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 Twin Souls: a Santorini and Naxos twin-soul spiritual experience

A book excerpt from the spiritandflesh.com religion and spirituality online library.




                All is reflected through all. All is all.

                I suppose, therefore, it was appropriate that I suffered for love, like I had never suffered before, a year or so after that trip to New Zealand, on the only island on earth, to my limited knowledge, where the Mother and Father- our cosmic parents- had gone to war, divided forces, and destroyed, in the violence of their combat, an entire civilization- Santorini, one of the many possible locations of lost Atlantis. Santorini, the island remains of a once giant Mediterranean volcano, and the ancient site, perhaps, of one of the Mother's most aggressive assaults upon the Father's creation- his prized civilization in the middle of the sea- the medi-terra-nean sea.

                My esoteric findings lead me to surmise that Atlantis, as a culture, had grown too far away from wholeness, utilizing only the mind, and its logic, as a means of living on the earth, and, as had happened to its diametrically opposed twin, Lemuria- which had existed in the middle of the Pacific, and which used only the heart, and its emotions, as a guide- it could not sustain such one-sided existence in a universe striving for wholeness. And so, just as Lemuria may have been sunk in a deluge caused by the wrath of the Father above, so too Atlantis met its end in the volatile eructation of the Mother's fury.


                 To many people such mythological suppositions may sound like pure fable and fantasy, but to the ancient inhabitants of Lemuria, who saw their God Maui raise up the North Island of New Zealand with a fishing pole, and whose wild Pele reeks havoc on mankind even today; and to the post-Atlantean, Olympian Greeks, who were ever ravaged by the wars between Zeus and his wife Hera, there would have been no doubt as to the likelihood of such a visible catastrophe being caused by invisible forces. The manifest is the outcome of the sublime.

                It was no great surprise, then, for me to find myself split apart from my soror, who I had by then recognized was not only my partner in the soul's work, my lover, and mate, but was also my twin soul[1]- the other half of my whole being. And so in the months of her absence I was suffering the agony of oneness divided, on this broken island, the hollow remains of which might indeed symbolically represent the ancestral separation of cosmic forces which thankfully now are returning into One.

                How do I know that she and I are twin souls? A reasonable question. Firstly, because of a number of dreams which both she and I had, expressing this very truth. That, in itself, should be sufficient proof, seeing as the subconscious often knows far more than the day-to-day conscious. However, because she and I had been brought together perhaps one incarnation earlier than was originally intended, we were also living out a chaotic mixture of karmic experiences, belonging to separate destinies, which often intermingled like two inharmonious frequencies, causing us no shortage of turbulence for some time. During one episode, when it appeared that we might have to go our separate ways- at a time when we were not yet certain of our twin soulship- I had a dream in which my father came to me and said that he would be with me the following Friday. And since the male aspect of God was represented symbolically in my dreams by my physical father, this meant that God would be directing the show, without the least bit of doubt, that Friday.

                Having not shared this dream with my soror, she and I went out for a morning coffee that Friday, during which I found myself wondering when God was going to show me what I was supposed to be shown. I was also feeling the urge to go to a used bookstore near the coffee shop, which is where my soror and I went soon afterward. However, during our coffee, my soror had drawn a quick sketch of a symbol she had seen in a dream, an evening or two before, which was basically two halves of a circle facing away from each other, representing wholeness divided:  )(

                Upon entering the bookstore she and I headed for different aisles, and, after skimming a few shelves of books, I soon found myself being pulled, over and over again, to one particular book on esoteric understandings. I kept picking it up, putting it down, walking away, then coming back to it, quite a few times, until finally I skimmed to the back of the book where there was a description of twin souls. I read the page, then put the book down without much thought, and walked over to my soror, who, I soon found out, was reading a book actually titled 'Twin Souls',[2] and which contained, on the inside of its cover, the almost exact opposite version- albeit this time containing a man and a woman- of the diagram she had drawn during our coffee: ( ). Wholeness.

                The Father was with us, and I knew then what the intent of the message was: we were twin souls, and should remain together, through thick and thin, as they say. For though the convergence of two different karmic tributaries had caused us great tribulation, the river was widening up ahead, and the torrent was heading for calm.[3]



                Anyway, many months before that calm came about, my twin soul and I had gone to Naxos- the nexus, the center, the place at which no imperfect wholeness could hope to survive, for the forces at the center are impossible to maintain if there be any cracks in the egg. The circle must be complete, or implosion or explosion is the inevitable result.

                As I said, we had gone to Naxos, to write, to drink wine, and to make love, and instead, a month later, after our center had imploded, I was alone on a ferry, heading out to sea, away from her, away from love, away from wholeness.

                It had to happen though, for, along with the karmic chaos mentioned earlier, there were also hidden, archaic divisions within us, divisions which still needed to bubble to the surface, be acknowledged, accounted for, and forgiven. For until all the cornerstones were properly placed perfectly beneath us, any structure we attempted to build between us would inalterably topple from its faulty foundation.

                Our foundation had crumbled, and I was compelled to leave Naxos, and had decided, for no specific reason, to head for Santorini, though en route I made a brief stop on the Island of Ios.

                It was early March, and the island was all but dead. I had planned to stay there a few days, but during the first night my Father came to me in a dream and said that he would be with me in the morning, which, I knew, meant that God would be fully directing the show that morning.

                I awoke without expectation, but was instantly sensing that I should leave the island, for it had nothing to offer me. This, at least, is what I was thinking, though, to be sure, the important thing was not the reason for my leaving, but only that I left.

                I have found that you cannot always, and perhaps rarely, be at peace when you follow the spirit, because to be only at peace would mean to not allow the spirit's goads of desire, curiosity, fear, boredom, discomfort, and so on, to be projected into you and so move you on to where the spirit wants or needs you to be.

                Needless to say, within two hours I was on another ferry, now headed to Santorini. It was on that ship that I ran into another woman who belonged to my sister's spiritual archetype, and who was certainly the person I was intended to meet, on a boat I had no intention of boarding, that morning when God was directing the show.

                I can say now that every time my soror, my twin soul- who was of my mother's spiritual archetype- and I were in trouble, an individual who was an aspect of my sister's spiritual archetype was there to catch me. This happened on three different occasions, on three different continents, under completely different circumstances, and so, although I cannot describe the sublime event perhaps any more understandably than what I have just said, I know that the pattern holds true, and that each stage of growth we are in, as our souls strive for wholeness, can be thought of as a ladder, the rungs of which are well described in the blueprint of the universe. If we take a step up, we receive the experience of that rung, and if we take a step down, we receive that corresponding experience, no matter where we are, or what we are doing in this life, for the sublime spirit is ever the operating reality, though the material mind rarely sees it as such.

                I was soon alone again, however, as the woman whom I had met on the ferry from Ios to Santorini- my sister's spiritual archetype- had departed in a few days, so as to continue with her own travels, but not until we had each shared a great deal of our similar ideas and experiences, and had embraced the eternal connection between us. I stayed on in Santorini, writing, drinking, going mad with wonder, as per usual, and pining for the other half of my soul now across the ocean in Canada again, for though my twin soul and I had been seeking to elevate the entire cosmos with our love, our own union was imperfect, and thus our efforts had blown up in front of us.

                And so we had parted geographically, but not emotionally, for the love between a man and a woman belongs to the very nature of the universe itself. The love between a man and a woman is the glue which binds the cosmos together; it is the bridge across the chasm of nothingness, the sanctuary amidst the apocalypse. Nay, the love between a man and a woman is Eden itself, the Garden, which is mirrored neither in the claustrophobic confines of the city, nor in the lonely lands of the wilderness. Love is a garden in which heaven and earth mingle, and in which grows all beauty, all sustenance, and all meaning.

                For without love there is only the hot wind to walk forever into, and the barren earth to walk endlessly upon, while never finding peace, nor harmony, nor respite, because nothing on earth nor in the heavens can support a house divided, and only the violence of Christ, and the compassion of Mary remain to shield one from the neverending rains.

                I was in the neverending rains, in the blood-red rain that ran Christ's passion onto the earth that Easter on Santorini. For the air had grown thick with the red dust of Egypt, blown across the sea for weeks on end, and when the rains finally came, and they did, and the Red Sea parted, and Moses walked out of Babylon that Easter on Santorini, the drops came plummeting down dyed in red and covered the white-washed houses of the island with the anguish of the division between heaven and earth, which Christ pulled back together, and holds together, eternally, on the axes of the cross.[4]

                Later that Easter evening, after the lugubrious deluge had cleansed the earth with the blood of the lamb, I was invited to a Greek festivity, the end of Lent, a day like no other day for the Greeks- the day of their return to the flesh. For the Greeks do not renounce cigarettes, booze, chocolate, or swearing during Lent. They renounce meat. And when their forty days of wandering in the fleshless spirit are over, they return to earth, to the flesh, and feast like I have never seen people feast before- rapaciously, gratefully, joyfully, and communally.

