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Poetry: ignorance, mind, truth, realization: wisdom and wonder: mystic prose poems

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You would not believe the truth even if you were told, so why should you be told? The movements of your being you will never understand. You writhe at the pinnacle of mankind's becoming. Your torment applauds the world for its complexity.

And you wonder why you dwell in the chaos and misery that you call ignorance. You dwell in it because it is there you have chosen to dwell; because in it you have not chosen to revel.

The wave does not require the shore.

You must accept that you are ignorant and that realization is still possible, or that you are ignorant and realization is impossible. Either way you must accept your ignorance. What is left, then, is only the necessity to accept that ignorance is possible.

            The animal thirsts. The man drinks. The sage spits.





The mind is a blind-man's cane, beaten ceaselessly upon the earth, until one imagines that they can see.


The mind is a grotesque feature; it reaches for what it cannot grasp, like a giraffe's neck, distended outrageously from seeking scant morsels ...just beyond.


The mind is not a weapon, but a shield. Though as such it does nothing to defend one from assault, but rather simply decorates a wall like a coat-of-arms hung desperately in plain sight; a dusty chunk of bric-a-brac, conspicuously placed to adorn the homes of living cowards who claim to be the progeny of dead heroes.


The mind is a falcon, but cannot be controlled by falconry. If this is attempted one realizes only too late that the call issued for its return is not that of a master, but a mole.


(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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