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If you succeed in continuing, unobstructed, down those darkened, arduous corridors, which you have spent your whole life walking down in pursuit of light with which to light the dark corridors themselves, the same corridors which wither you to the bone, which dissolve all hope along the way, and from which you can never return‑ if those dark corridors lead you unexpectedly to an implausible precipice which you cannot go beyond but which provides an unimaginable, breathtaking view; if you struggle all that way- only one way out an infinite many- and you are left all alone‑ incorrigibly subdued by such an astounding, inconceivable, benediction- a lonely, foreign, spectacularness‑ never again to move from that spot, is it worth it?


The junky can, if nothing more, identify the substance to which he is welcomingly addicted. But the soul which rises and falls from an unknown cause; the soul which soars and crashes as if drugged by the hysteria of being; the soul which comes to love and cherish this ontological narcosis, what is it you would call its need? In which medium does it gleefully frolic, smashed about, caressed, and battered in the relentless, breaking waves?


(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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