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the garden


Unlike a living fence-pole- which sprouts new twigs every spring, and then is pruned back year after year by the Gardener whose intent is to keep the fence in good fettle, and to serve a greater purpose than letting a fence-pole become the tree it is trying to become and yet isn't, and also is, so that even that living fence-pole which is no tree is a tree groomed by the hand of the Gardener so as not to blossom and bear fruit, but only to prevent loss or theft of the succulent lambs within, waiting to be sacrificially slaughtered- unlike that fence pole you are the winter-bud born from withered roses, closed tightly in upon themselves. Your life is the sleep of flowers, not forgotten, in this cold, barren place, that to the Gardener, is still ...a garden.


the wilderness


If it was you who built this up, tear it down. If someone else built it, walk around it. If you cannot walk around it by all means go right on through, but take nothing from inside, smile occasionally, and remember to tell the children that it is sunny out today and they should forget their chores and be outside playing.


Truth lives out in the harsh, unfathomable, mindless wilds inside us all, and only hunger will lead us to the hunt, and to the game. And the game is a game, and play has no rules, and you are the wild horse who never was broken- who didn't need to be. You were corralled like all the frantic others, but you alone did not bolt, you alone did not buck. When the maddened rider first mounted, you moved not at all. And even as his crop beat relentlessly upon your flesh, you remained still, and then walked on your own way. You were not broken because there was nothing to break. No wonder they no longer confine you. No wonder you need not thrash to be free.



(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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