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Poetry: wonder, the sermon: mystery, madness, miracle: mystic prose poems

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We venerate the way the blind man hears and the way the deaf man sees- because their senses become extraordinary through the compensation of a lacking. But we do not revere what the fool tells us of wisdom, nor what the idiot tells us of knowledge. No, we listen only to the seers- only to those whose vision is so clear that they have forgotten how hard it is to hear.


Isn't it possible that no truth explains the world as well as our honest questioning of it? When, etymologically, did awe‑full become awful? And how much can we trust a culture that decides the astonishing ...horrid?

Is there not more wisdom in the helpless drool issuing from the silent, gaping mouths of wonderstruck fools, than in all the words, of all the wisemen, in all this wonder‑parched world?



the sermon


The preacher stands up, walks to the pulpit, looks softly into the congregation, rolls his eyes to the ceiling, gapes unabashedly into the distance, shrugs his shoulders, and overturns his palms, as if humbly saying "Who knows?". And the sermon is over.


            The worm devoureth the core, and yet the seed flourisheth.


(excerpted from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas)

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