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Spirituality and Religion:

The Perpetual  Raising


The description of the seven specialists for group mind formation continues… 


The psychic specialist known as the Motivator, represents and embodies the will to evolve.  Their contribution to group mind effort is a strengthening of the drive to spiritually advance, especially through a feeling of strength in the area of the stomach, (third chakra).  Due to this progressive quality, (of Perpetual Raising) they are said to use Right Intent, and in carrying out this Intent are engaged in Right Action. The Motivator recognizes that there are no finite, ultimate accomplishments in personal evolution. They also recognize that there are no limitations set upon our collective spiritual progress, (other than those we impose ourselves) for the same reason. The seekers of truth may in fact progress upon the path of Realization without boundary or limit. Thus the Motivator uses the Intent of “constant, upward spiritual travel” to greater and greater levels of consciousness, without end.  This individual endeavors to be the very embodiment of the Intent of Perpetual Raising, which the Master uses according to the Evolutionary Plan.

            There is a strong relationship between motivation or will, to the functioning of the third chakra).  The third chakra of the stomach region tends to be most specialized in its function as the basic will of the entire body, more than any other area. Note that every part of the body exhibits will or Intent, but likewise has its own specialized function.  The following exercise reveals the truth of the above statements;


            When using the Chakra Meditation or simply daily awareness,  focus exclusively upon the third chakra region, (a roughly spherical area extending above and below the navel, the size of a large grapefruit).  Let your awareness rest upon this area for several minutes.  Take a deep breath and hold it.  While holding this breath, rythmically but gently contract and relax the muscles of the stomach area.  Exhale and relax, while still focusing upon the third chakra.  Notice the changes of feeling/awareness in this area, and how these often spread throughout the body.  Repeat this procedure as desired. For additional results, Intend a feeling of greater strength in the stomach area while conducting this exercise.  Experienced meditators may also add the drawing in of chi, (energy) into the third chakra at the same time, (as in the Chi Gaining Meditation) for even greater results.  Draw chi into the third chakra especially during in-breaths. Visualize/Intend that energy to be stored, as a rotating ball of ever increasing light and feeling of strength, in the stomach. Such visualizations will tend to maintain the vitality gained by this exercise most efficiently.  Performing these measures daily will act to increase your psychic power, spiritual and general will, and health.  It will also tend to decrease your vulnerability to negative psychic influences, such as incoming fear or chaos.



For the spiritual good of the group mind, the Motivator may visualize a circular ring of light around each participants’ feet.  In the minds’ eye, see this bright, shining ring quickly rise from the area of the feet to about a foot above the head of each meditator, (including the self).  See this ring rising again and again in such a manner, about once per every three seconds.  Each time it rises repeat the words, RISE UP! in the mind.  With every additional repetition of RISE UP! use the Intent that all participants receive every progressive spiritual benefit.  In other words, Intend that their consciousness be expanded, through greater love, clarity, Divine/Natural connection, energy and/or vibrational levels.  FEEL the group space ascending and Perpetually Raising in greater consciousness, especially in the area of the third chakra region.  The experienced practitioner may also wish to additionally employ the Intent of, (gaining) strength or personal power/will.  Intend a greater and greater feeling of strength in the area of the stomach, for all participants.  Feel capable and powerful in this area, and project this feeling to others.  Notice the effect of this Intent upon the group consciousness. 

Like all of the seven Intentions/positions for the expansion of consciousness, this procedure may be used for ones’ self, the group, or the world as a sum total.  In the case of a meditation group whose members are in different locations, (even around the world) simply Intend that the above benefits reach them wherever they may be. Know that Intent does not have any physical boundaries in its effect.  It is not hindered by distance or the separation of bodies. 


            The psychic specialist known as the Purifier, engages in the practice of raising the personal, group, and/or world vibration.  The term “vibration”, when used in this context, refers to the “level” or “pitch” of feeling within.  If one were to place all of the named emotions on a scale of ascending vibration, fear and depression would be at the bottom, and so-called “peak” experiences and spiritual love would be at the top, or highest vibration. These can be accurately visualized as an ascending spectrum of frequencies displayed on a graph, just like the radio frequencies of a given broadcasting band, (as with AM and FM).

Also, it may be accurately said that there are levels or degrees of love which exist and can be experienced.  The more intense, deep and sweet the feeling of love is, the higher is its level or vibration.  Thus the Purifier uses their Intent to raise the personal or collective vibrational level, by progressively moving their consciousness into higher and higher states of love/positivity.  The Purifier is so named because love and positivity do indeed purify ones’ state of being at all levels.  Body, Mind and soul, as well as interpersonal relations, are all “purified” or in other words made more spiritually inclined, in the presence of love.  As love and positive feelings of all kinds increase, there will almost invariably arise a paralleling state of being, exhibited by the person or group so affected. 


            There are of course, many methods and focuses which can raise ones’ vibrational level.  Among these are,

1)   Communion with God and the essence of spiritual teachings.

2)   Aligning ones’ self with Nature, especially in such settings as the deep woods, and for extended periods.

3)   The commitment to altruistic humanitarian works, spiritual ministry, and spontaneously aiding those who need it.  Doing this promotes a betterment of personal karma, and is often felt as an increase in love.

4)   Through a contemplation of our spiritual purpose, as conscious beings of depth and goodness.

5)   The exploration of our deepest love for what would be an ideal “soul mate”, and transferring this love to all people/the planet in general.

6)   Visualize yourself in a state of spiritual love, like that known to be held by such Masters as Christ.  Notice in the minds’ eye how you would look, act, feel and interact with others.

7)   Through a recall of past experiences of love.  Use these as a foundation for building this remembered love-state, to higher and higher levels.

This last technique is the one which will be emphasized herein, because our own past experiences are often the ones we can most directly relate to, and work with.   


            Find a relaxing, quiet place, and recall the times in which you felt the strongest love.  Remember every detail of this experience, especially in terms of how it felt everywhere in the body.  The body has memory, and every state of consciousness you have ever been in is recorded within the cells.  These memories often surface on their own, but they can also be summoned up by the mind.  Remain focused on this memory of love until you can feel it again as strongly as possible. Take plenty of time and care to recall these feelings in detail, especially in the beginning stages of this practice. Recall the past events which surrounded your most intense sensations of love, preferably those of a strong spiritual experience.  Past or current loving relations will be more than sufficient, however. Then, as soon as you have recalled this peak love state of the past or present, just let go of the imagery, memories and specific circumstances surrounding it, and remain within the feeling(s) evoked.  It is this feeling of love which needs to be emphasized, and past memories are only the road that leads to them.  So for the sake of this spiritual exercise, don’t let yourself be snared in memory, and focus purely upon the sensations of love in the body. 

Once you have accomplished this love state recall,  keep in mind that there are levels of love.  Picture a scale of ascending love states, (frequencies/vibrations) if necessary, to visualize this fact.  Then, Intend into place a state of love that is just slightly more intense, deep and profound than your current love state, (rely on the four steps for the manifestation of Intent if necessary). Just imagine in terms of feeling, what a slightly higher level of love would feel like and move, (Intend) yourself into it. Remain focused on your goal until it is felt within. Once you feel a slightly elevated degree of love and/or positivity, take another small step upwards in vibration, to an even higher level of love. Continue doing this for as long as you wish, and see just how “high” you can get.  Practice this exercise every day for at least 10 minutes, and see how it becomes easier and easier.  After some experience in this, love states can simply be “Intended into place”, just as readily as one might move the physical body from one place to another. We need only Intend love to blossom within, in order to find its benefits in our lives  Practice is all that is required to greatly improve the results of a “vibrational raising focus” such as this. 

The Purifier is associated with the forth chakra or the heart region, because it is this chakra which specializes in the creation of love. Most people prefer to increase their feeling of love/vibration, while focused upon this area of the body in particular, with a lesser emphasis placed upon the rest of the body as a whole.  Never the less, it is extremely useful to feel love body-wide, as previously explained.  


The Purifier may also extend states of higher and higher love/positivity, to the group of meditators to which they belong.  Any of the above methods may be used.  One may for instance, visualize all those participating in the group as being surrounded by a glowing aura of radiant love, much like that of Christ or other Masters.  Love may also be directly expanded or extended to all other participants, even if they are not in your current location.  Like all other states of consciousness, love travels from person to person without heed of boundaries of any kind.  Feel the strongest love possible in the heart, (and the whole body if you are able to, at that moment) and FEEL/visualize this state of consciousness being directly transferred to all other meditators.  Intend that this love benefit them in all ways, and that it adds to their spiritual efforts, both within and without.  It is useful to send love to them as you would a lifelong companion or family member.  You can also use the following visualization, among others;           

Visualize the group surrounded by a glowing sphere of any color or colors you choose.  See this sphere as very energetic and psychically powerful, (try throwing in a few incoming lightning bolts to increase its energy level).  After establishing this visualization in the mind, firmly repeat over and over again such words as, “sphere of love be manifest!” or, “We are surrounded and empowered by love”, or simply, “One love”. Feel this to be true as you hold this thoughtform in place, in the minds’ eye.  Intend that love and positivity are literally exploding through and around, the bodies and minds of all involved.  FEEL love for the group as strongly as you can. 


The psychic specialist known as the Channeler, engages in the practice of establishing greater rapport, or, psychic right alignment, with sources of high spiritual inspiration. In general, the three most common sources for this psychic connection to sources of high consciousness are, 1) to God/Universal Consciousness, 2) to ones’ own soul and, 3) to those beings known as Masters or other high entities.  The Channeler performs this activity so as to establish within themselves, a group or the world in general, the qualities of love, clarity, higher energy levels, right Intent/action and greater expansion, which the above sources possess.  These qualities are also possessed by Nature and the Earth Mind in general.  Long or intense excursions in the woods or other remote areas, should also be considered the gaining of “right alignment”, because of their consciousness expanding effects.

            The Channeler is so named because their activity and Intent reflects the channeling of high spiritual forces, for the good of all concerned..  During this activity, they become a literal conduit for consciousness expanding influences.  This activity is associated with the fifth or throat chakra, although any chakra can be used for establishing Divine connection, since the Presence of Universal Consciousness is in all places at all times, including every part of the human body.  Many people may actually prefer to “Channel” through the seventh, (at the crown of the head) or fourth, (heart) chakras, for great effectiveness.

The chakras are often associated with the seven ascending colors of the rainbow, in the following order; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  This is because they are in fact an ascending spectrum of vibrational rates, (frequencies) with the lowest being at the base of the spine, (red) and the highest at the crown of the head, (violet).  This fact implies that the human body is actually a multi-frequency transceiver, within this psychic World Mind in which we live. We constantly “broadcast” and “receive” psychic inputs, from a large spectrum of frequencies or feeling states.  Because the crown or seventh chakra is of the highest vibration in the body, it can most easily receive those sources of expanded consciousness, which are themselves of a high vibration.  This is made possible due to the natural law of resonance. In other words, the seventh chakra is most resonant with God/the soul, as is the fourth chakra, (when tuned to spiritual love) due to its specialization in love-states.  The Channeler is also associated with the fifth or throat chakra above because this is where the “word of God”, the Masters, and the soul are often transmitted to others.  For this reason the Channeler is a “speaker of God”. This is why spiritual ministry has every relationship with right alignment. 


To “Channel” God effectively, one may simply pray with an earnest Intention and a receptive mind.  Many people will prefer this well established method.  The practitioner will note that when many people are in prayer simultaneously, the felt presence of Divine influence will often sharply increase, due to the effects of the group mind focus upon gaining Inspiration.  Those whose spirituality centers around prayer, may wish to choose the specialty of the Channeler, within an Intentionally formed group mind.  Through prayer a person may bring very high qualities of expanded consciousness to a group, which will be most valuable for everyone involved.  When we say, “I will pray for you” this usually means that we are “channeling God” on others’ behalf, while visualizing Divine benefit for them.  This is exactly what is needed in the group meditational setting as well.

            For those practitioners who want to use a meditational approach for right alignment, the following is recommended.           


           To begin the practice of this meditation, it is recommended that a three step process be used, (initially).  These steps are known as; 1) preparation, 2) breathing focus and 3)  the meditation itself.  To accomplish step one,  simply find for yourself a quiet place that will not be disturbed.  Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor, a straight though relaxed spine, and eyes closed.

             Step two consists of a breathing exercise in which deep relaxed breaths are taken in for a given duration, as follows;

A)  Breathe in deeply and slowly for a period of about five seconds, until the lungs are completely filled.

B)  Hold this breath for approximately five seconds more.

C) Exhale slowly taking five seconds to do so, until the lungs are completely emptied,

D)  After exhalation, wait another five second period before inhaling once again.

E)  Repeat steps A, B and C  ten times, or until you feel calmed and refreshed.

              After the breathing exercise of step two, let the body breathe as it wants to normally for about a minute. Relax.

            1)  Focus your mind on the feelings and Awareness at the crown of the head, (or the heart, and throat).  Note every detail of the feelings in this region, on the surface of the head, and also within the brain.  Let the mind rest upon this focus of feeling and Awareness in a relaxed way.  Every time thoughts occur in the mind, simply return to an Awareness of the seventh chakra region.  Perform this step of the meditation for about 5 minutes.

            2)  Then visualize a light, (violet or white is useful) and any image you wish to represent the soul.  See this light or image descending from above the head, and entering the 7th chakra. Let that image fill the head completely with its illumination. Visualize also the entire body being filled with this same light/image, (as it continues to stream into the head via the 7th chakra.)  Remember that this is a thoughtform representative of the soul, and maintain it with the Intent that soulic/Divine contact with the mind and body be strengthened.

            3)  While visualizing the above, repeat the words, "enter in" over and over again, and/or simply Intend into place greater soul-mind-body union. Practice this meditation as you feel the need or desire, with a recommended duration of 20-30 minutes total. 

             As contact with the soul increases on a conscious level,  advice in the form of the "conscience", (as the “voice” of the soul in the mind) is made more accessible.  Imparted through this connection will often be valuable information for living.  A clear meditative mind is one that does not hinder the transmission of these messages.  We can learn to listen to these inputs, and employ them to increase our rate of personal evolution.  This is an ability acquired with experience and a purity of Intent, the results of which exceed the scope of this text.  Suffice it to say however, that all of the wisdom of the soul may in this way be eventually accessed, one that spans the course of an untold number of lifetimes.  Insights gained in this manner often go well beyond the scope of current thought, and are "ahead of their time".  The higher vibrational level and wisdom of the soul also makes it a superior conduit for the channeling of Cosmically originating knowledge, (with which it is in contact).  The personality that is in touch with the soul, is therefore also in touch with the Cosmic Intelligence at large, which has an unlimited capacity to catalyze growth and genius.

             After a time the brain, body and mind become increasingly acclimated to conscious alignment with the soul, making this easier to establish at any time.  The experienced practitioner need only Intend soulic contact on a moment's notice, for it to be increased to a significant degree.  Much later still in the practice, the personality becomes completely absorbed into the Intent and purpose of the true self, becoming purified of ego and able to function with the inherent, clear insight into Truth that is a property of the natural mind.  This stage is representative of a very significant level of attained personal mastery, for the practitioner.  It has been referred to as “enlightenment” by certain spiritual systems.  Every time we conduct the Soulic Rapport Meditation or others like it, a greater alignment between the mind, soul and body is achieved, on a cumulative basis. 


The Channeler may also pray for the group as described above, for the best benefit of all concerned, and this activity needs very little explanation, since most people have done this at some point in their lives.  As for those people who wish to use a meditative approach to God and group benefit, simply use the Soulic Rapport Meditation format above.  But instead of a focus upon ones’ own soul, transform this exercise into the Divine Rapport Meditation by using the same steps, and inserting the word “God” everywhere “soul” is mentioned.  Visualize all the meditators involved being influenced for best spiritual benefit by the presence of God/Universal Consciousness.  Picture Divine influence entering through the crown of the head of each participant. 


The psychic specialist known as the Visionary, engages in the practice of generating greater states of self and group awareness.  In other words, they commit themselves to a meditative focus known as “awareness of awareness”.  In certain Zen practices, the student is given an object such as a rock or leaf to focus upon.  The student is instructed to focus upon this item instead of the usual stream of thoughts running through the mind.  When the student accomplishes this and achieves “no thought”, the instructor then removes the object and tells them to continue the meditation anyway.  The important thing all along the student realizes, was not the object of meditation, but the state of meditation. This technique is yet another approach to gaining the state of awareness of awareness

The Visionary specializes in their focus, in the cultivation of greater self awareness. Since we are awareness at the most basic level of self, (as well as Intent and energy)  self awareness implies a greater mastery/knowledge of consciousness.  Awareness of awareness itself, rather than simply awareness of any given object, thought, emotion or idea, results in a greater concentration of awareness, as it “recycles” back upon itself.  In other words, awareness of awareness generates clarity.  This is not clarity about any given subject matter, it is CLARITY ITSELF.  This state of consciousness results in greater insight into all subjects of consideration, and directly improves mental function without limit, cumulatively. 


            The Visionary increases their personal clarity with each succeeding meditation upon awareness of awareness.  The first step in this practice is to identify awareness within the self.  Using the basic Chakra Meditation, we come to know the Watcher within, or That which Watches behind all of our thoughts and emotions.  Observe how you can have a thought or feeling, and at the same time notice the fact that you are having it.  You can observe thoughts or feelings in this way in a detached manner, realizing that the true self, (soul) is neither thought nor emotion.  The very capacity for observing thoughts or emotions as they arise in the body/mind, is none other than awareness itself.  It is a part of the consciousness, (soul) which we are.  Thoughts and emotions are something we do, not something we are as aware beings.  After you have identified awareness, (the Watcher) in the self, perform the following meditation; 

Advanced Chakra Meditation 

Sit or lie comfortably, and immediately begin focusing on the feelings centered in the area of the forehead, or sixth chakra.  Those new to this practice may begin by tapping the tip of their right index finger upon what is known as the “third eye”, or exact center of the forehead, with the eyes closed.  Tapping increases awareness in that region, which is useful for the beginner.  Be aware of every subtle detail of feeling in this area. Allow awareness to spread to the entire region of the frontal lobe of the brain, (the front third of the head, directly behind the forehead), through the middle of the brain, and inclusive of the occipital region, (back of head).  FEEL all the subtleties.  Do not avoid any pain, fear or other unpleasantness found anywhere in these areas, but instead relax them, and continue the meditation.

As thoughts inevitably run though the mind, simply relax, and return again and again to a feeling focus, even if this means doing so a hundred times every minute.  Chronic, rampant, seemingly unstoppable thoughts in the mind, are a symptom of stored stress in ones’ being.  As the practice of meditation proceeds, stress is released, and the tendency of thoughts to intrude upon the process of meditation will gradually diminish.  Be patient and don’t let the simplicity of this method of meditation deceive you.  Maintain your awareness on the area of the front of the head, with particular emphasis paid to the third eye, and the temples at the side of each physical eye.  Areas of particular stress or activity in this region, will attract your awareness and hold it for longer periods.  Allow this to happen, as it is a function of natural self-healing processes and energy body activity.  Don’t be concerned or irritated by intruding thoughts, just continue to return to a feeling-oriented focus.

After maintaining this feeling focus in the third eye region for about 5 minutes, shift your focus to one of awareness only.  In other words, don’t just be aware of feelings in this area, be aware of that in you, which is being aware.  This statement may at first sound a little cryptic, but it is actually quite simple.  In the basic Chakra Meditation we use awareness to focus on feelings in the body, as a replacement for continuous thoughts in the mind.  In the Advanced Chakra Meditation we start with a feeling focus, and then soon shift to a “focus upon the focuser”, or to one of having, “awareness of awareness”.  So while focused upon the third eye region, the meditator engages in “awareness of awareness”, particularly in the frontal lobe of the brain.  This act “recycles” awareness back upon itself, thereby increasing its intensity.  This is a primary means to gain greater clarity.  Contemplate this concept to comprehend its profound simplicity and value.  It is recommended that you perform this meditation twice daily as a temporary replacement for the basic Chakra Meditation, before arising from bed and just before going to sleep at night.  Each session should last at least 20-30 minutes.

Employing the Advanced Chakra Meditation to gain greater clarity is a process of self education.  Clarity is not a concept Western culture is thoroughly familiar with, and rarely is it a term that is concretely defined.  In this system, clarity is defined in terms of the degree of awareness of awareness one possesses. Represented mathematically, this principle of natural law may be shown as A/A=C, whereas, “A” is awareness, (divided by itself) and “C” is the clarity that results.  As greater experiential familiarity with clarity is had, it then becomes a known quality of mind that can be summoned up or enhanced at will, even without the precursor of meditation.  Thus it can then be Intended into place at a moments’ notice, for the purpose of improved mental and even physical function.  In the group meditational setting, it may also be Intended into place for oneself as well as others, simultaneously.  In other words, awareness of awareness may be psychically projected to others, which aids in their higher establishment of clarity as well.  We should not consider this a particularly esoteric act, when remembering that any state of consciousness can be projected.  All states of consciousness in fact, automatically radiate from the body/mind as soon as they are gained within, to some degree.  By Intending their projection outward however, we are increasing the potency of rendered psychic effects many times over.  In this way too, we are acting on behalf of natural laws, and are thereby gaining the cumulative support of nature in our spiritual practices 


Once you are familiar with awareness of awareness, (clarity) then the opportunity exists to project this state to others.  This act is not unlike the projection of love.  Clarity is experienced as a certain peculiar concentration of activity and self-observance, especially in the sixth chakra or forehead, since this area specializes in pinpoint focus and ideally, self awareness. 

            While meditating upon greater clarity, visualize all other participants in the group mind as having a strong glow of light upon the forehead.  Intend that this glow represent your positive influence of greater and greater clarity upon them, and for their highest spiritual unfoldment.  You can also visualize lines of light similar to laser beams, connecting the brow of each mediator in a union of greater awareness of awareness.  The experienced Visionary may also simply Intend into place the greater state of awareness of awareness in others.  This act is the direct transference or replication of clarity in each person thus projected to. 


The psychic specialist known as the Guide, engages in the practice of overseeing the spiritual Intent and unity of the group mind(s).  They are also capable, (ideally) of  projecting their progressive spiritual Intent into the environment, thereby causing the expansion of consciousness externally.  A guide then, is an experienced meditator who Intentionally coordinates the surrounding fields of consciousness, (Intent, awareness and energy) to bring about evolutionary effects.  The guide also is an advisor, or spiritual councilor who is capable of giving pertinent, progressive advice to each of the group mind members in their respective tasks, and in general.  Of the seven positions, the Guide must be most in tune with Divine and natural Law, and seek only the best benefit for all concerned with unceasing enthusiasm.  To give a crude analogy of what the Guide does in every-day terms, let us look to the example of a teacher.  Consider what the effective teacher amongst a classroom of students, does on a daily basis.  Every effective teacher, or speaker for that matter, knows how to “project themselves” effectively to an audience so as to efficiently communicate.  In other words, they know how to project their Intent to communicate to the group, even though they may not think of it in such a way.  Never the less, every teacher and speaker knows;

1)  That there is a difference in feeling in the body when speaking to a crowd, as opposed to speaking to an individual.  This is the felt psychic difference between a group mind effect, (upon the speaker) and that of a single person.

