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the exile


It is as if we are not wrecked, but intentionally cast onto this inhospitable shore- as if we are not stranded but chosen to stalk wildly into this land with the knowledge that we were sent, but without the knowledge of why we were sent here- and that is to know the lonely grief of duty, without remembering the call.


            Every moment is an improvisation, for no one has seen the script. The director is nowhere to be found, and the rest of the cast is a bloodthirsty mob of petty, ostentatious insufficiencies. And only because of this- because you are bored and pissed off, and because you know neither the plot, nor your part; it is only because of this that you eventually picked up your bags, and walked out of the theatre.


The test is this: Anyone who does not refuse to take the test, fails the test.



(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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