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Philosopher's stone, mystery, enlightenment, Maya, innocence, God, and wonder

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



The philosopher's stone is the disposition, humility, and wisdom which all come when one knows always and without end: "I am still learning, reality is different than I understand it to be, and this is my cognitive sacrifice which invites a higher truth".

            It is only such open innocence which inherently accepts that cognitive enlightenment is a false crutch for cowards who flee the impenetrable mystery of Self.

            In alchemical lore it is the innocent fool, and only the fool, who acquires the Grail. May we all be fools.

No one knows what realization is. No one knows true enlightenment. For there is no such thing but to the mind imagining that it can overcome the Mystery. In the final accounting, all of us are ignorant of the what and why of existence. And yet this is one of the most beautiful and freeing things about life- the inexorable mystery of Self, the One, which is God; the great impossibility which nevertheless is.

It is the great arrogance of the little mind to believe that realization is possible- that one can be equal to the mystery. Only an idiot can survive the spiritual cataclysm of God-consciousness.


I was born from innocence into innocence. It was an innocence I lost many times due to the perils of Maya's[1] delusions, and my own inadequate perceptions. And it was an innocence I regained time and again via the apocalyptic flame of forgetting.

In order to forget my non-innocence and return to innocence I had to quit living life as if I knew something, anything.

In this way I have transmuted all of life back into mystery by forgetting self and losing identity. I have dissolved the negative energies of separation, relation, and identity. I have been the fire which burns all division into oneness. I have been the great peace, the great forgetting, the living emptiness, the ubiquitous sponge, the infinite mirror, in, and as, and of the all that I dissolve into the rage of my dangerous love. And we are one.

I do violence to this world with my wonder. Wonder is my destruction of the known world, and the birth of the orgiastic stupor that is the universe.

            I bring the immaculate vision of wonder to all who accept that life is real, that this life is not illusion. That this great glorious mystery is an actuality. For this is the wonder. Amen.


[1] Maya, according to Hindu spirituality, is the name for the power which is both 'creator', and 'entrapping illusion'. Maya is therefore the creator of the illusion which binds us. However, Maya is within, and therefore we are all Maya who creates the illusion which binds us.



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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas