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Mercurius and the mercurial nature of the eternal Self

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"One thing may seem as odd to the reader as it was for me to experience during my living through the experiences of which I have just written; I am speaking of my becoming so many different aspects of being as I moved through different chapters on my journey, without ever really being any of them.

How was it possible to become one with Krishna, Christ, Shiva, Parvati, and all the immortal spirits which have walked into my consciousness and become me?

            I say this is possible only because I am also Mercurius. Which is to say I am always changing, I am mercurial, I am Change.

To be Mercurius is to be everything and nothing. It is to be like mercury- or quicksilver, as the alchemists would call it- which is solid, yet without form, and can take the shape of anything, yet of itself has no shape, for Mercurius is the impersonal self.

The disposition of one who becomes a Mercurius is one of immense openness, and a complete lack of inner identity. The outcome of this is a childhood or young adulthood composed of great confusion and psychic defenselessness.  ...


           When you are this open and empty there is a danger in associating your receptions with your own self, your ‘I’, and then believing that you are the consciousness you are receiving.

            However, on the brighter side, as an open person grows, there is the possibility that he or she will become acquainted with the true nature of their fluid existence, and thus learn the process of the continual purgation of all identity, and the re-instatement of their pristine emptiness. Only in this way does the danger of false identification end for the open person, and the glory-chalice of mercurial, infinite emptiness remain clear.

            As well, if such an open, growing person can maintain an inner identitilessness, and yet not lose hope, they will find themselves likely guided and assisted by a host of helping spirits from the invisible realm. Throughout my books I have documented many of those who came to my aid in one way or another.

            In the end, to accept one’s inexorable fluid being, is to become consciously mercurial. This allows one to move into and out of any situation, to become that situation completely, to leave it when it is time to leave, and then to purge oneself again into identitiless awareness, before moving onto the next arena of interaction, be it with humans, or with immortals.                   

There is no solid ground to stand upon when one operates as a Mercurius. There is only a constant influx and outflux of spirits, souls, identities, ideas, troubles, agonies, ecstasies and exuberances, because Mercurius becomes everybody and everything simply through relation to anybody or anything. Mercurius becomes all while being none.

The trick, therefore, is to find the subtle, fluid, characterless nature of the eternal self, and to know that you are that, without knowing what that is, and so to never identify yourself with anything or anybody who comes and goes from within you, because there is no identity within for Mercurius, there is only a fluid unity where inner and outer intermingle through the open door of identitilessness.

This is to become as the element mercury, which is both solid and liquid, and is therefore an undulating union of the sun (Sol) which has penetrated the darkness of matter (Luna). This is the alchemical union of Sol and Luna.[3]

Hence Mercurius is said to be the alchemical catalyst, the transformer, who quickens all who he or she encounters.

Mercurius must therefore ever exist without personal pride or arrogance, for to be arrogant is to arrogate, which means to claim ownership of something. But Mercurius possesses nothing- no qualities whatsoever. The moment pride enters the mercurial being, identity has been accepted, and therefore nothingness has fallen into and become somethingness, and this is the end of the mercurial nature, and the death of Mercurius, because Mercurius, who is no-thing, cannot be something.

Mercurius is instead everything, because Mercurius is nothing; Mercurius is the eternal, characterless ocean into which others dive and the ocean from which they then emerge as transformed identities on their way to the great identitiless ocean of Self.

            To grow within this emptiness is to be nothing and all; it is to gain and lose identity over and over again, until finally the transcendent empty consciousness washes through the last flood-gate of temporary personality, and the eternal, impersonal self awakens for good.

And so when I say I am also Mercurius, I am only using a name for a nothingness which has no name.[4] I don’t even know what it is. It is primordial, subtle, eternal, ever-shifting awareness within existence."


[3] Note: the word solution is an etymological combination of ‘sol’ and ‘luna’. As well, semantically a ‘solution’ is both an answer, and also a liquid medium into which a ‘solute’ dissolves. This is an important metaphor for Mercurius, who is a solution into which individuals- solutes- dissolve, which is the solution to the problem of existential separation.

[4] “The Tao which can be named is not the eternal Tao.” Lao Tzu, Tao te Ching


excerpted from OM, Baby!, by Jack Haas


The Spirit and Flesh World Religion and Spirituality Online Library: uniting seemingly opposed ideologies and vibrations into the true, pristine harmony of cosmic oneness.






















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