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Alchemy, individuation, squaring the circle, the diamond body, and wholeness

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



The intent behind alchemy and the alchemical work is personal individuation, which is wholeness. In order to attain wholeness, it is said, one must square the circle. This is a tricky business. To square the circle is to become the four directions- up, down, in, and out; or, spirit, body, soul, and 'other'. Like the carbon atom- the chemical substratum and symbolic vibration of our essence- we have four places from which to build a molecule. How we use these four quarters begets the molecule we live within- and the entire existence that we are. We grow like crystals from an invisible seed, and express our true nature out into what we conventionally call the external. We are our world.[1]

To truly be whole we must serve the four primary constituents of our wholeness: inner, outer, above, and below. If we serve only the inner we cut ourselves off from life, and we become lonely, loveless hermits; if we serve only the outer we become bitter, soulless phantoms; if we serve only the below- the flesh and the earth- we become moribund matter; and if we serve only the above- the spirit and God-consciousness- we become disembodied spirits, adrift in an unreal world.

To get too focused in one direction is to end up walking in circles, instead of being a circle.

To square the circle is to be the circle of self, detached and yet intimate with the square world. To square the circle is to complete your specified perfection for this life. This means you are free.

            To square the circle is to see equally in the four directions, and so to be whole, a sphere- a circled square.

Every part of the quaternity has equal representation. All aspects are included at every moment, for inner, outer, spirit, and flesh are one.

To find a new equilibrium where inner, outer, above, and below are balanced and in harmony, is to be One. To be the empty center of this one is to be all.

To be all is to be a devil of oneness which has come to destroy the parts; oneness is destructive to the parts- to all that differentiates itself from the whole, unless that 'differentness' arises as a devotional expression of the unified glory. For all that does not acknowledge, bless, or support this fusion into oneness must either be assimilated or trimmed off and melted away. That is the apocalypse of oneness.

            The viscous flame of oneness comes burning away all division of spirit and flesh, and the diamond body becomes the eternal fuel of this emancipative, destructive union.

To look upward, outward, inward, and down, is to take up the cross of life; this is to look towards heaven, towards others, into yourself, and down into the body, and so to become the ever-crucified Christ which pulls all separate realms into one. To avoid any one of these is to become out of balance, to totter, and to fall.

When you merge male and female, a whole new pattern is created. When you merge good and evil, there is neither good nor evil, but instead a kaleidoscopic, checkered wholeness. Merge all four and you get an indestructible, eternal, royal sphere.

            Nothing is excluded but all is transformed in this convergence within; it is this nuclear fusion of opposites which creates the new radiance within. The spirit becomes substantial- it becomes substance, and is now a radiant inner crystal, a glowing ball of inclusive continuity. This is the diamond body.[2]

This diamond body is stillness. Stillness is a detached, unshakeable inner peace which cannot be moved by the tremors of the external. This stillness is an inner peace which radiates the same peace outward, becoming an apocalyptic stillness that unites the external and internal in the very same substratum of the oceanic depths of Self, now contiguous with the thrashing waves of manifestation, and yet different also. This is to find yourself in a different room in the exact same house. A big, stone, unexpected, glorious room. The inner sanctum. Stillness.

To be in your inner sanctum is to feel and behave as you would if alone, though while amongst others; to be that immoveable, that untroubled, that unflappably detached stillness; a living, thriving, eternal, indifferent stillness.

Nothing will bring you this inner peace, but this inner peace will bring you everything. This inner peace is the ocean beyond the river of life. To become that peace is to leap over the river. On the other side of the chaotic show is the laughing director. Cross over.

            To cross over, there can be nothing left but God. There can be no you, no me, no things, no thoughts, nothing, for all must be God. One.

When you enter into God within, everything becomes God. All of it. Inside and out. One. God.

Now Shiva and Shakti, Christ and Mary, Male and Female, Space and Form, good and evil, without and within, subtle and gross, all dualities are one Self, which is God.

            Beyond judgment, beyond choice, beyond duality, beyond limitation, beyond form, beyond idea, beyond dogma, beyond separation, beyond relation, beyond reaction, beyond all that was, is, or will be, lies the great ocean of undifferentiated consciousness. When that nothingness spills out into somethingness- when the impersonal overtakes the personal, when nobodiness erases somebodiness- it is then that the discarnate emerges out of the incarnate, and the eternal self lives through the ephemeral form.

It is only when all opposites unite that this emptiness can occur unbroken- when self is both male and female, good and bad, inside and out; when love and rage, passion and dispassion, attachment and detachment coexist dynamically within the empty, living vessel.

            To receive the King's crown is to have the Father's consciousness descend upon the Mother's subtle body through you.

            To cross over means to die from separation altogether, to know, to be, and to see God in and as and of everything. One. Everything that is and is not, everything visible and invisible- all of it is one, and it is God. And if you place yourself outside of this One, this Godness, you will not cross over, because to cross over is to dissolve into the one God that is everything. To cross over is to evaporate into God, to etherealize your entire being into the vibration of eternity, to go down into and take upon yourself the whole world without going mad from sorrow or fear, and so to become it all, and so to transform it all. Amen.


[1]  "As above, so below" stated the father of alchemy, Hermes Trismegistus. With all due respect, I announce a new advaita- a more contemporary, non-dual, alchemical axiom: "Above is below."



[2] The modern mystic and potential incarnate of Krishna, Jiddu Krishnamurti, often spoke of the body changing at the cellular level when one attained to the great awakening. This is the enlightenment of the body, which has nothing to do with mental activity or acumen. The Diamond Body is the flesh transfigured by the light of the Godself. It is not a product of wisdom, but of grace.




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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas