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Headless: The Eucharist and Headlessness: on Zen and the Catholic Mass

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The Eucharist and Headlessness

By Hymie Wyse

The Christian Eucharist, when contemplated from within, is an exercise in "Headlessness". How this is so is shown below.

1. The Mass begins with Presence - of priest and people - gathering to worship.

Being present here and now as First Person Singular - experience of wide open Space, Capacity, Emptiness (full of everything, everyone). Here in this Void (above the shoulder line) is a sacred Presence, always sacred, always present.

2. The priest and people recall their inattentiveness in thought, word and deed.

Being present in this Vacancy here and now, corrects any moments of a-voidance.

3. The priest and people petition for mercy, the One who Understands, Knows, Loves.

Here at zero in this Vacancy, this Emptiness, is the Place of Pure Understanding, Knowing, Loving… being the Place where everything, everyone, is as it is.

4. The priest and people listen to the readings.

Here in this Emptiness a great Listening takes place, since here is the Source of every sound. This listening is the Spirit.

5. The priest and people stand for the God-spel (ie the Good News.)

Here in this Emptiness, the Void, this Space, this Capacity, there is space for everyone and everything… without thoughts, feelings, beyond mind, beyond language in a silence that speaks to the Heart. A Silence that speaks without words. What Good News is here!

6. The priest and people offer bread and wine.

Here, right where I Am this moment, the offering and the one offering, are ONE. Here is the centre of the Universe. No one is excluded. Everyone is present. Nothing can be offered which hasn't been received. Here the Given is the Gift, and the Gift is the Given.

7. The priest consecrates the Bread and Wine which become Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. This is a very sacred moment.

Here at Zero, First Person Singular, in this Emptiness, in this Void, in the Headlessness, this mind-less space, here too a consecration takes place, that is, every minute particle in the world, every grain of sand, every stone, every leaf, every drop of water, every animal, every human being is made sacred at the point, right here, of this Emptiness which contains Everything.

8. The priest and people reach the moment of communion. They eat and drink.

Here too, a great Comm-union is taking place right now as I write, right now as you read these words; here we are all ONE. Although I write these words on a page, I am conscious of being merely the scribe. Down there is the page and the moving hand. Up here at Zero is a great wide Space. As you read these lines, you are aware of the One who is really reading, the One at the Centre.

9. The Mass ends with a Blessing and the people depart.

Here, at Zero, in the Void, is the greatest Blessing. Here, no one need ever depart. Here the view is wonder-full. Here, you are the View.

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