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spiritual ascension

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomi


The ultimate goal in Spiritual Ascension is complete liberation of the soul from all limiting factors in its experience. The most dramatic example of the supreme and total manifestation of this process is translation of the physical form into a finer substance that is akin to the density of the etheric body, or in Hawaiian, the aka-kino bodies. The resurrection and subsequent Spiritual Ascension of our brother Isho'a [Yeshua/Jesus] is a well known example of the fullest manifestation of this process possible.

Ultimately, in order for this process to complete wherein our soul transforms its physical vehicle into pure aka-kino substance and Light, we must become fully conscious. This means that all the limited patterning which prevents us from living the highest awareness and knowledge we have available must be brought into the Light of Higher Conscious Awareness. This of necessity involves development of the Antahkarana, Rainbow Bridge of Light.

Awareness is the key factor, for it is the prime nature of the Source - Total Awareness. Once something that holds us back from our desired goals is brought into our field of Higher Awareness, it simply starts to change because it is receiving the Light of that Higher Awareness.

There are many means for bringing our limited aspects of self into the Light of Higher Awareness and the Sacred Flow of Life Itself is tirelessly working in our behalf to this end as an expression of the One Great Love. We can, however, accentuate and enhance this process, learn to cooperate with it in a graceful manner. To this end we have dedicated our lives. Our personal lives and physical and subtle energy bodies are our laboratory.

Our approach in assisting others with this process is rooted in a foundation of LOVE and COMPASSION enveloped in a field of Higher Conscious Awareness. Limited aspects of the self are not meant to be abused, mortified, suppressed or denied in an attempt to free one's self from the limitations they represent, and all too often this is what occurs inadvertently. These limited dynamics which seem to hold us back are aspects of the incarnate self and must be treated like we would treat all other sentient beings. They will respond to love, always. They are the part of the planetary consciousness we have agreed to embody out of Love for all humans. We must therefore extend our Love to these parts of self, for they are the core of what we came to work with. Herein you find your spiritual mission and purpose if you know but how to look at it.



developing the antahkarana,

rainbow bridge of light

The antahkarana is esoterically known as the "Rainbow Bridge of Light." In truth the antahkarana represents a state of awareness, yet there are energy structures or threads which participate in and facilitate this state of awareness. These threads or cords connect the conscious mind and personality to the Soul Lotus and also the Monad, Atma or God-Self.

My understanding and experiences with the antahkarana and its development closely parallel those related in this article, so I will not duplicate here what is already an excellent work.

I am now offering my services as an experienced guide and wayshower to help individuals take the development of their antahkarana to the next level, whatever that may be for them. The antahkarana can be imagined as starting out as narrow footpath-bridge across a mighty stream, like a walking log that is a precarious crossing. Soon that log is developed further into a nice safe walking bridge, then a one lane road, then a two lane road, then a four lane road, and so forth.

The Soul Lotus is continually working to develop and refine the personality structures it uses in incarnation. This is a many-lifetimes endeavor, often lasting through hundreds of embodiments. At some point wherein the Soul Lotus has attained sufficient infusion within the personality structures, the Monad or God-Self also starts infusing the Soul Lotus to a greater degree and therefore the personality structures as well.

Ultimately, at some point in the soul's journey the Soul Lotus will dissolve and the Monad or God-Self will be in direct incarnation within human form. This is what was witnessed with the incarnation of Isho'a/Yeshua/Jesus. His statement "I and my Father are one" is in fact stating that he had fully incarnated the Monadic level of his being in human form. This is the destiny of all human beings.

One of the keys to accelerating the development of the antahkarana is developing the ability to be able to hold one's focus upon the highest point of Light and Awareness accessible to them in each and every moment. We must then also LIVE according to that highest point of Light and Awareness at all times to the best of our ability. This activity develops the antahkarana in conjunction with proper meditation techniques.

The duality which profoundly enters an individual's experience once they have started developing the antahkarana can be very intense. The awareness which emanates from the High Self [higher mental body which is an intermediary to the Soul level of awareness] is continually juxta-positioned against the more contracted awareness of the concrete mind and instinctual-cellular levels of awareness. The conscious human mind must become the vehicle for these radically different spheres of awareness to find parity and harmony with each other. In so doing a sacred alchemy occurs wherein the more expanded state of Soul awareness transforms and entrains the more limited versions of awareness held in the incarnational vehicle.

This leads to what has oft been described as a battle, although that is not entirely correct. The Battle of Armageddon [Biblical] and the Battle of Arjuna [Bhagavad Gita] are two scriptural examples which refer to these dynamics using divine metaphor and mythos. In my experience I have found that it is better to avoid analogies that may include any form of oppositional thought-forms. I have found that it is better to relate to this purely in terms of the energy laws of the universe.

The energies of the Soul and Monad do not find close natural resonance with the energies of the earth, which includes our personalities and bodies [which are in fact esoterically considered to be part of the personality structure]. Thus, when these two energy systems start to interact with each other they form dissonant waveforms until the consciousness of the individual can learn to reconcile them thereby creating entirely new and more complex harmonic waveforms that allow proper resonance to occur between these two realms within the universe of that individual. Of course, should enough beings in a collective soul sphere accomplish this then the harmonics which represent this reconciliation of the two vastly different realms become widely available to all beings in that collective environment. That is a significant portion of what we are terming the Planetary Ascension in brief, or as Thoth called it, Light Principle Forty or LP-40 for short.

We should keep in mind always that these new harmonics are part of what will comprise the New Earth Star reality peering at us from over the horizon. These new harmonics we are creating today, are not the same harmonics that were generated to accomplish the formation of the antahkarana even a thousand years ago, let alone in the more distant path. We are BUILDING upon those other frequencies and harmonics and taking this to a more expanded level of resonant harmonics than ever before. It is thus that the spiritualization or "spiritual translation" of matter will occur, that is being called LP-40.

It starts in each one of us. This must be the primary dedication, all of one's life must be re-prioritized to accommodate the time and energy needed to accomplish this to the highest degree possible in their lives in order to consciously co-particpate with the Ascension Process. This re-prioritization alone presents many challenges and difficulties for the initiates of today. I have traveled this road for many years and I have lived a life dedicated entirely to this purpose for 15 years. I have passed through different levels of the building of the antahkarana and have faced the challenges inherent in that sacred engagement. I know in my heart that I have come to this earth to learn to do this myself in order to help others learn to do the same.

I have developed many tools over the years to this end which have stood the test of time. I additionally know the way through these difficult circumstances and I can therefore help you to more firmly anchor into your own inner-knowing and highest point of awareness and Light, because that part of you also knows the way. The new level of work [below] I am doing in this regard is very powerful and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomi of www.spiritheart.org


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