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Singing bowls of Tibet: healing music

Spirit and flesh: the union of matter and mind, heaven and earth, emptiness and form.

Shambhalalujah (Tibetan Singing Bowls video)


The Music of the Spheres (Tibetan singing bowls video)




     Singing bowls from Tibet offer an amazing method of integrating spirit and flesh, as well as harmonizing chakras and removing negative vibrations.

     It is wonderful to listen to the music of Tibetan singing bowls, but it is even more profound to play them. It is highly suggested that everyone own and play such divine gifts of  vibrational healing and ascension.

     Bowls are used all over the world as a tool for meditation. They are also used in sound healing, yoga, a performance entertainment center spot, religious services, and personal enjoyment





Suggested music:

Seven metals singing bowls of Tibet, by Benjamin Iobst, healing musicSeven Metals: Singing bowls of Tibet

by Benjamin Iobst 


"Seven Metals explores the amazing sounds of resonant bells. It is a sound adventure for the spirit"

Richard Fuller, Sr. Editor - METAPHYSICAL REVIEWS
"Seven Metals is pure sound that is the most relaxing, meditative and transportive album I've ever heard. Benjamin Iobst has recorded the sounds of tranquility!"

". . .the discovery of SEVEN METALS has just expanded the field. . .of choice titles that utilize Tibetan singing bowls. . ."

This is an = extraordinary recording of Tibetan Bowls performed by a master of this = tradition. It's one of my favorites. I highly recommend it for great = sonic journeying."


About the Artist
Benjamin Iobst, a sound pioneer and bodywork therapist, has worked in the health care profession since 1970, and he considers the therapeutic power of sound integral to his work. He researched the sound wave phenomena of Tibetan singing bowls by introducing them into over 2,000 bodywork sessions. This remarkable recording is the result of Ben's extensive experience and his desire to make the sounds of the bowls more available.

Product Description
SEVEN METALS features 25 Tibetan singing bowls, bamboo and metal wind chimes, and tingsha bells. Perfect for yoga, meditation, massage, Reiki or simply relaxing. SEVEN METALS is 56 minutes of peace. "An extraordinary recording performed by a master", Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing Sounds



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Spirit and flesh: the union of matter and mind, heaven and earth, emptiness and form.






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