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The Perpetual  Raising



We are in the midst of a new age…a turning point in human consciousness.  Spiritual realization is taking the place of materialism, as the most cherished goal in life.  We can see that competition is only a tiny fraction as productive as cooperation, especially when keeping in mind the interconnectedness of our world.  Instead of competition or ideological battle, people are understanding that what is fundamentally important to themselves, is of fundamental importance to the rest of humanity as well.  We all value love, health, clear understanding, the fruits of peace, and the bliss of Divine inspiration.  These basic spiritual needs, and the essential values of life upon which they are based, provide a cornerstone for the building of a new paradigm. Group effort in the accomplishment of any goal, has the potential to create monumental achievements.  Together we may act for the common good with a hundred times the benefit, and only one tenth of the effort. The fact that we are all composed of consciousness, governed by the same natural and spiritual laws, provides our common bond. In our mutual, fundamental need for peace, spiritual upliftment and greater evolution as a species, we also find common cause. Together we may achieve unlimited realization of this cause, by combining our mutual love, clarity, energy and Divine inspiration. The group mind principle of nature is thus ours to employ, for the true advancement of the human condition.  We need only to realize this fact and recognize our mutual goals.

As discussed previously a group mind has an exponential potential, one that is far greater than the mere addition of separate individuals, in loose association.  When we Intentionally form a group mind which is based upon progressive spiritual purpose, it is then that we knock at the door of Cosmic opportunity.  Upon specializing our Intent for the good of the group, even greater social potentials arise, as advocated by spiritual traditions around the world.  The  Masters of all time have advocated relatively few precepts for human evolution.  They have all at some time advocated self awareness, (clarity) an alignment of ones’ self with God, (right alignment) the cultivation of love, (higher vibration) living in accord with natural/Divine laws, (right Intent/action), the right use of ones’ energy, and the extension of spiritual states to others in ministry/Darshan,  (expansion). They have all in one way or another, spoken of the Oneness of all people in God and with each other, and that we are connected at a very fundamental level of existence.  It is at this level where such Masters are said to have worked miracles, and coordinated large numbers of people in spiritual focus, (field coordination).  Thus, all seven of the recommended Intentions for the expansion of consciousness, are herein inspired by the teachings of the Masters, (such as Christ, Buddha, and Lao Tse)..  These seven focuses are those held by a Master at all times.  When we form groups of spiritually motivated individuals, we can as a group, do the spiritual work that a Master does.  Seven is therefore the recommended minimum number of participants, in the formation of the most potent of group minds.  Seven members are not absolutely necessary, but this minimum number is the most ideal.  Consider for a moment what even two people in love can do for each other and the world, and then exponentially multiply this effect by a factor of seven or more.

 You are asked to give some more thought at this point, as to which of the seven positions of group mind specialization you would like to initially focus upon.  Remember that we are all working toward greater global enlightenment.  Ask yourself how you can best contribute to this planetary goal, through any or all of the seven focuses employed by the Masters.  By developing one or more of these qualities/Intentions within, we not only expand our own consciousness, but are also made more capable of cooperatively aiding the human condition.

 To assist you in making this decision, review the following table. It summarizes the seven specialists, their general recommended function within a group mind, and the chakra(s) of the body which tend to correspond with them;







First and second                    

base of spine, feet, legs, reproductive organs, hips, intestines, kidneys, lower back

Energy mover/capacitor (the creator of greater empowerment, Provider of sheer force)


Any or all of the chakras

Any area of the body

Expansion of the group consciousness (Sender of the group state to the world)



stomach, lower to middle spine

Right Intent/action (the Transformer of the will to spiritually progress)



heart/lungs, middle to upper spine, rib cage

Vibration (the Initiator of  higher love)


Fifth, (sometimes fourth and seventh)

throat, neck

Right Alignment (Connector to Divine Purposes, speaker of Truth)



frontal and occipital lobes of the brain, pineal gland

Clarity (Seer of Truth,  remover of obstacles to spiritual progress)


