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A Change of Vibration

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A change in Vibration
Everything consists of vibrations - including your body and the earth you live on. Take for instance, the physical properties of a piece of ice. The only difference between ice, water and steam is in their various vibrational rates - ie, the speeds at which the electrons orbit the nucleus of each atom. By heating up the ice you raise it's vibrational rate until you can hardly see it. That doesn't mean it no longer exists, it just exists at a higher vibration - any higher and you wouldn't see it at all.

A long time ago the Earth existed at a much higher vibration (dimension) than it does today, but events took place that resulted in the Earth and its inhabitants dropping down to a lower vibration - the 3rd dimension - the physical reality we see around us today.

With every decrease in vibration/dimension, humanity lost more and more consciousness (and lifespan) until they forgot who they were, and why they were here. They even forgot that they were part of a greater whole. We have existed in a 'loop' pattern for thousands of years thinking we are the most important species in the universe - the pinnacle of evolution. The same patterns are played out over and over again, generating wars, drama, disease and karma. Even 'death' as we know it is unknown on higher dimensions. We have lost our ability to regenerate and repair our bodies so we just get old and die. And because we don't live long enough to understand who we really are, we have to re-incarnate - i.e., be reborn into another body time and time again until we remember who we are and why we are here.

What if we were given the help, energy and information to once again learn how to raise our vibrations to the point where we no longer were 'kept in the dark'? Where our intuitive powers were restored, where we could regenerate our bodies, and graduate from the fear-based world we live in, to a world of unconditional love and co-operation? What we are talking about is our own world existing at a higher vibration than it does now, populated by those of us who have also raised our consciousness vibration high enough to live upon the new earth. That is what 'ascension' is - a return up the vibrational/dimensional scale. Global warming is just one sign that Earth is increasing in vibration.

The planet itself is ascending to a higher level of vibration. By concentrating our energies on ascending rather than survival, we will be doing a great service for the planet that has served us so well, not to mention our own evolution.

All of the plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale kingdoms have made the intention to ascend with the Earth. Only humanity is still in the dark. Our consciousness has been in the dark for so long, that just the thought that this could be possible takes a bit of getting used to!

from http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/~acceptance/UnderstandingSpirituality/Spirituality%20Files/Ascension.htm


The Spirit and Flesh World Religion and Spirituality Online Library: uniting seemingly opposed ideologies and vibrations into the true, pristine harmony of cosmic oneness.






















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