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God union, booze, ganga, inner madman, libertarianism, madness, and spiritual liberation

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 




I am the outcome of the Father and Mother- the aspects of the God and Goddess which I have brought together.

I came out of creation to the extent that I trusted the Mother and Father in union, to be in control. I fell into it to the extent that I had fear. I became creation to the extent that I accepted an autonomous consciousness and existence called me; an eternal aspect of eternity.

            I came out as a novel expression born of the eternal, divine union. And then I become eternal myself. For I am now both Father and Mother, so I can also pro-create.

            The spiritual pioneer does not simply enter uncharted realms, he or she creates new realms. To mix the ether of your risen consciousness into the vibration of all that is is to raise the entire world up a notch.

            As for myself, I had to eventually give up all drinking and drugs, because the lower, grosser vibration of these catalysts became a veiling cloud which all but obliterated the subtle presence.


To be sure I had drunk my share of booze, and smoked my quota of ganga during the early period of my life of wandering and wildness. And at that time it was the right thing to do. It was fantastic and necessary in order to let my inner Dionysian spirit loose upon this confining paradigm. I had to release the entire historical energy and pattern which held me, and I had to do it with rage and rapture. Only in this way could I learn to live with the historical archetypes and forces, while yet moving forever into novelty, and so never repeating a single action or thought, but breaking the bonds of habit and unconsciousness and so to birth a consciousness which had never before occurred.

The archaic cosmic forces within tried to control me, but it didn't work. I became a madman. And no one can control a madman.

Distinct but not separate, I am a new color on the infinite canvas of being. Distinct but not separate, I am a specific flavor in the banquet of eternity. Distinct but not separate, I am a unique voice in the celestial chorus. Distinct but not separate, I am an inimitable Tree of Life in the forest of Mystery. Distinct but not separate, I am an inextinguishable spirit, a timeless soul, a recognizable force in the commingling oneness of multiplicity. A novel miracle amidst limitless miracles, a unique, imperishable precious alloy smelted from baser metals.


I state such things in such a way because there is no linear, prosaic means for describing the indescribable; there is no way to bleed reason out of what is beyond meaning.

Everything I have written here describes as best I can the journey my own soul has taken through this unpredictable and often troubling existence. I have done my best to relate obscure experiences which have led me into the greater awareness of my eternal being, for I believe it is important to express ourselves when we feel compelled, and I have felt compelled.

            If I have erred in my attempts to relate experiences and processes which I have met with in this life, it is because I could do nothing if fear of error was my modus operandi. I do not fear error. I do my best to avoid it, but in the kaleidoscopic effulgence of our enigmatic complexity I must use words to relate sublime events, and words are of the mind, and the mind is an imperfect instrument to use when exploring the absolute.

            To take upon such a confounding study one needs a much more attuned, much more exacting, much more absolute implement indeed. One needs a body. That is why we are here, incarnate, so that the flesh may pass judgment upon all that the mind says is true or untrue.



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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas