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Inspirational Poetry: infinity, sameness, limitlessness: inspirational prose poem

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Does not existence, by its very implausibility, provide evidence for the assumption of infinite possibility? Isn't it logical that if infinite possibility did not exist- if there were limitations confining what could 'be'- then mankind would not, because of our implausible absurdity, exist? If there were, in fact, such parameters on existence‑ if what was possible also had to be probable‑ wouldn't more feasible phenomena occur before, perhaps instead of, the precarious ambiguity we call mankind?

After all, infinity does not embody everything, just a lot of things- an unthinkable number of things. And mankind occurs because of this default of immensity; because perhaps everything else more probable, or necessary, has already occurred, and yet there is still room; infinity allows superfluity; which is to say, certain things 'are' that need not 'be', and our 'being' is this gratuitous throng;

Occurrence does not conclude likelihood, after all. We fail to question what occurs, because it occurs. But why confine infinity to plausibility? Nothing is less plausible than what 'is'. In fact, to not occur‑ nothingness‑ seems far more plausible than what 'is'; in fact, what occurs does so, not despite but, because it is implausible; occurrence is implausibility. For if phenomena were commonplace they would not be, because only nothingness is commonplace; thus being occurs because it is less plausible than nothingness. And it is only because of this- because this life is but a singular occurrence within the infinity of possible worlds which may or may not be, that we can say that this life is 'right', for there is room for everything both possible and impossible within infinity; everything is therefore allowable, and at the same time nothing is necessary.

Therefore, because such a senseless, expendable periphery- man- occurs, this proves infinity possible; absurdity is the inductive measure. That is: infinity is not proven with a great many things, merely one; merely a possibility so improbable that, to accommodate it, limitlessness must necessarily occur, somewhere.





             Though there is no argument which says of something that it should be what it isn't, an eternity of false knowings is contained in one instant of true ignorance. Awe is beyond time, though time is not beyond awe.

After all, from the paramount inexplicability of 'what is', we can deduce one of two possibilities: either we know that 'what is' is an absolute absurdity and hence know that it is implausible- such that its very outrageousness allows that anything is possible- or we do not know what this absurdity is and hence it could, beyond our wildest imaginings, be possibly anything. Thus, either anything is possible, or possibility is anything. Anything.

That is: the infinity of perspectives emanating from an improbable 'one actuality' are identifiable by their corresponding infinities of right and wrong, all of which, though relative, are absolutes; each reality is as true as true can be., and as false as false can be. Regardless, by the shear magnitude of these realities which are composed of partial perspectives creating time, man is trapped between what is relevant and what is irrelevant, not because they are different, but because they are the same.



qualitative mathematics


Infinity destroys all laws of mathematics, for at the point of endlessness, numbers are no longer quantitative but have instead become qualitative; infinity is a quality, not a quantity, for infinity plus one, or minus one, still equals infinity (∞+1=∞ and ∞-1=∞). Hence infinity must be qualitative, for adding something adds nothing, and subtracting something takes nothing away. That is what is meant by limitlessness.


A dog, looking for the thrown snowball in the snow, hunts for the particular in the infinite, and finds nothing.



(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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