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Union of good and evil, Hari-Hara, Vishnu and Shiva together: wholeness

excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas 



If God is everything there is, then there is no right or wrong, for all is one and no duality about it. Good and Evil end not because they do not exist, but because they become the same thing.[1]

Just as a battery requires both negative and positive poles in order to produce electricity, which is power, so to the negative and positive- the dark and the light- must exist within the individual and the universe for the proper functioning of the whole. Yin and yang.

However, the concept of good and bad only applies to the world of duality, it does not apply to the non-dual oneness which exists prior to the divisive 'fall' into manifestation.

It is only after the merging occurs of these opposites and a neutral wholeness arises, creating a further dimension of cosmic vision, that one can come to know the true nature of the human drama, which is indeed a drama- an eternal play enacted by eternal characters who somehow have forgotten they are acting.

It is the combined distance and intimacy of this new wholeness which allows the theater of all life to lay itself down before you, showing indisputably that the relative plane of human interaction is but a play, created by, and for, the Godselves which we are. This is the lila- the Divine Play- of life, and is the reason that the great incarnate, Krishna, could on one occasion send Arjuna to the battlefield to slay his own kin, and could at another time disrobe the young female cowherds and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with them, without there being a contradiction in his actions.

            Krishna had stepped outside of karma, outside of separation, outside of good and evil, outside of what we mistakenly call reality, and he lived knowing that all is a play, and that this is why we should play, because all the struggle and strife, the tears and the anguish, are but perfectly choreographed performances to keep us from awakening to the show.

            Krishna understood that no one ever dies, since he knew that we are all immortal, in one way or another, though most of us are asleep in the dream that is the play of our immortal self.

            The entire play, like all plays, is based on attraction and repulsion between the opposites, which is why romance and conflict are great themes in both life and cinema. But when the opposites of male and female, and good and evil, dissolve into a singular homogenous milieu, the whole drama suddenly exposes itself because the play runs out of scenarios. The stream has run its course. All conflict has been resolved. The self has entered the serene abode, the Tao.

In fact, I once had a dream in which I was told the Devil was created in order to counterbalance God. This is so because good and evil are aspects of the same oneness, and therefore they are written into the play to give it some action.

In another of my dreams a few years back, the Father aspect of God dressed me up as a woman, and then in the dream I was forced to enter into a tremendous battle, but at the moment the two opposing armies came directly into vicious combat, the two sides suddenly transmuted into one, and the whole scene became a glorious, theatrical, operatic show. Good and evil, male and female had merged.

            During another dream a cosmic dispensation was poured down upon me, in a way I had not expected, leading me into an awkward realization which had been trying to come into my consciousness for quite some time. It was an odd dream- I dreamt that a friend of mine named Chris was kissing the hairy belly of some unknown man. Then the dream shifted and I had suddenly received a haircut similar to those sported by the Hari Krishna's. I awoke and thought- what an odd and idiotic dream. However, as dreams are almost always symbolic, I began to uncover the hidden meaning of the dream.

            Firstly, I already knew that whenever a person with the name 'Chris' appeared in one of my dreams, this was symbolic of an aspect of Christ. But why was Christ kissing the hairy belly of an unknown man? Admittedly I had no clue at first, although I assumed that he was symbolically pointing something out to me. And indeed, over the next while the understandings were slowly, though persistently, pushed upon me, as if the greater consciousness was saying- look here, since there's little chance you'll figure this one out, we'll give it to you straight, without all the symbolic mumbo jumbo.

            And so I learned, through books on Hindu mythology, that 'Hari' is a popular name for Vishnu, and 'Hara' is a name for Shiva. Now, since 'Hari' is phonetically similar to 'hairy', and 'Hara' is a name for the midsection, or belly, of a person, it was obvious that this dream had nothing to do with a 'hairy belly', but instead a Hairy-Hara, or, Hari-Hara. I then learned that the name Hari-Hara is an infrequently used mythological term representing the amalgamation of Vishnu and Shiva, which is the union of the preserver and the destroyer, the light and the dark. An odd dream to be sure, but it was a significant herald telling me that Christ was symbolically pointing towards the great space beyond good and evil, which comes about from the union of these polarities.[2]

To mix the savior with the destroyer and become Hari-Hara, is to attain to the equilibrium of indifference.

            In the past years of my growth I had experienced a great many 'hero' fantasies in which a violent atrocity was about to take place and I arrived to save the day. However, as my shadow came into consciousness I suddenly realized that the violent attacker was also myself.[3]

Yes, to admit to my own terribleness, to know myself a criminal, was to understand that I was both victimizer and hero, which is the end of both pride and shame. For to be both good and evil, cop and criminal, sage and scoundrel, Eli and Lucifer, Judas and Christ, light and shadow, is to depart from the psychological constraints of dualistic thinking, and to enter a wholly new vibration, a new realm. One.

This is to go beyond the duality of right and wrong, which is to enter the undivided unity of beingness. This is to stop eating of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil- of correct and incorrect- and to begin again to eat from the Tree of Life, which is to return to the event at the moment of its God-issuance, prior to the division of that One flow into two. For only the all can be One. To see this is to become a liberated neutral spirit. That is- to be able to see the dark and the light of every situation, removes the dark and the light, and leaves only the situation, which is the pristine, naked, ever-new now. Om, baby!


[1] "You may be not aware that the English word 'devil' comes from the same root as the word 'divine'. Both come from the Sanskrit root: the Sanskrit root is dev. Dev means god, divine, devata. From dev comes the English word 'divine', and from dev comes the English word 'devil'. Both are divine. Both are one." Osho (Vedanta: the supreme knowledge, p100. Diamond Pocket Books, New Delhi, 1997)

[2] "The ability to encompass the duality in life- suffering and joy, light and dark, growth and destruction, and to realize that they are one and the same, complementing each other like day and night. Hari-Hara is a living duality, symbolic of the reality that is manifest, through and contained within all living beings." Ganga Somany (Shiva and Shakti, p 24. Bookwise, New Delhi, 2002)

[3] A movie which dramatically shows the mergence of a man and his shadow is The Fight Club.


excerpted from:

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OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self

by Jack Haas