2)  That in order to convince or teach a group, the projection of sincere feeling and conviction is essential.  This helps the audience focus properly and deeply upon the subject matter spoken of.  The accomplishment of such a psychic act is none other than “field coordination”, meaning that the surrounding field of consciousness and everyone in it, is converted to the Intention projected by the speaker/coordinator.  The more effective this field coordination is, the more effective will be the teacher and the speaker, as a general rule.

            The Guide is known as a “field coordinator” because they have become proficient in manifesting consciousness expanding Intent into other persons and the environment in general.  They accomplish this through the following means;

1)   The cultivation of high psychic sensitivity, which can be enhanced through the diligent use of such practices as the basic and advanced Chakra Meditations.

2)   The ability to broadcast feelings of a high vibration, as well as clarity and other progressive qualities listed above, to the environment, via the body.  The Guide ideally performs this psychic broadcast, via all of the Intent elements, (feelings in every cubic inch) of the body, and particularly through all of the chakras.

3)   Through the ability to feel and know the state of the World Mind, (again registered as feelings in the body) and to render positive influence thereupon.  The Guide should regularly commit themselves to the raising of world consciousness, as well as the group of which they are a part.

The Guide is so named because they act as does a scout, in exploring ahead the route(s) the group may take, toward the greater expansion of consciousness.  This they should do on an ongoing and progressive basis.  Their own personal meditations and/or prayers are likely to be leading them to new insights, the refinement of techniques and better ways of teaching.  For this reason they forge ahead into higher states of consciousness, only to return to the group and encourage them to do the same.   This individual should be capable, (ideally) of performing any of the other six group mind positions of Generator, Manifestor, Motivator, Purifier, Channeler, and Visionary.  The Guide for instance, should be able to draw energy in a manner similar to that described by the Chi Gaining Meditation, so as to psychically aid or advise the Generator(s) of the group.  They should similarly be at least fairly adept at expanding the group state as does the Manifestor, and stimulating the spiritual will of others, as does the Motivator, (via a feeling of strength in the third chakra)..  Their love should also Purify the group, and their Channeling of high influences readily forthcoming, should the group state lose momentum in its rise upwards.  The Guide should also possess the vision or clarity to see what the group most needs to progress and evolve, and is always open to suggestions and new ideas as to how this might be done.  The Guide should encourage discussion of group experiences, and entertain insights given by any other participant as to how the group may best benefit.

            The area of focus for the Guide is very often the seventh chakra at the crown of the head, but they should also shift their focus upon all of the other chakras and their related functions/attributes, as needed for the good of the group. The meditator performing the role of Guide should also coordinate places of meeting, and stick to pre-agreed schedules for the meditative focus, should there be any.  They should involve themselves in a reasonable attempt to align their efforts with other groups, and to establish new group minds in other locations.  In this way, such practices as these, which take advantage of the Natural law of the group mind principle, may eventually spread themselves around the world.  As this occurs,  the World Mind or collective consciousness of humanity will be transformed by degrees, until the cause of global enlightenment for our species is achieved.  The Guide keeps this goal ever in mind, and considers themselves an extension of the Purposes held by the spiritual Masters, for the further evolution of the human condition.   


The Guide may use a visualized image with an Intent behind it, commonly known as a “thoughtform” to coordinate the group consciousness.  See the following recommendation; 

Field Coordination Thoughtform 

To make best use of this thoughtform, (to render environmental influence) first perform the Advanced Chakra Meditation, bodywide.  This is to say, use an awareness of awareness focus, not only in the region of the sixth chakra, (forehead) but body-wide. Let awareness of awareness spread from the area of the forehead where it is most concentrated, and infiltrate every cell in the body.  This will produce the body-wide clarity and fine-tuned awareness needed to perform field coordination work. 

Next visualize that at sphere of 100 yards in radius, is surrounding you as a globe of light.  Intend that this globe represent the scope of your projected Intent, in the creation of enhanced degrees of love, clarity, energy, Divine influence and other progressive focuses, for everything and everyone within that sphere.  Extend the size of this thoughtform by doubling it, and then doubling it again and again, as you intuit the need or want to do so.  Continually Intend the expansion of consciousness for all beings within the area of your visualized globe, to render the best possible spiritual benefit therein.  In this way you can create very progressive, “areas of effect” which have lasting value.  Such thoughtforms have the ability to last indefinitely if the Intent which created them is of sufficient potency.  High levels of Intent afford higher results, as partially modified by existing psychic conditions. 


 Group Coordination Thoughtform

To make best use of this thoughtform for group action, first perform the Advanced Chakra Meditation, bodywide.  This is to say, use an awareness of awareness focus, not only in the region of the sixth chakra, (forehead) but body-wide.  This will produce the body-wide clarity and fine-tuned awareness needed to perform field coordination work. 

