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The Avalon Web Directory of Oneness: An alternative internet directory at


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The links below offer excerpts from websites which have content related to unity and oneness:


"How can the divine Oneness be seen?
In beautiful forms, breathtaking wonders,
awe-inspiring miracles?
The Tao is not obliged to present itself
in this way.
If you are willing to be lived by it, you will
see it everywhere, even in the most
ordinary things."

Lao Tzu


New age, new thought:

Ho`oponopono: letting go of toxic energies, and being your Divine self

Masaru Emoto and water crystals: empirical proof for the unity of mind and matter

Space and Motion: the dynamic unity of reality and quantum theory

Khepher: transformation, metamorphosis, evolution: A new Universal Paradigm

Wholejoy: Astronomy, Duality of existence, and universal oneness

Pure Silence: inner peace and the mystery of God

Headless: The Eucharist and Headlessness: on Zen and the Catholic Mass

Primordality: Quantum oneness and the illusion of space, time, motion, and form

Emptiness is Fullness: realizations of Jewish Mysticism and Buddhist philosophy

Project Unification: The Unity of Creator and Creation explained biologically

Damanhur, the unity of mankind, and the Temples of Humankind

Stoa del Sol: Stoicism and a new spiritual paradigm

Being, nature's rhythm, and the principle of flow

Crop Circles and the effect of human consciousness on their creation

Heart Lights Ministry: bringing God's light


Personal experiences

Robert Gupton: The One without opposites, the Light which is Source

Mary Deioma: An encounter with the I AM, God, and Love

Metta Zetty: Awakening into Awareness of the absolute perfection of Life

Spiritual Happiness: Conscious Evolution - Energetic Vibration, by Sharon Janis

On Spiritual Enlightenment: How to attain Self Realization, by Kip Mazuy

The Enlightenment story of Anand Vartman: I am bliss

Satto Satsang: Meeting our own true self Now

Oneness and the Path that is going Now Here, by Stan Schaap

The Inner Light, Forgiveness, and a spontaneous spiritual emergence, by Geoff Platford


Buddha Nature

Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist Pantheon

Emptiness, the ultimate nature of Dharmakaya

Ch'an meditation and the Buddha within

Bodhidharma and the paramitas

Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra

Buddhism and realization

The buddha-field

Buddhists and the Internet



Ananta Yoga: Union of individual consciousness with the Eternal

Gnani Purush: liberation of the self and eternal bliss

The Kameshwari Tripura Sundari Sadhana, at


Alternative Christianity

The Christ Alliance Tetra Trikaya and the Order of Melchizedek

The Order of Mary Madgala (Magdalene): return of the Divine Feminine


African Religion websites

Akan Cosmology: An African religion of a Supreme Being

Earth Culture Roots: Contemporary Rastafarian Faith and Haile Selassie


Advaita Vedanta websites

Nonduality, oneness, and modern Advaita Vedanta quotes

Advaita Fellowship: Inspirational poem by Ram Tzu (Wayne Liquorman)

Advaita Vedanta: Inspiring Sayings and Quotes from Saints and Sages

Ascended Master: The Unity of all things, and the one thing

The Avatar of Synthesis, Shamballa, and the New World Religion

The Yoga Vasistha: An Introduction to the Concepts of the Yoga Vasistha

The Way of the Bird: The realized person knows everything is their choice

Katie Davis: Awakening from limiting beliefs and concepts into Being

Jeff Foster: This moment is all there is - you are already free

Swami Rama Tirtha: I am That Bliss Absolute

Shunya Muni: the non-dual Source that is the Heart of All

Oneness University: Honesty, love, and cooperation


Health and body

Fasting and nutrition: Spiritual rebirth thru the superior fast at

Radionics and the transfer of vibrations, by Dharma Dharini Bhagavad Dasa

Tensegrity, of Buckminster Fuller, from Open Door Healing Arts

Order of the Emerald Star: the immortal human body

The Human Body of Light, at

The Enlightenment Body,


Comparative Religion

The World is Our Family: from Oneness, Great Principles Shared by All Religions, by Jeffrey Moses

Solar and Lunar spirituality: Loss of the World Soul and Its Return, by Anne Baring



Universal Oneness United

Oneness and the heart of the world within our own heart, by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee



Edgar Cayce, the collective consciousness, and oneness, by John Van Auken


Relevant quotes:

Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Kryon belongs to Gaia, and it's part of the family of Archangel Michael






The Spirit and Flesh Avalon Web Directory of Oneness:

An alternative internet directory at






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