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Zen - notes on the Zen of being

(from the notebooks of Jack Haas)


Zen has nothing to do with zen.

Taoism is not Tao.

Christ was not a Christian.

Buddha would have avoided Buddhism.


Absolute Zen is absolute objectivity.

The Zen master perceives the universe as such:

"It is what it is."

"This is what this is."


The zen nothingness of self, permeating all existence, is the self which has evaporated and yet remains.


You can only be being.

I am beingness.

I am being.

Intimate, Pagan Zen.


To be the space and the love is to have become the Zen of Christ who is Sophia.


The process of redemption is both receptive and expressive, of both emptiness and will. This is the Zen of Christ involved with the creation of Sophia.

Amen. Let it be so.


The quint-essence arrives after the quaternity forms, which succeeds the trinity. The fifth aspect is the new living vibration, cleaner and more subtle than the last. A crystal clear emptiness born out of the quaternal union. The essence. A living, mercurial, Zen absence. A new dimension. Oneness. The alchemical distillate. The unmoving and yet dynamic quintessence. Living stillness. I AM.


Zen Shakti and son.

One woman can have many lovers.

You are a Son of the Mother.

But which father is your Father?


When I finished with my duties, I entered the clear penetration of Zen.


The Mother clarified within me into the mercurial one substance of Zen.


The western way is to add things to make a garden, the Zen method is to take away.


Zen is not about what's going on, it's about what's not going on: the silence, the stillness, the absence, the gap which permeates everything.


The essence is a living absence, a Zen membrane sparking wildly without movement.


Enlightenment is not only of the mind, but also of the body. My flesh was enlightened unexpectedly, and entered a higher vibration, Buddha realm.


Stillness is the Zen radiance.


I am the force and the crack which breaks the shell, and lets the new life out to fly.


Zen peace does not seek satisfaction from the world, for it is Zen peace which is the absence of such energetic connection. Zen does not seek. Zen is.


Antimatter is the quintessence, the one thing, the Tao, the Zen living absence.


And I Zen this realm by removing myself, the Buddhess, into the Christ, and therefore Buddha-Christing all. And I, the Christess, am also the clear, formless Him.


Find the Zen in each moment.

The Zen is weightless.


Tao is the Mother, Zen is the fruit.

She is now also the shimmering Zen clarity- the Goddess has clarified.


I am also the Zen penetration, in all, and of no-thing.


Zen began my search, and Zen ended it.

I became it, and pierced through it.

Nothing left to seek.

I am it.


Infinite, effortless, expansive, holy Zen King.



Be still.

Integrate Heaven and Earth.

Expand through them.

Radiate love.

Enter the Zen clarity.


Return then to the Zen absence which is all suchness.


An unbound Zen energy being within the structure which does not bind it.




Zen - notes on the Zen of being

(from the notebooks of Jack Haas)


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