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Project Unification: The Unity of Creator and Creation explained biologically

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The universal existence and the relation between the Creator and the created and oneness of the whole system can be explained by analyzing a biological system.

All life originate by the union of two pairs of information, one of them is dominant the other is recessive. These information exist in a cell or a body. One of the information unit sacrifices its body as it enters the body of the other.  The information then creates a new body based on union of these informations. The development of new body occurs by division of one whole into left and right parts in space from the center. 

Important things to be noted: 

1] When this division takes place the cells are predetermined. 

2] The act of determination has taken in the union of the two cells 

3] This determination is based on the past  life. 

4] The separation then takes place with a purpose. 

No system design could be complete unless we solve the secret of this design.


1] In spite of the fact the two cells formed take the information from the root there is a positional difference between the Creator pair and the Created. 

2] The Creator lies at the center. It is the spirit of the creator that exist at the center which directs the whole process of separation and differentiation. It is the wave that causes the expansion

3] The created takes position to the left or the right of the created. The creator being at the center has complete vision of the whole and can perceive every minute changes any where in the created field. However, the created is limited by his position and is helpless to perceive the Creator and the whole. All the created systems thus becomes relative to the Central Pair. Central Pair in contrast is relative to it self.  

4] The center  which controls the differentiation and growth is spirit not matter.


Our Mind or spirit  simply form the part of the whole and lies in one side. By its ignorance of the whole, our mind sets out to conquer the opposite. Like a dog trying to catch its tail It gets lost  in a vortex that leads to death. A true system design cannot be developed by such a mind. A true system design is a secret that exist with the mind that exist in the center. It reveals to a mind that transform through this center. This center is beyond the reach of a mind that has a conquering motive.  Neither science that sets an objective, nor any one who is bonded to any religion can reach this center. It can only be approached with emptiness, by a mind that is free. It can only be reached when the mind seek truth from the field consciousness.


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The Spirit and Flesh Avalon Web Directory of Oneness:

An alternative internet directory at spiritandflesh.com