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Techno, trance, and chill music: vibrations of eternity: electronica, music of unity

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas



             Having laid to rest the ancient rhythm which I had been carrying in my very DNA up until Dingle, I suddenly found myself open to, and immersed in, the techno, chillout, and lounge music which was thumping through The Baba. In fact I tuned into it and became one with this modern form of music almost instantly, which is an odd thing, because I had never paid much attention to electronica and its variations. I had thought this form of music was simply an ephemeral fad running through the younger generation who wasted itself on ecstasy and other chemical stimulants while gathering like a herd of lost sheep in all-night raves. But I suddenly realized that this was not the case at all. I suddenly understood that techno chill, dance, and trance music were generating the very rhythm of the new vibration- oneness. It became apparent to me that all other contemporary forms of music were caught in the web of duality, and therefore were expressions of duality; the duality of lover and loved, of good guy and bad guy, of loss and gain; all rock and roll, country, folk, blues, jazz, rap, and, yes, even celtic music, were bound into and expressing duality. But not techno. Oh no. Techno brings with it a whole new paradigm- the paradigm of absolute union.[1]


 I realized then that I had to finish with the old vibration before I could merge with the new. I had to dance duality out of myself like a mad drunkard screaming a final goodbye to his long dead lover. I had to divest myself with violence and anguish from the vibration I had been born into, had grown up with, and of which I had known no alternative until sitting there in The Baba, soaked in the breath of Shiva, with this new rhythm, this new feeling pulsing through every cell and molecule of my soul and body.[2]

            I knew then that a massive consciousness shift was underway, not only for myself, but for all of modern culture, and one of its prominent expressions was the fluid, penetrating, non-dual vibration of electronica.

            As the universe evolves we must all evolve with it. Often this means that the older generation must learn from a younger one. It is in the spirit and openness of youth that new realities emerge most prominently. And therefore it is only by getting rid of all pride of learning and wisdom- neither of which necessarily come with age- that we can look to the younger generations for a clearer vision of the contemporary spirit.

            It is only in the recognition that everything is always new that we can depart intelligently from all that has been. All foundations which are built must be fluid and in constant change or else they will have to crumble; only that which is hard can crumble; what is soft can ooze into new forms and new dimensions. It is this supple quality of our eternal nature which allows us to live through incarnations in one lifetime. And it is the supple quality which allows us to take upon the new vibration. To hold onto an image of ourselves or the world as if these are absolute realities is to carve a graven image of life into the tempestuous ether, which is to face our own destruction.

            To become a fluid aspect of the fluid cosmos is to enter the diaphanous, formless realm which exists eternally in the subtle layer running parallel to the manifest. This is to become the dynamic stillness behind the evolving form.

            It is only through practiced forgetting which begets unelenting novelty that the image of oneself shatters harmoniously into the ether, and one awakens as the undying awareness whose name is nobody and whose image is nothing.

            In that twilight eternity where the shift and pull of humanity twinkles softly around and through the all-permeating Self, we expand into dimensions not exhausted by our pretenses. We become that which is beyond becoming. We arrive at where we always have been. We blossom like flowers formed eternally in the cosmic structure of wonder. We shine like invisible rays cast down upon the dark and tremulous apparitions. We glow like molten energy cascading into the receptive ocean that is also the generative source. We actualize a deathless subtlety which denies the duality of time. We fall away from all that is so as to fall into the archetypical domain. We enter a now that is always beginning and never will end. It is a now that is one. A now that is forever. A now that destroys all that is not now. It is a holocaust of reality which sends the blazing formless wind into form, transfiguring all that is into a viscous cauldron of undivided isness. We have crossed the line, and in doing so we have dissolved the line. Eternity has poured into the vessel of time. And all is new. Om, baby!


[1] After my joyous relationship began with electronica I then remembered that a few months earlier I had been having dreams in which an acquaintance of mine who was a techno DJ had been making appearances. At the time of the dreams I had no idea what he was representing, but now I see that the subconscious was pointing a finger into the distance and trying to tell me something of what lay ahead, for, without my being aware of it, my inner vibration must already have begun changing.

[2] 'Baba' refers to Baba Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu deity who is the son of Shiva and Parvati, and, it is said, is the great initiator of new events and experiences. "How wondrous is the way of God, who appears as an elephant (Ganesha) and activates everything..." Song of Ribhu 1:11



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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas