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Meditation: how to meditate: the art of being

Spirit and flesh: the union of matter and mind, heaven and earth, emptiness and form.


     Meditation is the art of doing nothing, or of not-doing, of wei wu wei, as the Chinese mystics would say.

     The main problem with the western conception of meditation is that it is associated with a 'method' or 'process'. However, meditation is in fact the very opposite of any method which attempts to accomplish anything, for meditation is the absence of all striving and struggle. That is, true meditation is effortless.

     This effortlessness, however, is incredibly difficult to arrive at, because most individuals have become thoroughly conditioned to constantly be 'doing' something, rather than simply being. And it is only in the absolute stillness of not-doing that the little self- the doing self- falls away, and the effortless Great Being within us emerges.

     Any attempt at accomplishing a goal through meditation will necessarily only lead to further 'doing', and therefore can never lead to the not-doing inner divine Self.

    Therefore it is important, when meditating, to simply be. Don't 'do' anything, simply be as still as possible. Let all effort fall away. Let all thought dwindle out. Stop all striving, seeking, and attempting. Whether you are sitting in the lotus position, in a chair, lying down, or standing, simply be. In this way you will gently merge into the identititless, effortless Great Being that you are.

Jack Haas


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Spirit and flesh: the union of matter and mind, heaven and earth, emptiness and form.







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