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Notes and quotes from the Motherly Buddha

The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love) : awakening, expansion, ascension, and unity.


Christian art, motherly buddha book



A Translation of the Kun byed rgyal po'i mdo

by E. K. Neumaier-Dargyay

ISBN: 0-7914-0895-7

This book is a fabulous read for anyone wanting to tap into the consciousness of the all-Buddha-mind. It is not the only resource available for the understanding of the unity of all things, but it is certainly an incredibly important book.


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The following pieces are notes and quotes from the book, transcribed by Tanis Mager.


pg 1 - The text is adamant in saying that “being” is the centre and depth of existence, thus accessible in everyday experience.


This consummation may well be described as divine reality of a feminine dimension. The divine reality must never be appropriated through our conceptual thinking or through the process of defining and naming it.


pg 120 - That is That’s very nature.  Like this, all the paths rely on a support which comes from the moon.


pg 119 - From intuitive insight arises pristine awareness as to its reality which is unthinkable, and not to be practiced.  This is called the subtle door.  If the mind searches for the path of solitude, one grasps the solitude amidst the wilderness.


 pg 112 - It is the eye which sees directly, but does not see due to direct seeing.  Therefore it is called the eye of the omniscient one.  It is natural knowledge broad and without boundaries or centers.  It dwells in the mastery of balance and neither acquires or rejects. (word?)


All the existent things which are cognized due to perception are neither rejected nor abandoned as they appear as a beautification of Herself.


pg 113 - As all things are the own being of the perfect and pure mind, they are the great empty circle.  Therefore they are neither conceptual nor encompassed, neither born nor ceased.


pg 120 - What, by what, and in what comes forth - although all retinues and all forms of behaviors comes from itself - to call it woman or man - such is not at all taught by the sovereign of (word?) balance.


pg 121 - The goal of intuitive understanding is the great bliss.


pg 127 - I am unborn like the sky.  Like the unborn sky, the diamond mind is unborn.


It is taught that the unborn Reality is integrated (in me) because all Buddha’s are unborn, likewise the teaching in unborn and so is the All-Creating one’s own being.


 pg 128 - In the mansion of the sky’s expanse is not a single thing which is not integrated in Me.


pg 134 - Realization will come by not speculating on one’s own mind.  Where you now live and where you will go in the future, the imperceptible stillness will be realized.


 Those who desire to gain the diamond - like Kriya (Yoga) will continue to purify the three doors (i.e. body, speech, and mind), and to maintain (the notion) of purifying the objects, and of subject/object (dichotomy).  But the great bliss of the Atiyoga is the mind of perfect purity, which is beyond a subject-object (oriented concept).


pg 134 - 135 - But they will fail to intuit the issue of non-duality because this issue is not associated with doctrinal views and religious practice.


pg 137 - that from imperceptible stillness itself the unborn truth manifestation.  From own actuation itself, the wish - fulfilling manifestation of communal joy emanates.


pg 139 - All things that appear just lie that and originate from the mind of perfect purity, evidence REALITY.


pg 141 - Not one thing is that does not emanate from Me.  Because I am not abiding (in one place), I am all-integrating.


 Because I am dwelling in imperceptible stillness I am the primordial Buddha in imperceptible stillness and truth of manifestation.  Because my actuation is the joy manifestation, I Myself am the primordial Buddha in the communal joy of manifestation.


pg 142 - Thus I am the father and mother to the sentient beings of this threefold world.


Because of all its integrating quality, the mind in itself is the element water.  I am not two, but an integral one, and therefore the element water.  I am the stillness of all, and its warmth - the element fire.  Because it equally dwells in everything - the Buddha of fore.  I, in My beginning less nature, am agility - the beginning less agility evident as the Buddha of the element wind.


pg 143 - There is no other manifestation than that of communal joy as a form manifestation of the mind of perfect purity.


There is nothing else to work for the good of the sentient beings than the corporeal manifestations of the perfect and pure mind.


pg 144 - The lore that teaches the meaning of words:  the meaning of all things is transformed and condensed so that the ignorant and unknowing sentient beings of this threefold world may be taught by combing the meaning (of words) with their sounds.


The retinues who have overcome striving for the achievement of Atiyoga, and who abide in Buddha hood by virtue of their confidence that they have entered the door (liberation).


pg 145 - The teaching of the truth manifestation is taught to be such ness.  This such ness has no particularities.  All things, which appear just like that, are the minds actuation - this is such ness.  Who meditates on this will be made to alter (the primordially existent such ness).


Three aspects of the corporeal manifestation:  Form, Utterance and Spirit.  ...but My nature must be intuited.


pg 147 - As the great bliss and the truth manifestation are one in the mind, the three times - like past, future, (and present) - do not exist but are an all permeating one.


They who are without intuitive insight, will be captured by the sickness of striving and achieving.


pg 149 - My nature is evident yet they transfigure their own person purified with regard to the psycho-physical aggregates, elements, forms of consciousness, sensory abilities, and sense objects, into a diamond deity.


There is no substance which could decay as nothing is born.  Do not seek a place for meditation, do not depend on others.


pg 150 - My nature should be truly intuited...


 My nature is comprehensive and dwells in the empty circle.  It is explained as non-conceptual, non-dual, and one from the primordial.


 Do not search for Reality in anything else but yourself.


If they meditate - and on whatever they may meditate - it is a sickness to Me.


pg 157 - All:  is a word meaning “without remainder.”  Creating:  its central thrust is to make everything.  Purity: it is not grasped.  Perfect:  because it is the central vigor of all, it is perfected in its central vigor.  Mind:  the self-originated wisdom is the mind in all.


By knowing the own being of these objects and not reflecting upon them, you will transcend them as objects of reflection.  As there is not perceiving of objects, nor reflecting them, or accepting them - nothing, it is only perfected in the oneness of stillness.  They you are totally separated from regulations and vows and the acts (required for) observing them.


The Great Perfection is beyond any reflection and common practice.  The vows are limitless and immeasurable like the sea.


pg 152 - Those who do not see that there is neither anything to be known (i.e. an object) nor anyone who knows (i.e.: subject or agent), they will enjoy in a clever (word?) way the five vows of enjoyment - UNITING AND FREEING.


Not to engage in (the assumption of) things as substances, is not to obstruct the pristine awareness.  Such a person is said to be in stillness.


pg 156 - This infinite greatness is self-originated and is great from the primordial. 


 Those who dwell in their inner being are unagitated and spontaneously perfected.  Who abides in their own being cannot be adulterated by anybody.


pg 157 - The three aspects of my nature are to be known as follows:  (1) unborn (2) without termination and (3) the source for the wonder of ceaseless creation.


pg 156 - The mind is without cause and thus is from the primordial without a result.


As (pristine awareness) generates everything, from nothing else the phenomena (dharma) arise.


pg 159 - As this sole stage of the mind of perfect purity is the dimensions of Reality, those who attempt it by means of practicing are bound to causation and fruition.


pg 160 - All the Buddha’s of the three times and all the sentient beings of this threefold world abide in the vast dynamics of the mind.  There is not one thing that does not abide therein.  Luminosity is wherein everything abides, and all rests therein by being neither coagulated nor separated.  There is no need to cleanse it in order to progress spiritually.   If you cleanse it to make spiritual progress you would adulterate your own mind.  But with adulteration you cannot cleanse your own mind.  This is the universal place in which everything abides.


pg 162 - Who does not engage in meditation will not have karmic imprints (learning) towards meditation.


pg 163 - A practitioner of the Atiyoga, who abides in a state of non-conceptual thinking and who (thinks) whatever is, is right, this person manifest the Buddha’s intention.


The enacting of inherited karmic imprints is called meditation, but I do never proclaim that the non-conceptual is of such inherited karmic imprints.


pg 166 - Because of this mediation of clarity they are not in balance with what is beyond recognitive perception.  But those who practice a meditation which lucidly intuits pristine awareness, they (have realized) the imperceptible due to this meditation of lucid intuition.


The great bliss which is completely free of any activity can be obtained only by those who do not desire what is not (an object of) cognitive perception.  The self-originated pristine awareness does not fall under the control of any deeds because it is not produced through meditation nor through the accumulation of karmic imprints.  The self-originated pristine awareness is the central vigour of the true manifestation which can never be achieved by striving but only by abiding in one’s own being.  You must rid yourself of purposing any achievements.  “Purpose” is nothing but a word.


pg 169 - The lucidity of the stainless self-originated pristine awareness is in its vastness neither vanishing or leasing, it is ceaseless.


The true being is lucid, and its actuation unagitated.


Existing and non-existing, accomplishing and not accomplishing, praising and dispraising, all there designations exist because of their non-conceptual (character) in sameness.


pg 170 - Reality exists beyond time.  Those who are made to strive after (Reality) or who attempt to desire it are searching for something other than their own mind.  They damage all things which exist in the threefold world, and which are the sky-like vastness of the dimension of Reality.  They will never find their own mind or abide in their own being.


 pg 173 - In short, I am teaching the All-Creating Sovereign’s...own being as (1) Her own being as previously generated central vigor (of all things); (2) Her own being as a non-erring and decisive teaching; (3) Her own being transcending cause and result as it is self-originated; (4) Her own being transcending striving and achieving as it is deedless, and (5) Her own being of decisive sameness.


Because of the potency to appear from what is non-apparent, (inherent to) all things, which exist in the way they appear from the things (own) central vigor, i.e.  The self-originated pristine awareness, one may be confident that this central vigor of things does exist.


Because of the non-erring and definitive teaching of the mind of perfect purity, as to being the sole actuation of the self-originated pristine awareness in its non-duality of ultimate and conventionally (word?), and of truth and lies, one may be confident that their are no doubts or uncertainties.


Because the six categories of sentient beings, such as the denizens (word?) of hell, etc. who have fallen into (the suffering of) heat, cold, hunger, thirst, idiocy, and dumbness are equal in terms of non-conceptualized as an object (the sentient beings) are free of karmic imprints of all faults.  Because no good qualities can be acquired, nor any faults be given up, no happiness is to be achieved nor any suffering to be abandoned.


Therefore, you ought to grasp their own being.  You will be the teacher (issuing) the lions roar of the threefold teaching. 


own mind = no cause and effect - non-duality or karma





The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love)

awakening, expansion, ascension, and unity

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