                At the festivity that night there were five goats and one pig roasting over spits, and the Greek men and women would tear outer chunks of meat off of the cooking beasts, and then hand these chunks to each other as if they were giving of the manna, and the recipients would eat as if they had never eaten before. They were eating of the flesh, returning to earth, and finding it good, finding it necessary, finding it holy. They were eating the body, and drinking the blood, and the sacrificial lamb- both the Son of God and Son of Man- held this world together like Hercules between two brazen bulls pulling in opposite directions, and the sky rained blood, God descended into the flesh, into the earth, and remains here in all of us, the Christ within, bound by separate chains, one to heaven, and one to earth, pulling together the spirit and the flesh, for Christ is the living logos of life returning love into the world from the word which is the verse of the universe, and is done out of choice, out of love, out of ecstasy from the union which creates this world.


[1] Twin souls are the manifested male and female counterparts which exist as one being on the sublime, invisible plane, and exist at the same time as separate individuals on the dualistic plane of matter. Twin souls are the same being, although that being appears to exist as separate and autonomous male and female aspects within our sentient, worldly realm. However, they are not autonomous, and, in fact, are so closely connected- like the two legs which support our one body- that whatever befalls one, naturally affects the other, even at great distances across the earth.

                I believe, for many reasons, that my twin soul and I were brought together perhaps an incarnation earlier than would have been natural, in an effort to avert a tragedy from occurring to one, or both of us. Due to this we were thrown upon a four-year period in which the karmic inertia of our intended lives, for this incarnation, mixed with the now essential actuality of our coming together, and thus created a chaotic milieu in which we were living out actions pertaining to both destinies, the mixing of which was not always harmoniously achieved. Yet it was essential that we come together, and essential that we stay together, and essential that we complete certain karmic predestinations which had been set in motion when it was earlier planned that we would not be together. Luckily for us the living universe is malleable, adaptable, and conscious, or this process would have been like trying to act on two stages at one time- impossible.


[2] by Patricia Joudrey, and Maurie Pressman. Somerville House Publishing, Toronto, 1993.


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[3] For the last number of years I have witnessed quite a few twin souls, many of whom, I expect, will not become mates or partners in this life. Why this is, I am not certain, though it must pertain to a certain readiness, need, or desire. I have seen twin souls who worked closely together, lived as roommates in the same house, and had brief but not lasting love affairs together, all the while never knowing that the other, right before them, was not other, but actually the essential half of their true wholeness.

                Twin souls are often identifiable by their similar appearance, psychic dispositions, uncanny idiosyncrasies, and the spirit they exude.

                I recall one time when I was on a ferry in British Columbia, and I suddenly had the thought go through my head of a very beautiful woman I had known a few years earlier. Minutes later I left the ferry, walked to a bus stop, and ran right into her exact male replica- her twin soul, whom she had never met, but who was the man whom, I was certain, was her other half. After chatting with him for a while I found out that he had lived in the same east Canadian city as she had grown up in, and where she was living even now. I also found out that a number of years earlier this man had been in a very bad motorcycle accident, had lost some of his memory, and had been recovering ever since. Then I recalled that the beautiful woman, whom I was certain was his twin soul- though they had never met, and probably would never meet in this lifetime- had, in a shocking turn-around, become a lesbian for a few years, and then turned heterosexual again. This was one more clue which leads me to believe that each twin soul inextricably effects the other, and what befalls one has great impact on the other, who is not other. For, with her 'male side' almost dead, and then as a weakened convalescent, it is no doubt to me that she,  without knowing it, had to take on that male aspect on herself, and become the male of a female-female relationship for a while.

                I sense that there are many such sublime causes which create the experiences we have in life, without us knowing that it is our invisible cords linking us to others- and, most specifically, to our twin soul- which bring about certain balancing characteristics within us, so as to keep the whole operational in the manifest.


[4] I thank my soror for this pertinent image of the actual event of the Christ.


(excerpted from Roots and Wings: adventures of a spirit on earth, by Jack Haas)





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