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Primordality: Quantum oneness and the illusion of space, time, motion, and form

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The Synthesis of Existence into Classical Reality
by Michael Spirit

                 We do not directly see Existence as it is, as we see a translated picture arranged through the molecules of our brain that we infer as Space, Time, Motion, Shape and Form. To get a sense of this, place a small object in front of you and then will it to move. It doesn’t move. The reason that it doesn’t move is because it is not where you think it is. You are directing your will towards an “object” that is only a representation, an image on the “projection screen” of your brain. You look at it and say, “There it is – out there – in front of me”, but how are you looking? The out there is an illusion …a picture that you have constructed within your own mind of the impulses generated by the Inertial Totality/“Environment” that you are undivided from. You have made of this “code” a cerebral image that you can make sense of, that takes the form of “Distances”, “Time Spans”, “Velocities” and “Dimensionality” – but that is only your neurological interpretation. You are not directing your will towards the object itself, only at an image that you have constructed of it. Now lift your hand. It does move. That is because you are not willing an image to move. You did not have to look at your hand to move it. In this case you moved the actual “object”. Now look at your hand and will it to move. It does not move because you are not directly applying your will to it.

                We can see the subtlety of this exercise. Part of your Consciousness, which is undivided from the Totality of Inertia/Consciousness that Existence is, lies between your hand and your brain and the will that causes your hand to move acts directly and instantaneously upon itself and then you see the reconstructed image of your hand “moving” through neurological time and space. You cannot will your hand to move by willing the image of it …as the image is not your hand. And of course, at the perceptual level of our Classical, Neurological World Reality, it is true that the pathway for your Consciousness to act upon your hand runs from your cerebral cortex, (a construct of Inertia/Consciousness), down through the nerve fibers between it and your hand, (more constructs of Inertia/Consciousness), but this is the way in which your Localized Consciousness has created a perceptual path for itself, (a path that is convenient through the illusions of your body), to act upon itself …based upon your cerebral interpretation of synthesized reality. Moreover, if you reach out and touch that small object in front of you, you can now move it because you are acting on the level of reality that you are accustomed to. Your Consciousness has set up a series of images that it can conveniently work through in a cerebral reality, which allows through illusion, one image – your hand – to move another image – the small object. But the actual hidden process of what is really going on is that your Consciousness, undivided from that small object, (and undivided from the Totality of all of Consciousness), is communicating with itself, (an undivided interaction between you and the small object as an extension of your Consciousness), that in your “cerebral vision” causes that small object to move via your hand …because your “vision” is through a cerebral reconstruction of the event. (You must ask yourself: “Why can I move my hand and not the object without touching it?” The answer will come back: “I am attached to my hand”. Your notion of being “attached” is your notion of the instantaneous reality of your Consciousness at the Quantum level, where Space and Time does not exist). 

               And at the Quantum level you are also attached to the small object, but because you perceive indirectly through your body and brain, through a cerebral reconstruction of events, your direct instantaneous attachment to it is perceptually interrupted and you are convinced that this object is “some distance” from you, but that “distance” is only a projected image on your “cerebral view screen”. “Distance” is only a cerebral representation of our inability to immediately affect an object through conventional neural function. Think of it this way; “distance” is a distinct aspect of the difference between objects, an aspect like color, shape or texture ...and each of these are neurological interpretations of a deeper reality …and because neurological interpretations are interruptions of direct experience, “distance” is therefore also a representation of coded perception – of synthesized experience …and that is what “space” is.

               The Totality of “Existence as it is”, Primary Consciousness, has constructed of itself “Neural Perceptors”, (such as you and I and other life forms), that enable it to experience itself in an analytical way, as a furtherance of its attempt to answer the question of its own existence, (to seek equilibrium within itself). Hence our gray matter is constructed to operate at the “classical level of reality” and our notion of “distance” as a physically structured neurological adaptation, enables us to function within such a reality in a systematic, analytical way, (If an “object” is “here” or “there”, we can do “this” or “that”). This does not mean that our perception of “distance” does not represent a true condition, but that condition is not what we think it is, as it is an enfoldment of Consciousness whose qualities we perceive and translate in a restricted way, and ultimately at the Quantum level is actually a perspective by Primary Consciousness of an undivided aspect of itself.

                If you could perceive at this “Quantum” level, that small object in front of you would appear as a matrix of vibrational “thought”, as interactive perspectives of the Wholeness of Being, from which your own thought is undivided. Notions of “cerebral cortex and nerve fiber pathways” would be meaningless, as your direct connection, at this perceptual level, would manifest as instantaneous effect! 

                If you could bypass the “synthesizer” of your senses and brain, even in a limited way, you would at once realize your undividedness from all things.

                Simply, the cause of existence is within you and the same cause is within the object in front of you, but because the cause is differentiated through its own self-encounter, the phenomenon that is you and the phenomenon that is the object are different, but still undivided. At the root level however, the “cause” is the same. Your body/brain is a construct of Primary Consciousness, an enfoldment of the Totality of Consciousness that you perceive as the environment surrounding you that the small object is also a part of. Thus your body and brain are an interrupting interface, (a device that Primary Consciousness has constructed of itself that it may, in a special but limited way, perceive through), that polarizes the Wholeness/Instantaneity of Primary Consciousness into a duality, and then a multiplicity of perceptions and interactions, all thoughts of a singular mind in multiple levels of introspection. The small object to be moved and the hand that would move it, both of which are part of your Consciousness, must reach an “agreement”, have already “agreed” before you are neurologically aware …absent of Time and Space – and then it “moves” according to your cerebral reconstruction of a synthesized “event”.

               Let us address the phenomenon of Electron Twins: Though they be “light years apart”, when one is caused to spin left the other is instantly caused to spin right. The agreement between them is absent of Time and Space …absent of synthesized reality. That which we perceive as the speed of light and all other speeds below, is the complication, the enfoldment, the interpenetration and reciprocity of the instantaneity of a deeper reality …the intermix of the thoughts of a Unified Mind. And we perceive these interpolarizations of foundational reality as modifications of its instantaneity ...as Matter, Energy, Velocity, Space and Time …each through our own unique perspective. All “Velocities” therefore are translations of the action/experience by the instantaneity/ simultaneity of Inertia upon itself. A Wholeness is always instantaneous/simultaneous to itself, always attached to itself, but sentient parts of the Wholeness, (such as we), must interpret the Wholeness through its, (and our own), convolutions and thus perceive it sequentially …over “Time” and through “Space”.

              So Existence is not what imagine it to be, as we synthetically reconstruct it and then “look” through the synthesis and believe this to be real …which it is, but only on a cerebral level. We therefore live in a world of illusion, a “neurological” reality that only partly reveals the nature of Existence to us.

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