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Poetry: mirrors: inner self, outer reflection: metaphysical prose poem

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There are naught but mirrors. And a mirror facing a mirror sees the nothing that everything is; sees itself not seeing itself. A reflection reflecting reflection; 'what isn't' facing 'what isn't'. Reflections are reflections.

Just as the individual is not divided, but is only a specific point of reflection to all else. A mirror mirrors that which it is not; it becomes by not being. In order to be it must not be. If it was something it would not be itself. If it was, it would not be.

Life is a stand-off between two men who have guns but no bullets, though neither knows of the other's true poverty. Bluff versus bluff is the battle. No one dies, and everyone's a killer.

A demon is the disbelief in itself; you need only accept that it 'is' ...and it ceases to be.

A dog unwittingly chases its tail. The tail, however, sees only a great, ferocious beast fanatically pursuing it. And even if the tail was informed of the continuum‑ that the beast is itself, confused‑ still it could not help but be terrified.

We need god because we do not need god. That is, because of our terror of the internal mystery, we authorize an enigmatic omnipotence to alleviate our own debilitating occurrence; god is the invention of our denials; we deny the incomprehensible within ourselves, forcing the mystery away, onto another, for 'to be', and to be a mystery to ourselves, that is too much for us; we transfer our unknowing, contriving an unknowable omniscience so as to conclude ourselves known; we invent a grandiose not‑known to avoid the discomfort of our own ignorance; we point away from ourselves and comfortably gape, until mystery points back at us, and we realize that, all along, we have been captivated and looking at mirrors.


(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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