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the flight


We circle the world like hawks scanning for sustenance; like hawks which search and search and, finding nothing, slowly wither away, dissipated of intent, forever cursing the carrion temptations.

Atrophying amongst the wind's indifference, soaring higher and higher, we become weaker and lighter, until it seems we can never fall back to earth, but are blown away, lofted upon the feverish gale‑ as massless corpses of feathers, futily embraced by the sky's numinous acceptances.



the flown


Like the lonely and terrified, the lost and forgotten, the preponderance of an extinguished occurrence, the dispossessed yet possessed, the estranged, residual, persevering aftermath; the insubstantial, the past and the going, plunging forever into the infinite; we are the eternal, irresolute, indisputable, insufferable light ...of stars long dead.



(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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