Seventh, as well as all other chakras

crown of head,

Field Coordinator (Explorer and Scout for higher levels of consciousness, Advisor for group cohesion and purpose)


            When choosing one of the above seven positions, keep in mind that unlike an organ in a physical body, none of us are restricted to one focus in a group forever.  In fact, it is recommended that participants change positions often, so as to get a better overall view of this evolutionary process.  The more of these seven positions we master, the more we are moved toward Mastery Itself.  This is true because the Master embodies every one of these seven Intentions perpetually.  Even on an individual basis, meditators will find that the application of the seven positions above, are very powerful focuses for personal evolution.  They may be performed one at a time or in combination, (ideally).  They may be accomplished even without the aid of a group and its mutual Intent.  Individuals are in fact encouraged to perform any of these focuses/meditations alone, not only for personal benefit, but as practice for group spiritual work. 

A group mind of meditators who specialize in their spiritual tasks, for the good of “the collective” as a whole, can again be likened to the parts of a physical body.  Generators are similar to the basic sexual energy, or Kundalini at the base of the spine, providing resource for all other functions. Manifestors provide the expansion of all the chakras, and act to broadcast the spiritual Intent of the group into the fields at large.  Motivators are similar to the will of the body, or the region of the stomach, creating the motivation to move forward and to act spiritually. Purifiers can be likened to the heart, providing life-giving love to all participants. Channelers are like the vocal cords the group, as a conduit to Divine influences. Visionaries provide the clear mental functions and perception for the body thus formed, and can be likened to the eyes and frontal, (brain) lobe of the collective.  Guides are likened to the higher brain centers which are capable of all functions, and which oversee the most rapid and progressive, spiritual movement of the body of meditators as a whole. 

The short-form version of all the specialists, and their associated techniques are as follows;






Chi Gaining Meditation

The visualization/Intent of incoming lightning bolts traveling up from the Earth into the body


Expansion Meditation

The practice of expanding any state within by degrees, outward into the environment


Perpetual Raising Meditation

The use of the (Right) Intent to spiritually progress without ceasing, and being limited by no obstacle.  Sheer strength.


Vibrational Raising Meditation

The practice of raising vibrational levels one after another.  The progressive increase of love.


Soulic Rapport Meditation or Prayer

Prayer.  The visualization/Intent of establishing a psychic connection to the soul or God/Nature/High entities.


Advanced Chakra Meditation

The implementation of awareness of awareness.  Clear Seeingness.


Field Coordination Thoughtform

The practice of transforming the Intent and state of consciousness in the environment and/or the group, just as one would transform them within their own body.


The next section is devoted to the “long form” of each of the cultivating techniques, of the seven group mind, specialist positions.  They are merely suggestions for the cultivation of these consciousness expanding qualities.  The meditator should feel free to use whatever techniques which they prefer, and which are progressive in their consciousness expanding effects, upon themselves and the group as a whole.  The important point here is not techniques, but the principles of natural law which underlie them. The important feature in group mind action is not who organizes or guides them, but that positive group mind force be used to transform our world. 

The seven positions should in no way be considered hierarchical in nature.  All of those functions of consciousness expansion are necessary for our general well-being, just as all of the organs of the body have indispensable function.  For this reason, each of the seven positions are best viewed as equal and complimentary.  This is a “team” effort.  It is advisable to always use the Intent of the good of the whole, (of the group and the world) rather than just the good of ones’ self in loose cooperation.  The Intent of the good of the whole is a large portion of what spirituality is all about.  To survive as a species we must always keep in mind the larger picture of evolution planet-wide, of which we are inextricably a part. 

