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flying fish 


You wanted to be shown a picture of it before attempting to construct the puzzle, but then it would not be much of a puzzle, would it? You wanted to have no interpretation, and you ended up having an interpretation of having no interpretation. You wanted to be without becoming, and to become without being. You desired only to do the doable, and only to know the knowable. You are afraid of not having what you do not have. You are afraid of having what you have. You are afraid to brood upon the mystery, to cast away the meaning. You have believed in your own untruths so thoroughly that to suddenly not believe in them would be tantamount to your own negation. That you dwell in the hypothetical, that you conjecture, ponder, and consider, does this not prove how little you actually know? Speculation is the physiognomy of ignorance. After all, would a being who 'knew', ever choose to surmise?

You dissipate into yourself, in whichever realm you falsify by accepting; in whichever realm you claim or dispute; in whichever realm you release or hold, hallow or despise. You dissipate alike within transience and eternity, hope and resignation. If you were outside of it you could destroy it, but you are irrevocably ensconced within it. You are it. Oh, you will never know, and you will never not‑know. You live solicitously between the collapsed structures of two impossibilities. You will never know what you need know, and you will never unknow what you need unknow.

And yet, though you have swum blindly through the unknown depths like all the others, somehow, sometime, somewhere, suddenly something in you breaks through the surface, soaring into the immense, unliveable realms beyond all that is. In a breathless gulp of beingless rapture finally have seen.

To gasp is to see.

Only the flying fish knows of the water.



(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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