begins to reverse the trends of society.  In effect it begins to transform the state of the World Mind, or collective consciousness of society.  Such effects are manifest initially on a psychic level, and subsequently on the physical level of social relations.  Just as love is made perceptible when lovers enter an otherwise cold room, so too is are the loving intentions of meditators from around the world, in combined focus.

Through group meditation we are making perceptible and cumulative shifts in the “world vibration and intent”, (World Mind).  In so doing, world meditations act as a psychic/social purifier, of international fear and discord.  The world crisis can ONLY be effectively addressed at this level of international and domestic action.  Political and social reform cannot in themselves be successfully implemented by throwing dollars at the collective symptoms of spiritual disease.  Only by addressing the root of the modern crisis, in the expansion of consciousness, do we have any real hope of the lasting improvement in the human condition.  This is true because no system or constitution, no matter how noble its original intention, can afford lasting peace so long as the consciousness of those who implement it remains lacking.  The maintenance of high(er) levels of consciousness, using a progressive intent on the other hand, can take any system or document, no matter how corrupt, and turn it into a productive and satisfying social collective. Let us then turn our attention away from corrupt political parties, social systems and governments, to the true source of governance which cannot lead us astray.  Let us return to nature and natural laws, to God and soul for real nurturance in the application of genuine wisdom.  In accomplishing this we expand the essence which underlies our every act, and which the soul knows well.  This essence is consciousness itself, composed of energy, awareness and intent, just like everything else in the cosmos.

            There are very notably six major focuses, or intentions, which have consciousness-expanding properties.  These six are described intensively by the Perpetual Raising series as;

 1)      Energy, (the progressive gaining thereof).

2)      Vibration, (or love, and the progressive raising thereof).

3)      Clarity, (or awareness of awareness, and the progressive crystallization thereof).

4)      Expansion, (of the progressive enlargement/manifestation of any state).

5)      Right Intent/action, (ever increasing spiritual will).

6)      Right alignment, (the deepening of one’s connection to God, Nature and soul).

These have been described in detail previously, (see the Perpetual Raising).  The reader is invited to explore how these six intentions, or focuses, combine to greatly expand ones’ consciousness raising efforts. 

For the practitioners’ reference, the following table demonstrates the effects in combining two or more elements of consciousness expansion.  This table reflects very similar results at the personal, group and worldwide levels. Cross-reference the six elements of consciousness expansion below to find their combined result. Note that clarity combined with clarity, (the first cross-referenced cell below) simply results in more clarity, and therefore an “X” is shown.  Clarity combined with love, (vibrational height) results in “Ecstasy, enhanced intelligence, great spiritual insight”, etc… 


Cross reference each element as shown: CLARITY


WILL, (right Intent/action)
X Ecstasy, enhanced intelligence,
great spiritual  insight
Enhanced mastery of Energy, dynamic clarity levels Clearer perception of soul, God and Nature, insight into Mastery/truth Greater area of effect of manifest clarity Very stable insights, enhanced control of awareness and energy
Ecstasy, enhanced intelligence, great spiritual insight X Powerful, deep states of love which are long lasting States of extremely high vibrational levels, spiritual rapture Greater area of effect of manifest love The enhanced ability to ascend vibrational levels at will
Enhanced mastery of Energy, dynamic clarity levels Powerful, deep states of love which are long lasting X Enhanced ability to maintain soulic and Divine connections Greater area of effect of raised chi Psychic action and personal power are enhanced
Clearer perception into soul, God and Nature.  Insight into Mastery States of extremely high vibrational levels,
spiritual rapture
Enhanced ability to maintain soulic and Divine connections X

Greater area of effect of (induced) right alignment

The Intent of God is empowered to act within, the ego is transformed into Divine vehicle
Greater area of effect of manifest clarity Greater area of effect of manifest love Greater area of effect of raised chi Greater area of effect of (induced) right alignment X Enhanced spiritual will is manifest according to visualized parameters
SPIRITUAL WILL, (right Intent/action)
Very stable insights, enhanced control of awareness and energy The enhanced ability to ascend vibrational levels at will Psychic action and personal power are enhanced The Intent of God is empowered to act within, the ego is transformed into Divine vehicle Enhanced spiritual will is manifest according to visualized parameters X

             Naturally, the graph above only shows the simple combination of two types of Intentions at a time.  For the advanced meditator who has a disciplined mind, all six of the above elements can be used simultaneously, or one after another in succession. In so doing the advanced practitioner can render much greater results than those shown above.  But in the group setting where practitioners specialize in their Intentions, each participant need only focus upon one type of Intent at a time, while keeping aligned with other specialists and their effects.  Such specialization amplifies the group-mind strength of the meditation, to expand the consciousness of all involved.  This accounts for much of the psychic power inherent when meditators specialize in their Intent, for the good of the group.

Individual practitioners and groups are invited to explore the potentials of the multiple focuses listed above, in the World Raising meditations.  This table is only a rough outline of the potentials involved with the multiple use of the six intentions above. Many potential effects other than those listed are very possible. Only experience and experimentation will reveal greater specifics, (and exceptions) which exceed the scope of this present text. 

Groups and individuals are invited to try variations on the meditational themes presented in this article series, (and that of The Perpetual Raising).  Practitioners within local groups may opt to mutually focus upon only one of the six consciousness expanding focuses at a time.  A group may meet for instance, for the expressed purpose of gaining mutual clarity, and projecting this sole quality to each other and the world.  Greater love, energy, right alignment, expansion, and spiritual will, may also be the sole subject of group or individual focus, for the duration of a given meditation.  The most highly recommended technique however, is the specialization of Intent within the group, meaning that each individual member take on one of the six specialized roles above, for the good of the collective focus. When meditators do this, they employ their specific focus in both raising themselves and everyone else in the group AS ONE.  Generators for instance, will raise chi not only into their own bodies but all others present, by visualizing the entire group as gaining energy, (see Perpetual Raising series). The minimum recommended number for such specialized groups, (where each of the six consciousness expanding elements is represented) is seven.  This number includes the six focuses above, as well as the position of Field Coordinator or Guide, (see the Perpetual Raising series). Additional participants over the recommended seven, are perfectly acceptable and desirable, due to the Group Mind principleIn the case of our Global Group Mind Meditations, such focuses render similar psychic effects, except at a distance.  Remember that consciousness is not bound by time or space.

            Thus far we have discussed the raising of the World Mind of Humanity, particularly in Part 3.  The consciousness of the Earth however, (the Earth Mind) may be raised even more readily than that of the World Mind. Interestingly, the individual and group-mind raising of the Earth Mind, results in various psychic effects, which are generally more pleasant for the practitioner.  Earth-raising Intentions create feedback that is qualitatively different than that received from most modern human communities, or the World Mind in general. 

To focus awareness upon Nature, is to implicitly align ones’ consciousness with the plants, animals and minerals which compose it.  Most animals and plants do not possess the same mental capacities as the human being. This fact however, does not imply that the consciousness (intent, awareness and energy) of plants and animals, is to be underestimated.   Plant and animal life renders very sophisticated effects upon the fields of consciousness at large, especially in terms of group mind influence.  Their collective effects are in fact very deep ones, reflecting a natural state of being which humanity has currently forgotten, (for the most part).  A forest for instance is a local group mind, which is itself a splinter of the overall Earth Mind, just as a human community is a splinter of the World Mind.  The psychic effects of a forest, (particularly one which has not been recently disturbed by human interference) is a source for healing and spiritual regeneration.  This is especially true of old growth forests.

The natural states of being found in wild areas have very profound qualities, which we may regain if the Intent to do so is in place. Among these qualities are high, wide-spectrum vibrations, (feelings) high energy levels, a purity of Intent, and expansive, unobstructed clarity.  Even Divine connection, (right alignment) is enhanced in nature.  For these reasons, the Native peoples of the world have always rightly considered nature to be their very source and temple of God, and worship its forms accordingly.

In acquiring natural states of mind, we are returned to the dignity of a balanced lifestyle, and deep wisdom for right living. The practitioner should take every opportunity to align themselves with Nature and natural areas, so as to regain their many psychic benefits.  Alignment with the Earth provides a psychic cleansing of the body/mind.  The high vibrational levels of natural areas, and their full spectrum of radiated, (psychic) emanations, balances our state of being. They make us more receptive to the inputs of the soul and the Divine.  With knowledge of consciousness we may even access the wisdom of the Earth Mind, as the holder of eons of wisdom, just as Native peoples have always done. The Earth Consciousness maintains those states of right living and evolutionary Intent, which benefits all creatures.  Thus it is an indispensable resource for spiritual regeneration, in this current artificial-ized age.

            To achieve greater mastery of the self and progress as souls in bodies, we must make full use of our Earth connections, for these are our true foundation as biological beings.  So long as we are in a physical body, we must attend to the physical realities of existence and spiritual practice.  There is no better way to care for the balance and well being of the mind and body, than to stay aligned with the Earth Mind.  This is accomplished in large part through natural and practical living.  It is also accomplished by communing with nature, while in meditative states of consciousness.  The same is true for our collective consciousness.  For society to regain its balance and natural wisdom, we must all return en masse, to the Earth for council and healing.  This is an inherent part of spiritual practice and cannot be neglected.

            The World Raising meditations mentioned previously, (for use in World Mind improvement) may also be used in the context of Earth Mind benefit.  Basically, the same procedure may be employed in Earth Raising as those mentioned in Part 3 of this series.  Groups of practitioners may meet at a specific time and place that is appropriate for meditation.  In Earth Mind focus, the place of meditation is ideally a natural area such as a forest.  It should also be one that will be relatively undisturbed.  Holding the meditational setting in a natural area is not a necessity, but it is a bonus for the achieving and maintaining of higher consciousness.  The felt, psychic emanations of plants and animals act to relieve the stress of urban living, implicitly performing the function of psychic protection and spiritual purification.  Forests act as a literal “psychic buffer” from the general stress and fear in society.  This makes them ideal places for meditation and psychic/spiritual work of all kinds.  If it is not possible for the group to meet in a natural area, then an acceptable alternative will have to be a communion with nature via the power of thoughtforms.  To employ thoughtforms of this kind even while in the midst of a large city, one need only hold the visualization of being in a deep forest, (preferably involving all of the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and even taste). By picturing yourself in a forest in this way, you create a resonant thoughtform-connection with nature, which is the second best thing to being there yourself. Perform this thoughtform connection for 3-10 minutes prior to your Earth Raising meditation.

Note the differences in the following meditation, to the World Mind-raising format, (see Part 3);

1)  Employ the usual procedure for meditational preparation.

2)  Meditate together using a pre-agreed meditational form, such as the Chakra Meditation.  This   step may be shortened according to preference, and the experience level of the group.

3)      Once the desired state of consciousness has been gained, meditators may then turn their focus to one another. A raising of mutual consciousness through group mind focus, will always enhance the group’s ability to project higher states of being into the environment.  A group which first elevates itself through the mutual Intent raise, is then in a better position to psychically aid the Earth Mind. The higher the level of consciousness of an individual or group, the higher will their psychic/spiritual effects be, as a principle. 


The group may opt to include the local surroundings they are in, as a part of the mutual, group mind enhancement process.  Each meditator may visualize and feel not only the psychic connections between themselves, they may also visualize and feel the connections with surrounding trees, animals, the land in general, etc.  In essence, practitioners may include in their group mind, such entities as trees, animals and even surrounding regions. 

The group can then to proceed to raise its mutual level of consciousness through the Intent to do so, (as described by The Perpetual Raising series).  The recommended length of this step is about 15-30 minutes, as coordinated by the Guide or other facilitator.  Once a group has raised its collective level of consciousness to a degree that is mutually satisfactory, they may then proceed to step four. 

4)      Step 4 consists of the employment of a group visualization of the entire natural world.  Visualize our planet as if seen from space.  See in the mind’s eye all the great remaining forested regions, the deserts, oceans, rivers, plains, the atmosphere, polar ice caps, the molten core beneath the surface, etc., of the Earth. 

5)      While maintaining the image of the planet in the mind, see the influence of the group in the form of a bright light, extending out from the local region in which it exists, and spreading rapidly over the entire Earth, (and all of its natural areas). 

6)      Expand the group mind state at the same time, while visualizing the expanding light in step five. Feel love, clarity, energy, right alignment and spiritual will expand outward from the group, (as registered by the feeling/Awareness throughout body). It is important to do this while maintaining the light visualization. Send love, clarity, greater energy, Divine connection, (right alignment) and spiritual will to all parts of the planet, including the Earth’s core and surrounding atmosphere.  In sending these out simultaneously, a group of seven or more meditators can create a very powerful psychic effect.  This effect is of great aid to the Earth Mind.  Practitioners will note that after they send out such intentions for the aid of the Earth, it will respond by sending a reciprocating wave of consciousness back to the group on a progressive basis.  The higher the states of consciousness sent into the Earth, the greater will its psychic feedback become.  This is sometimes not the immediate case, when dealing with the World Mind of humanity.  Be prepared for this feedback-reciprocation, it can give you an enormous spiritual boost! 

7)      Intend  that the Earth Mind as a conscious entity, gain the best possible benefit from the projected qualities of the group.  Intend that the effects so projected, render permanent benefit for the Earth Mind and all of its creatures in general.  In so doing you will gain the support of the Earth Mind, and achieve very high states of consciousness, (as well as receive profound insights on many occasions).   



by Matthew Webb


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