A detailed view

of the seven group mind specialist



The psychic specialist known as the Generator, engages in the practice of drawing enviromental energies into themselves or others.  This energy is also known as “chi” in China, “ki” in Japan, “prana” in India, and sometimes “orgone” in the West.  Chi is the life force, which animates all living things (and to a lesser extent, all non-living things) with vital power.  Both animals and plants of all kinds possess chi, circulating this universal essence throughout their bodies, via energy channels or meridians.  The Earth also transfers chi around itself via lines of force known by some as “Ley lines”.  The so called “power spots” of the world are also animated by chi and are often thought of as the “Earth chakras”.  Our own chakras are similarly organized, as concentrations of chi, awareness and Intent.

            Chi or energy can be drawn from literally any source, since its essence is composed of subatomic particles.  These particles are highly reactive to awareness, which gives it pattern, and Intent which gives it purpose and function.  The practitioner need only use the Intent to draw greater chi into the body, and this will begin to occur.  The best environmental sources for gaining chi are those local environments which have a high concentration of charged, (subatomic) particle/ions.  The ocean surf, running currents of water, wind, sunlight, and fire and stormy weather, (particularly electrical storms) are all good examples of environments/sources with “high chi levels”. 


 The following meditation is recommended for those new to the practice of drawing chi; 


          This exercise may be conducted indoors and under any conditions.  Some circumstances however, are more favorable than others however, due to a greater availability of environmental chi, (Energy).  Wooded areas are particularly preferable.  After arriving in a natural area and finding a secluded place to meditate, (such as a woods, beach, lakefront, park etc.) remove all footwear from the feet.  This is done to establish direct Earth contact, which will facilitate the drawing in of chi. 

             To begin this practice it is recommended that a three step process be used, (initially).  These steps are known as; 1) preparation, 2) breathing focus and 3)  the Meditation itself.  To accomplish step one, simply find for yourself a quiet place that will not be disturbed.  Sit or stand comfortably with both feet on the ground, a straight though relaxed spine, and eyes closed.

             Step two consists of a breathing exercise, in which deep relaxed breaths are taken in for a given duration, as follows;

A) Breathe in deeply and slowly, for a period of about five seconds, until the lungs are completely filled.

B)  Hold this breath for approximately five seconds more.

C)  Exhale slowly taking five seconds to do so, until the lungs are completely emptied,

D)  After exhalation, wait another five second period before inhaling once again.

E)  Repeat steps A, B and C  ten times, or until you feel calmed and refreshed.

              After the breathing exercise of step two, let the body breathe as it wants to normally for about a minute. Relax.

             Next, focus your Awareness on the first chakra region, (the feet, legs, groin, hips, and tailbone).  Know that our primary connection to Earth Consciousness and Energy is through the medium of the first chakra.  Note every detail of the feelings and Awareness in this area of the body, and enter into a meditative state such as in the basic Chakra Meditation, (above).  After you reach a restful state with minimal thoughts in the mind, visualize that your legs are the trunk of a tree. Picture strong and supple roots sprouting from the feet.  See in the mind’s eye, these roots growing into the ground at least 100 feet down, and 100 feet in diameter in all directions.  After a few minutes of, "visualizing your roots",  extend the feelings in your first chakra into them,  just as you would extend positive feelings to someone you love and respect.  FEEL the hips, legs and feet with special attention, and INTEND that these feelings, “flow down into the visualized roots”. Keep sending love and other positive feelings into the area of visualized roots below your feet, for at least five minutes or more.  Then upon each inhalation, visualize and feel Energy from the Earth being pulled into "your roots" and stored throughout the “trunk” of your body.  FEEL the feet, legs and hips being charged with vitality. The visualization of light or even lightening bolts being drawn into the body through the soles of the feet, (to represent incoming chi) can be most useful in this exercise.  With each breath inhale deeply and in a relaxed fashion.  With each in-breath, visualize Energy being drawn into, stored in the body via your “roots”  Picture the body as a ball of light which grows brighter and brighter with each inhalation of Earth Energy, (chi).  Perform this meditation for a total of 15-30 minutes, or whenever the body or mind lacks vitality. 

             The practice of drawing chi from the environment is definitely a cultivated art, and must be accomplished with patience and much practice. 