                Next, visualize that all participants are surrounded by a large globe of light. Intend that this globe represent their ever-strengthening unity of consciousness and spiritual purpose.  FEEL WITH THE ENTIRE BODY, the unity of the group as a singular presence, AS THOUGH THEY WERE ONE PERSON.  Continually Intend the expansion of consciousness for the group, as a entity of spiritual purpose.  Do this by staying in touch with the group feeling, throughout your body.  Adjust the group state of consciousness upwards, by adjusting the group feeling as it is registered in the body.  Naturally, this is an advanced psychic ability, one that has many subtle details which only the experienced Guide will know how to expertly deal with.  Never the less, even the beginning mediator can perform the function of Guide for the group, so long as they follow the above advice in a literal and simple fashion.  Don’t over-complicate an apparently intricate process.  In truth the Guides’ task is not complicated or even particularly difficult, so long as one cultivates a body-wide awareness.  Only our training in a materialistic society, can make these things seem difficult. 

This is the end of the descriptions of the seven recommended specialist positions, within a group mind.  You are asked to choose one, and be ready to participate in the group mind experience.  This can be done both globally and locally, in the formation of your own groups.  It is first recommended that you practice these focuses and meditations as a preparation for the Great Transformation ahead.

                 At this moment, many different meditational and prayer-centered organizations around the world, are using group focus to bring about global change.  Some meditate for peace, and others pray for the intercession of Divine forces, to place humanity once again on the most progressive course for interpersonal and international relations. Some groups meditate upon creating a coherence of mind, others upon peacefulness and wisdom among our race. Still others use a silence of mind to calm the modern chaos and conflict.  Regardless of  the names of the practices or their spiritual leaders, and regardless of the methods of meditation or prayer, the essential point to realize here is that humanity is awakening out of a 3000-5000 year slumber.  This collective sleep came upon us as we left natural ways and laws.  It has cast a shadow upon all the products of civilization.  Only now is there a significant dawning of the new Age, which is actually the most ancient of all knowledge and practices, at its foundation.

What is being realized is that there is a higher order in the universe than that imposed by martial regulation, and a higher law than the edicts of courts or judges.  This law is higher because it is the very source for human existence, as well as all of life itself.  The highest law of all is structured by natural and spiritual design. The greatest means for success in life is through natural and spiritual principles.  Natural laws and spiritual principles are in essence one in the same thing.  They are both ways of referring to the Cosmic Order we must all obey or suffer the consequences of wrong Intent..  There are a great many among us today, who are realizing that the unity of Intent, of effort and focused determination, are exactly what is needed at this moment in history.  Very soon,  the days of individual and competitive effort alone, will be considered obsolete and even primitive.  True social progress will in the near future, be defined as progressive and mutual spirituality.  This unity of spiritual focus will render the sweetest fruits that humanity has ever known, in the form of compassionate relations, dynamic community living, the sharing of resources, and the recognition of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of all people, in all places upon the globe. All of this will take place through one singular means, and this is the elevation of consciousness, at a grass-roots level in society.  Groups around the world dedicated to the expansion of consciousness, are the very sparks which will ignite the spiritual fire of global illumination.   

            Natural and spiritual laws tell us that the purpose of life is growth, change and constant evolution. Humanity is still very much in the midst of this evolutionary process.  We are growing and becoming more than we ever were, or at least this is the human potential.  Our brain capacity and consciousness is such, that we have the option to choose the path of living we are to collectively take.  But this capacity for free will comes with a price.  It is ours to choose, yet we must choose wisely or suffer extinction.  There are a broad range of possibilities and actions open to us within the parameters of natural law.  But outside of these parameters we may not stray for long, because the Universe has organized purpose, and we may not defy this purpose indefinitely. This means that free will is not the whole equation of human mental capacity.  We must be more than merely intelligent, we must also be wise.  Wisdom is none other than the application of truth in ones’ life.  The greater the application, the greater is the wisdom.  Wisdom tends to be the bi-product of natural living, since nature operates directly upon Truth.   In our free will, the acquisition of natural wisdom is necessary so that we may make the choices which sustain all life, and not just the benefit of a few.

  When we follow the natural design, the choices we make are evolutionary.  This means that our decisions result in the inner and outer growth of the human being, as conscious members of inter-galactic citizenship. When we adopt natural and spiritual laws as our guiding system of living, it is then that the whole universe becomes the place of human creation and contribution. 

