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God is the lover and the beloved at the same time. He loves the devotee and is the beloved of the latter. God's love is equally spread over all. It is only those, who love God, who are aware of the love of God. God is not partial to any one, but those who pray to Him feel His Grace. It is the sincere prayer of the devotee that brings about the materialization of the Grace of God.

                                                                ____Swami Sivananda

 Prayer is surrendering oneself to God completely.

Prayer is making friendship with God.

                                                                  ____Divine Rays

 Realize that He, the infinite power within you, guides you, controls you and actuates you to do all things, at all times. Rise above conditioned conception of things that is to say; rise above the Gunas and Dwandwas.

                                                 ____The Mountain Path

 Believe in the divine possibilities. Completely dedicate yourself to the Lord. Have full trust in Him. Rest in peace. All cares, worries, anxieties, tribulations and egoistic efforts will terminate. Imperfection, defects and weakness, even of a serious kind are no bar to spiritual progress. They can be removed through the grace of the Lord.

                                                ___Swami Sivananda

 Worship God with the flowers of purity, self-restraint, humility, wisdom and devotion. Let pure thoughts of God become the rosary of your mind.

                                                 ___Swami Sivananda

  Goodness makes life a blessing. Goodness will bring sure success and prosperity. To be good is human. To be good is divine. 

                                                ____Swami Sivananda

   If the pride of spirituality enters your head, woe unto you. It is the most awful bondage that ever existed. Neither can wealth nor any other bondage of the human heart bind the soul so much as this. "I am purer than others", is the most awful idea that can enter into the human heart. In what sense are you pure? The God in you is the God in all. If you have not known this, you have known nothing. How can there be difference? It is all One. Every being is the temple of the Most High. If you can see that, well, if not, spirituality has yet to come to you.

                                                 ____Swami Vivekananda

 Life is a great pilgrimage. Do not stray away. March direct to the goal. That goal is God-realization. Awake, Arise, Purify and Meditate.

                                                   _____Swami Sivananda

  THE DIVINE NAME: No one obtains liberation without the Name of the Lord. Your highest duty is to repeat His Name always. Name is the greatest treasure of treasures. The greatest of sinners can attain God-realization through the blessings of the Name. Meditate on God's Name with the belief that the Name and the Named (God) are identical. The Name of God is the most potent, unfailing tonic, sure panacea and sovereign specific.

                                                  ____Swami Sivananda

  CART BEFORE THE HORSE: Selfless service is the greatest purifying force on earth. It is through such service that, the preparatory purification is wrought, so vitally and indispensably essential for the experience of a wider consciousness and a higher life. All endeavor to attain perfection and obtain bliss is bound to be futile and abortive, if it is not based on the sound foundation of ethical development and moral stability. These latter are to be acquired mainly through a period of earnest and whole-hearted service in some form or other. This forms the melting process to the base ore of the egoistic self in man. It is a process absolutely necessary for the emergence of the pure gold of progress, peace and joy in life. To fancy oneself fit for meditation and seclusion from the start is to put the cart before the horse. 

                                                     ____ Swami Sivananda

  You won't find God anywhere unless you find Him within. Find Him within, and you shall find Him without, everywhere. If you find Him in the temple of your soul, you find Him enshrined in all temples and churches, and in all souls. 

                                                    ___ Self Realization  



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