            Remember that outdoor settings offer a greater availability of chi than indoor locations.  Wilderness areas have more available chi than do cities.  Stormy and wet conditions are also more ideal for this practice…standing in water, particularly a running stream or ocean surf, is ideal for acquiring greater chi.  The experienced practitioner is able to draw chi without meditational preliminaries, and can use a variety of Energy sources to do this such as fire, sunlight, wind, storm, rain, running streams, and even artificial light sources.

            After successfully gaining a significant amount of chi, the practitioner may occasionally feel dizzy, of expanded or of altered perceptions, shaky, and of greater clarity.  They may feel "high", see geometric forms, flashes of light, hear unusual sounds, depending upon many factors.  These occurrences are not to be considered out of the ordinary.  The practitioner should merely ignore these for the most part, and stop the meditation temporarily if uncomfortableness continues, at least in the beginning phases of the practice.  Maintain your Intent to gain Energy throughout the meditation, regardless of distracting phenomena.  Keep in mind that energy may be stored in the body on a semi-permanent to permanent basis for later use.  Visualizations of Energy being stored in the bones, cells or even atoms of the body, are excellent focuses to take for this purpose, (as a hint to the practitioner).

            When the Chi Gaining Meditation is done in conjunction with aerobic exercise, it can greatly prolong the body's stamina and increase the benefits of the work-out.  The adept practitioner will be able to draw chi easily without distraction even while running, biking or swimming, by employing visualizations such as the above during these activities.  Eating foods which are live, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, will invariably boost personal levels of chi. 

It should be noted too, that Energy may be drawn into any of the seven chakras simply by Intending/visualizing this to be so,  especially during inhalation.  This is best accomplished outdoors.  Note that the Energy of the sun is most easily drawn through the sixth and seventh chakras, whose rate of vibration is most closely resonant to that Energy source. 

The beginner is advised to start with the Chi Gaining meditational format..


             When in a group setting, the meditator may gain chi for the group as a whole, (and everyone in it) by simply using a different visualization, and slightly different Intent.  Energy follows the direction of awareness and Intent.  Therefore, whatever we visualize begins to instantly take shape on the subtle, unified field realms around us.  With this in mind, remember that we can send energy to others or draw it individually, at will.  This takes a bit of practice but it is well worth the applied effort.  When using the Chi Gaining Meditation in the group setting, visualize “roots” growing down into the ground from all the participants instead of just oneself.  Intend that the feeling/Intent elements of the first chakras of all those involved, connect with the Earth through those visualized roots. When visualizing incoming lightning bolts and streams of energy, see Earth energy flowing in to everyone in the group, just as you would for yourself. Visualize/Intend that this added energy is being stored in their bodies, (bones, cells, atoms) and glowing brighter and brighter as more energy enters each connected meditator.  Know that this energy is providing better health, well being, mental clarity and psychic ability for the entire group.  A note of caution; be sure to not deplete your own supply of chi in filling others with it.  Remember to continue to increase your own energy levels while increasing that of the group.


         The psychic specialist known as the Manifestor, engages in the practice of expanding outward to the environment, any state of consciousness which they choose. Specifically, love, (high vibration), clarity and Right Intent may be expanded outwards in an “area of effect”.  An area of effect is simply the size or area of influence, that a psychic source of change creates.  We are all psychic sources of change.  Every thought, emotion and image we hold travels forth into the environment to some degree, or in other words, expands outward into the unified field that surrounds us.  These render changes in our environment according to our Intent held at that time.  In knowing this principle of natural law, we can make best use of its properties by intentionally expanding outward the most useful, consciousness raising Intents.


