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Poetry: oneness: advaita, unity, God, non-duality: inspirational poem

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Do not con-fuse yourself. You are infinite just as you are, without doing anything. There is only one event occurring; you are god's fantasy- that makes you god.

If you are not a separate being, why do you pretend to be separate? If you are a separate being, from what is it that you are separate?

What is related appears autonomous, and what is autonomous appears related; the related is autonomous, as in siblings not attached at the hip, the autonomous is related for the very same reason. Therefore what is related is autonomous and vice versa. Auto-nomy is merely self-naming amongst relationship. For what is autonomous must be related, or from what is it being autonomous?

If you would find yourself within the complexity, become the complexity, what then is there left to find?

God is the relationship of everything to everything else. Nothing exists alone- all is relationship. God is oneness composed of relation, from which the illusion of multiplicity emerges.

If you hold your finger twelve inches away from the front of your nose, and focus upon it, you see one finger. Then if you focus on the landscape behind it, you see two fingers. The two become one only when we look at the One. Oneness is merely a matter of recognizing its proximity prior to duality.

We are projections on the screen, projected by the projector which we are. We are created at every moment by the creator of every moment. Duality is the mind which sees the image as separate from the iM.. Non-duality sees that they are One.

            And yet, it is easier to clean a battleship with a toothbrush, than a toothbrush with a battleship.



(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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