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Inspirational Poetry: whey, way, wei: path of life: spiritual short poems

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the whey


A barefoot man walks diffidently along the road of life looking for shoes, not life.



the way


There is a Way, but it only leads to the Way. There are no rewards, only delays; no oases, only mirage. There are only precarious stepping stones, there is no distant shore.

For what if God is like a person who lets an ant crawl onto their hand and up their arm, and then God places the other hand in front of the ant so that it crawls now up that arm, and then again back onto the first, as God places one hand after the other on the path, and so the poor insect meanders eternally along the two hands of God thinking it is going somewhere when actually it has not really moved.

Yea, there is a path but no destination; what we regard as a destination is simply ...fatigue along the path.



and the wei


The tools are all there. You can either lift them up and start swinging, or you can leave them there to rust. It seems to matter very little which you choose, when you have neither yourself nor the world to depend upon; when you have only a choice between what you are not, and what you will never be. But if you are going to swing them, by all means first sharpen and hone them, and then swing like hell. And if you are going to let them rust, then walk away, forget all about them, and let them rust. You can either be, or not be. And you are not, and totally accountable. Poor you. It isn't your choice, though it's you who has to choose.



(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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