             The most basic technique involved with the expansion outward of any state, is to visualize an expanding bubble, with the meditator or meditators in the middle.  Visualize this bubble as small in the beginning, (just barely encasing the body) and see it expand in the minds’ eye by degrees, outward to any scope desired.  Be sure to expand the feeling/state you want to manifest, in synchrony with the expanding bubble visualization.  Be ever mindful that the expanding bubble visualization represents the expansion of whatever state of consciousness you are currently focused upon, be that love, clarity or other states.  It is therefore important to hold the state you want to manifest clearly, while performing this visualization.  Expansion can also be used to manifest any spiritual Intention, such as Divine connection, (Right Alignment) greater self realization, (for all) unity in peace, etc.  Expansion can be visualized as inclusive of any scope of influence, such as in the room or grassy field one is currently in, or the local neighborhood, the entire city or town one lives by, the region, nation, continent or entire world.  In the case of group meditation it can also be visualized to include all member participants wherever they may be, even if they all dispersed all over the world, and not in a single location, (as in the case of this Intentional group mind raising effort.)  When the members of a meditation group are dispersed in this way, simply visualize/Intend that each person involved be surrounded by an expanding bubble, which is manifesting the state and Intent they are currently holding, for the good of the group.

            Like the other seven consciousness raising positions, the Manifestor engages themselves in a learned skill.  This takes practice and patience to develop.  As with any other new skill, there will be a certain period in which the body, (both the physical and energetic bodies) will need to  reorient themselves, so to accommodate such psychic actions.  Expansion automatically tends to open the chakras of the practitioner, and it will also enhance ones’ psychic connections with the world to some degree, for that reason.  Certain changes will come about within you as a result of this, and your rate of spiritual progress is likely to accelerate.  Do not be overly concerned about these changes, even if some of them are temporarily unpleasant.  Remember that we are all learning these various psychic/spiritual skills, and this process is simply part of our ongoing personal and collective evolution.


             The Manifestor may practice the “art of expansion” by conducting the following exercise.  First recall times when you have sent emotional energy, (any emotion) to others, particularly supportive love to those in pain or distress.  Remember what this felt like in the body, and review every subtle detail of these past experiences.  Then conduct the “Expansion exercise” as follows; 


The beginner should focus all of their awareness, without distraction, upon the fourth chakra, (the heart) and feel everything going on there in the most subtle detail.  It is useful to do this right after performing the Chakra Meditation.  Take a deep breath and feel energy, (chi) filling the heart.  Use your Intent, and extend the feelings in this area of the body outward by just a few inches past the chest.  You may also wish to visualize a corresponding and expanding bubble of light around the heart, to augment this process.  Do this for 60 seconds and hold the change in (expanded) feeling.  Next, extend these same feelings outward again by another six inches or so, for an additional 60 seconds, and hold this change.  Continue to expand the feelings in your heart, (even if they are very subtle) by small increments.  Take extra time with each expansion if necessary, by staying in touch with your subtlest of feelings.  Remember that you are training your body to consciously perform a natural function, (expansion) but that this may take some time to significantly master. [Note; any other chakra can and should be expanded in this way.  Experiment with this procedure, and try expanding different feelings from the same chakra, especially those of love/high states.  When experiencing an intense emotion during the day, take that opportunity to expand this state outwards by degrees, since strong feelings are easier to expand than subtle ones. With more experience, try extending the feelings in two or more chakras at the same time, and eventually learn to expand the consciousness/feelings throughout the body as a whole.]  Intent, awareness and energy are a body-wide consideration...and are most effectively addressed in every cubic inch of our physiology, simultaneously.


        When in group meditation, get in touch with the “group space”.  Do this by feeling it throughout the body.  This should not prove difficult since we automatically do this upon entering any room- full of people, so as to be aware of their Intention and focus upon us.  While keeping in touch with the group mind state, visualize the group surrounded by a bubble of light.  Intend that this bubble represent the group mind feeling, (also known as the group “vibe”, “atmosphere” or “space”) and then picture it expanding outward by slow degrees.  Be sure to FEEL this expansion of the group state as well.  Do this with the Intent of best spiritual benefit for all concerned.  Picture the expansion of the group space to any degree mutually desired.  The group effect and Intent may be extended in this fashion to a city, region, nation or the entire world, if this is what is visualized and Intended. 

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