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the depths


Of course one retreats from the depths; one finds nothing there but depth. What did one expect? In the depths exists only undifferentiated, discomforting vastness ...depth. Everything certain is vague. One should keep to the shallows if 'finding' is what one is looking for.


It is a spot which does not sleep, does not want, and does not die. It is a spot hidden deep within oneself which one finally comes upon, is astonished, and then wishes never to leave. And so one never leaves. But if one could turn oneself inside‑out, then that spot could roam, and one could go ...anywhere.



of spirit


At God's own speakeasy- which is a great tavern in the sky wherein every flavor of spirit which mankind has never heard of is served in the downy orify of amorous young wood nymphs, who are carried prone to your table on a carpet of fabulous humming birds- the Tree of Life supports the floating delirium, the tremendous delirium, the seat cushions are stuffed with the weightless feathers from the inner coat of resurrected phoenixes, a flying grand piano eternally improvises the music of the spheres, the Vestal Virgins perform a burlesque striptease on center stage, while saints drag mortal sinners up to the arena and flog them with jocular retribution, the Big Guy himself delivers the hookah to your table, sits down for a puff or two, blesses you and signs your limitless chit, the angels are bellboys, and Mary herself is our weeping concierge. Poor Mary, never stops that awful weeping. She always ruins everything. Makes it so uncomfortable. And yet, no matter. No one seems willing to leave. No place else to go. No chance. When you're called to the bar, you go to the bar, and you stay there. Despite the screaming sinners, the blinding lights, and that blessed old lady's chronic whimpering.



(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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