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Christ (Issa) and Sophia: union of spirit and flesh: alchemy of ascension

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



           This is when Sophia rises to meet the Christ descending, and the individual who has spawned their union becomes the living bridal chamber.

Sophia is the flesh awoken, the metamorphosis, infinity come into the finite flesh, which is the transfiguration of the flesh into infinitude.

Matter is the body of Christ, Sophia is the blood.

            The bridegroom is the one made of two- the Sophia, female soul, and the Christ, male spirit.

The marriage creates a wholly new one, born out of the two. The Union of above and below has been accomplished.

To unify the spirit and soul, Christ and Mary, Issa and Sophia within you, is to link the above with the below, and create a whole new universe. One hole, one whole, one new universe.

To embody infinity is to be subtle and sensual, empty and full, spirit and matter, distance and love, equanimity and orgasm, which is to incarnate your subtle Sophia eternity into your orgasmic Christ flesh.

The female, Mother Goddess, risen through the individual, becomes Sophia, the Holy Ghost. Thus the sacred trinity composed of the Father- attained through the Christ- the Son- the individuated individual- and the Holy Ghost, Sophia- is completed.

Sophia is the Holy Ghost of the trinity.


It is only by being a wife-self, that I unite my flesh to my husband self, the Christ.

I must ever be focusing my consciousness on Christ above, and Sophia below- on spirit and soul- until there is neither above nor below, so as to continually wed them within me, as me.[1]

This is the Great Self I AM. The impersonal all self. The quintessence, the common denominator, the profound within the mundane.

Christ is the external come in, Sophia is the body come out. In and out exchange places. And the greater sum of the two, is one.

To become the Sophia of your Christ self is to liberate Her and raise Her up from the unconsciousness of matter, into the consciousness of spirit. To liberate Her is to liberate yourself, because you are Her.

            This is to emerge from the house of the Mother and Father, and so to live inside the energy of your own creation.

            To become the union of Sophia and Christ, is to incarnate the now free energy of the Goddess back into matter. This is to cross over, and then to cross back.[2]

            To cross back over from the separated self into the Ocean of God, is to be in the calm depths of union, while the surface rages on.

In this way the soul trapped in matter is released; the Mother becomes the free Goddess. Hence the Mother is no longer only matter. She has risen to Psyche. [3]

            Matter has been alchemically transmuted into spirit.[4]


            It is interesting to look back now on my rejection of the Mother in Calcutta, and my re-bonding with Her in Goa. Through this process of rejection and assimilation I have come to realize that we must indeed break free from the bounds of the Mother, so as to enter into the great space of being which has no boundaries. However, it is only because we can never really escape the Mother- because we are the Mother- that in fact when we do escape from Her, we actually escape with Her.

            In fact, if truth be known, I was liberated from the Mother by the Mother herself. I was lifted out of the quagmire by the risen Mother herself. I lifted Her, and then was lifted by Her.

As the Mother rose up to the entirety of the Goddess, she came down upon me like a great cobra, and hauled me out of the hold She had put on me.[5] In doing so I could hear myself, as Her, say: "I am the Lady of Compassion. In my compassion I set myself free. In my wrath I defend that freedom. I am love. And I am fire. I am the Mother. And I am free. In my release from being, due to an unexpected form of detached compassion, I shed the light that is and is not mine."

            When you become the trinity- Spirit, Soul, and Body- duality is over. You are home. You are the home. You now express the external, rather than being an expression of the external. That is creation. I am that.

From spirit I am born into flesh. From flesh I am born into spirit. This is the perfection of the new flowing now moment which eternally is.

Renaissance in all things.

Om, baby!



[1] For further reading on Sophia, I highly recommend the following books: The Wedding of Sophia, by Jeffrey Raff, The Coming of the Feminine Christ, by Niamh Clune, and Freeing the Feminine, by Elspeth and Gordon Strachan.

[2] "It rises from Earth to Heaven, and descends again to Earth, thereby combining within itself the powers of both the Above and the Below." Hermes Trismegistus (fourth rubric from The Emerald Tablet). Long before reading this passage, I had a dream in which I was on a rocketship with a woman whom I had known earlier in life, and who signified in the dream my androgynous self. In the dream we had launched off of the earth and were breaking through the stratosphere when the rocketship exploded and we tumbled back to earth but did not die. At that point a voice in the dream declared that this was an incredibly important event. When I awoke I had no idea what the dream meant. Only later, as I learned about the importance of the spirit descending to earth did I realize what that dream portended.

[3] In Greek mythology Psyche is female. The Greeks had recognized the female nature of this risen consciousness.

[4] "Nature is not matter only, she is also spirit." Carl Jung

[5] In ancient Egypt the great Mother was worshipped as a Cobra Goddess.


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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

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