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Divine intervention: Guidance and assistance from God: becoming saints and masters

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



            Indeed it may be a traumatic event to be born human. But I believe that the only person who will suffer in confusion and despair for lack of assistance is the one who does not ask for help.

            I have asked many times. Oh, I have beseeched. I have prayed. I have pleaded. I have moaned for direction and succor. And I have also cursed and rebelled and stormed about in abject disgust. I have rambled and roamed unbridled at times like a madman. So be it.

            We are all growing and learning. And we can choose to do this on our own rock island of isolation and inertia, or we can sink our roots deep into the waters of the Goddess, and we can raise our limbs into the limitless light of God. And through the ever-available assistance of these, our divine parents, as well as the guiding spirits of the immortals who have gone before us- the living spirits of those who have passed bodily from this plane but who continue to hang around and assist others towards each individual's emancipation from limitation- we can turn and face our challenges. We need only have the humility to listen and learn, and the inner force to fuel the divine, transfiguring burn.


This realm is created, supported, and guided by the Mother and Father forces who parent this world as it evolves. But just as a child often has great inner tribulations and outward conflict as he or she matures within the parental home, so also do we often find discontent and annoyance at the stage just prior to our own spiritual individuation. But then, finally breaking away into the freedom of our true, eternal self, we leave our parental home. Only then can we develop a new love, thankfulness, and respect for all that had been vouchsafed to us by our invisible elders.

            Then as we each grow into a consciousness which expands beyond this realm, we can look back with gratitude and love towards the Mother and Father, who have given all to us on our journey here.

            And so 'liberation' is not similar to escaping from prison, but rather of becoming independent for the very first time, and therefore of no longer dwelling under the psychic roof of your upbringing. This is a liberation which frees one from this realm consciously and energetically; and yet one remains here still, out of choice, due to the heart's love and gratitude for one's parents, as well as compassion for all the siblings still growing in this mysterious, marvelous home.


            I see now why many saints and masters of the past have declared that it does not matter to which God we are devoted, for all Gods are the same God, and therefore the only important thing is to be devoted. To be 'in devotion' is to never remove your mind or body from the Presence of God the Father and God the Mother; it is to lose yourself into that communion, to become that union, to be the Divine spirit united with the Divine soul- God and Goddess- the two who are now one. The one who is the child of the two. Union.

            This is devotion because all of this has been given to us by God. The Father and the Mother have given us what we have, and what we have is the union of Heaven and Earth.

The spirit is the substratum of the upper trinity, and the soul is the substratum of the lower, and both are essential for the birth of cosmic wholeness.

In this sense the only real birth is the God-union within a person- the Mother and Father becoming one within the child- where the Mother is a bottomless ocean, the Father is a limitless sky, and the child is the bridge in between.

            The Christ is the one within us who is this bridge between the Father and Mother. The Christ is the I within who is connected to God; the Son or Daughter of the Mother and Father brings God down into being, and brings Goddess up into non-being.

When these two consciousnesses are assimilated, one becomes everything.

The eternal self is then non-existent within existence, and the eternal form is existent within non-existence.

To become the two in the one is to be the one which is both inner and outer, above and below, spirit and flesh, male and female, subtle and actual, passionate and dispassionate, ecstatic and still. Om, baby!


excerpted from:

visionary art, acrylic painting, Lilith, Sophia Goddess, author Jack Haas India



OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas