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Inner sanctum of the crown chakra, kundalini rising, and the Assumption of Mary



Though duality merges at the third-eye, the inner soul cannot get out through that chakra, but only through the crown chakra.

            The inner sanctum lies above the crown chakra, in ‘the thousand-petalled lotus’, as it is called in the east. This is where Sophia rises out of the individual.

            It is for this reason that Shiva is often depicted with his female aspect, Parvati, emerging out of the top of his head. It is also for this reason that most of the female Hindu deities are represented artistically as sitting upon a lotus- for they have risen into consciousness and then reside above the thousand-petalled lotus, which is the open crown chakra.


Christian art, Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess picture, on lotus flower



            This emergence of the inner, divine feminine is the alchemical stage of purification, when the soul, grown conscious and enervated from the overtures of the spirit, rises out of the flesh through the crown chakra. Thus the soul of matter has been freed from limitation.

The Mother energy exists initially as a potent, writhing mix of molten, primordial chaos- a viscous pool of ethereal, unconditioned prima materia- which dwells in the root chakra, which is the earth. She then rises through the individual, up the kundalini pathway, and is transformed into Sophia- or the Goddess, or Psyche- after exiting the physical form, through the top of the head.

The kundalini is thus the primordial snake-Mother energy, rising into flight through the transformative human body; the serpent taking wing. Thus the snake rises into the Christ, as the Christ descends into the snake. And they are one.

The kundalini merges like a double helix, and the dual-snaked caduceus is healed into one.

Immense energy is exchanged through the third-eye and crown chakra through which we are awakened to our eternal, androgynous, limitless true nature.

Spirit becomes dense like flesh through the crown chakra. The flesh becomes light as spirit, through the same.

The rising of the kundalini ends as the absolute union of Mother and Father forces, in the astral inner sanctum where one is divine.

            Because the spirit has descended into the flesh, the soul, housed in the flesh, can now rise into union with the spirit.

This is the Assumption of Mary, who was considered to be an incarnation of Sophia by the early Christians.

            Thus the human body is a factory for the alchemical transmutation of the base ore, lead- the prima materia- into the precious metal gold, the consciously operating anima mundi, the world soul.

Humanity is the ephemeral bridge between the eternal below, the Mother, and the eternal above, the Father. To become both is to merge the divided waters into a living oneness.


excerpted from:

Christian art, visionary art, acrylic painting, Lilith, Sophia Goddess, author Jack Haas India

Om, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas


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