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On the Tao, Christ, Love, Zen, Goddess, God, and more

Other than the first few links below- which are excerpts taken from his book OM, baby!- this menu contains recent journal writings of Jack Haas. (notes from 2003 to 2006, approx.)


Spiritual liberation, the Dream, and the Tao

Effort, eternity, identity, time, and the Tao

The still point, emptiness, and the eternal self

The holy whole, the Atman, and the Tao

The eternal Tao

Identity, pride, shame, fear, Tao, and the eternal self

Wholeness, God, Love, and the redemption of the world

Stillness and the peace which passeth all understanding

I AM: the union of non-being and being

Astral contact with a living Zen Master

Out, of, in, from, through, as, other, and this

The mystery of God and life


A Bhagavad Gita commentary

Maitreya, Christ, and the Garden of Eden

Kundalini rising up the shushumna pathway

Emptiness, attachment, life's problems, and God

Emptiness and form, duality and oneness, now and eternity

God and Goddess, space and form, Heaven and Earth

Free will, determinism, and following your heart

Mystery, wonder, apathy, and Descartes

Union of the male and female, the oneness called love

Awakening to the eternal self, peace, and stillness

The I and the Eye, the Dreamer and the Dream

Zen emptiness and the eternal self


Big mind and little mind, action and reaction, and the Dream

Everything is the same thing: the apocalypse of oneness

The stillness of God within, beyond OM and identity

The impersonal self, the mystery I AM

Mother God, Father God, and the divine androgynous self

Life as a fractal of the all

On being the Mother Goddess

Mind of Buddha, body of Christ

Avalon and the source

Jack Kerouac, Shakyamuni Buddha, and transmigration

Good and evil, life and death, matter and consciousness

Fear, unfear, God, and the Tao


Linking Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Christianity, and Zen

Satan, Christ, and the Cosmic Zen Christess

God, Goddess, and the Devil

Christ, Sophia, Avalon, Zion, and the New Jerusalem

Zen of Christ, Lao Tzu, fear, and the golden flower

Faith, fear, stillness, Brahma, and God

Love, agape and eros, yin and yang

A unicorn, communion, God within, and Christ

Om Shiva Krishna Christ

A metaphysical home for nomads: inner self

On Faith, Christ, God, Eden, Vishnu, and Laksmi

God is Goddess, Goddess is God


On Jesus Christ and Isis

On Christ, Sophia, and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

On God and the Philosopher's stone

All is God, but what is God?

On God and Goddess, Eli and Isis, and the Christ

On God, Love, and stillness

On fear, emptiness, drumming God, and Goddess

Sin and the blessing that is life

On Self and God, Eden and Emptiness

On Zen insight, God, and the one self

On God, Goddess, energy, and the Tao

On etherealization, chi, and the heart chakra


On Christ love, and Buddha love

On the Cosmic Christ: life is love, love is life

Ascension and Christ: the Kingdom of God is now

The marriage of spirit and flesh which is Love

The alchemical transfiguration of flesh into Christ

Chi, and the word became flesh: Avalon and Eden

On the Buddha, Christ, prana, and life energy

The Kingdom of Goddess: on Sophia and Quan Yin

The Quintessence of being: Avalon, stillness, and Christ

Yin and yang, Creator and Creation, and the name Jack

Union of the Mother and Father, and of good and evil

The eternal self, a metanoia, and the vibrational transfiguration


Feminists, the Holy Mother, Shakti, Shiva, and perfect union

Buddha, emptiness, the still point, Pascal, and peace

A beast divine, Chewbacca, Buddha, Shiva, and Christ

The game of chess, ascension, a dance, and love

Potential titles for a book on union and love

The mantra of perfection, the Kingdom, and the Creatrix Christ

Mt. Everest, Gaia, and K2

The Source of being and Love

Unity, love, and the Buddha awakening

Union of form and emptiness / yin and yang

A tree orgasm, the Source, Jesus Christ, Henry Miller, and metanoia

Redemption, ascension, and transfiguration


Love, and the one thing that is God, the Tao

The Tao and no fear

Tao and the feminine aspect of Allah

Christ, Buddha, you, and me

The Tao, the force, and the Christ flesh

Allah and the Goddess unite, and the apocalypse is averted

Zen is: a contemporary Zen awakening

Bodhisattva of silent Christness

Zen Creatrix, Zen Christ

Zen stillness, spirit, matter, and Christ

Stillness, an email metaphor, and Mother Christ

Stillness and the Buddha body of enlightened matter

The redemption of matter in Christ


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The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love)

awakening, expansion, ascension, and unity

an alternative religion, visionary art, and photography web site. On the Tao, Christ, Love, Zen, Goddess and God

spiritandflesh: union of the all: cosmic art gallery and sacred online books.








Alternative Christian Religion: the Cosmic Christ pages at Spirit and Flesh. Christ came to unify all beings through love.

In the union of spirit and flesh, through love, a profound, eternal oneness awakens in, and of, and as, the Kingdom of Christ

on earth. Amen.