The natural law that is the group mind principle, (and the spiritual knowledge which relates to it) is a direct means whereby we can take part, in the formation of a new world.  In this world the very concept of human limitation and self destruction will be shattered.  Todays’ miracles will become tomorrows’ every-day occurrences, if we will only remain true to what our own souls already know.  If we will only follow the ways of nature and participate in evolution rather than seeking to avoid it, then the true wisdom of the human spirit will finally come into full bloom.  The following is a vision of such a world, which all of us can help bring about through group Intention; 


Increasingly, there are those who are appearing from the ranks of the old-world order, those with a fresh vision of life.  Individuals are spontaneously arising, (as well as those inspired by organized means) with revolutionary, yet ancient knowledge. These individuals will and are, acting as the Guides for higher consciousness, within a materialistic society.  They will create a world movement based upon an embrace of universal spirituality, instead of specific governments, philosophies or religions.  This world movement will progressively recognize the deeper values and qualities of life itself.  

The true identity of human beings as conscious souls in bodies, rather than as citizens of countries, will become the standard “political” position.  The progressively inclined will increasingly crave and align with natural ways, and find this to be a very real source for spiritual regeneration.  In so doing many will gain what will be regarded as mental and spiritual powers, including expanded perceptions, psychic manifestations, enhanced intelligence and wisdom.  These important qualities will enable them to guide the new progressive trend of humanity, into an enlightened age.  This new era will be marked by a knowing of God in Nature, and a respect for right living as governed by spiritual, scientific and natural principles.  All of these areas will be viewed as one in the same study or practice.  Thus science, based on nature and Natural Law will be more fully understood through the wise focus of spirituality.  Scientific principles will be the means to the spiritual for many, having been motivated by the Cosmic impulse to understand.   Spirituality will in turn be more fully understood and embodied through scientific areas of understanding.  It will find progressive manifestation through the catalyst of scientific tools  and concepts.  Many with a scientific focus will turn to spirituality to complete their understanding of reality.

            During this time the progressive element of humanity will find ways of living which maintain inner strength.  To some degree, this group will wait for the time when their voice and way of living may be more clearly heard, at which point they will openly advocate progressive measures for the further evolution of humanity.  Many will band together especially in natural areas, forming communities of like mind, with some of these existing successfully even in large cities, (as some do now).  Spiritual practices of all kinds for the improvement of the body, mind and spirit will flourish among them.  The widespread use of herbs, natural foods, and alternative technologies will also sustain those who are progressive and natural.  They will and do have, the support of Earth consciousness in general. 

            Then, there will come a phenomena of consciousness that is rarely attained easily by any planet, or any other life supporting body. Human consciousness will reach a planetary threshold, whereby the constituent minds of the world will collectively and simultaneously shift.  This is a process that resembles the flash point of fire suddenly crossed.  This flash point is usually catalyzed by one or more among an intelligent race, typically at various points around a world, whose personal consciousness reaches a stage when it suddenly radiates a powerful and progressive Intent of a very high vibration.  Such a state of being is the result of dedicated Spiritual focus, an alignment with the Will of God/Nature, and the subsequent channeling of Divine Intent into the environment, for the benefit of all.  The spiritual spark thus created by advanced souls, ignites the realization of a great many more, elevating their consciousness resonantly. 

            Evolutionary emanations travel outward from spiritual group minds and Masters, like the waves caused when stones are thrown into a pond.  This “pond” is the World Mind, also called “the collective unconscious” of global human society. To make a global “flash-point shift” more probable, there must exist those in the World Mind who have attained a certain minimum threshold of self realization themselves.  This will allow them to be sufficiently receptive to the emanations of consciousness-pioneering groups and individuals. Because of their receptivity, (and also because of the very compelling nature of the high vibration/Intent sent forth) the people first affected will then embody this Intent themselves. [This process is nearly identical to the Master/disciple conversion process, such as that found in the case of Christ and Buddha.]  They will feel compelled to spontaneously enter states of love and realization, though many may not realize why this is so.  This will amplify and expand the original impulse sent by the few who Understand.  Larger and larger portions of the population will resonate with and radiate, high vibrations and Intent, (love and spiritual motivation).  The flash point phenomena will continue to expand over the entire population of the world, in ever widening circles of influence.  In a very short time, the Worldmind will be transformed and elevated in its level of consciousness, after a certain critical mass or percentage of the population is converted to high(er) Intentions. The raising of world consciousness may therefore be catalyzed, by those who understand the principles of natural law which can accomplish such an act.           

A shift in the Planetary Mind of this type, will be strongly felt by every living being.   It will similarly render effects upon all planetary matter and Energy in the form of emanated waves of effect.  A flash point phenomena such as this will also result in off-world effects, extending outward into space like a radiating light.  The Earth would become a literal spiritual source, a psychic sun of high vibration and Intent, shining brightly on subtle realms. Such a planetary event would be a primary culmination of Earth consciousness, in Self Realization.  This is an ultimate aim of all group minds in the universe, in Unity.  It is the primary fulfillment for human existence, and for the whole process of evolution… 

Matthew Webb

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