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The great silent, aware stillness

by Jack Haas



     The great, silent, aware stillness, which permeates all, exists in, of, and as our more expansive, eternal natures.

     In order to arrive at this awareness, it is necessary to 'pierce through' the paradigm, and, in fact, all reality, and become the immense, unbound consciousness which always exists and is unaffected by anything created.

     This recognition of the Self, which it is not limited to this paradigm nor any other, is the Big Buddha Mind, as spoken of in Buddhist circles. Or it can be considered the unified Zen penetration.

     However, there really is no label for this expansive, sublime presence.

     To arrive at this recognition one must become detached from ambition related to this paradigm, and one must lose separative identity and merge into the vast ocean of stillness which expands through and beyond all that can be experienced.

     One must also become capable of regularly 'stopping' completely, which means an instantaneous energy and thought withdrawal from all current activity and conditioning.

     Once the expansion occurs the energy of the Shakti can link with the sublime awareness, and one can realize that they are an actuality which goes beyond boundaries and definition.

     This is more of an inner feeling awareness than a conceptual event.

     The Self knows that it is substantial and boundless.

     This is our infinite Beingness.

     Anything less is still part of the limited drama.


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