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If you should choose, instead of smashing through the doors, to wander aimlessly through the limitless labyrinth, what then? What is the use of directions when one is within an insoluble maze? How is it possible to make progress, if a person progresses not by making the right choices, but, rather, the right mistakes?

Should one abandon all hope of ever finding, and instead proceed to get more lost? If one runs and runs, and yet still comes upon nothing, then what is one to say? One has certainly gotten somewhere. Or is truth is simply the most well lit routes of all digressions?

You run from one dead end to another, you turn around, you run again, on and on and on, always imagining you're making headway, or not. You don't know. For there is no depending on ancient tunnels and crumbling passageways. You are too far gone to retrace old routes towards antiquated ontologies.

Alchemist of the soul- how does one transform a turd into chocolate? Simple, do not eat the chocolate.



(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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