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Shiva - notes on Shiva

(from the notebooks of Jack Haas)


Merging their Christ and Sophia selves, one unifies Shiva’s emptiness with Shakti’s force, and a detached, fearless, reactionless Buddha emptiness is born that permeates all.


Om Laksmi Sophia Mary

Om Shiva Krishna Christ


Consciousness and will.

Shiva and Shakti.



Vishnu is sleeping. Shiva is awake.


To be it and not-it, male and female, form and emptiness, Shakti and Shiva, yin and yang. To be both, and One.


The Void- limitless space.

Buddha nature- unbound awareness.

Shiva presence- divine stillness.

Christ incarnation- manifest perfection.


To be God's Shakti, one must be completely still and silent, so as to become God. Shakti is Shiva, Shiva is Shakti. Goddess is God. Amen.


I, as the Cosmic Buddha, have impregnated matter (this realm) with stillness. And I, as the Creatrix, have given birth to that stillness. Shiva and Shakti are one living, radiant, om source.


Kali is pure Shakti.

Lucifer is pure Shiva, Nataraja, the lucid light bearer.

The union born from these two destroyers is peace.




Shiva - notes on Shiva

(from the notebooks of Jack Haas)


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