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At the present moment, you can pick up the telephone and speak to a friend on the other side of the world, in a different time-frame. You have no proof that this friend actually exists, but you have a voice on the telephone that talks of the things they are doing on that particular morning while you sit comfortably in your warm home on an evening elsewhere. So it is becoming increasingly easy for you to accept that there are other beings experiencing their life as different from yours and yet there is a connection, a oneness . . . there is communication. You are becoming more accustomed to the idea that although it may be a cold winter's Monday evening where you are, it's a bright Tuesday summer's morning for your friend on the other side of the world. Likewise, Internet communication increases the concept of a global village - one nation, one people and one family.

Mankind is awakening and many of you are seeing that there truly are only two emotions . . . love and fear. All the strife, the problems and the challenges are generally surrounding fear. So what does this all mean for you? What are the practical applications of this information in your life? What effects are these changes going to have on your day-to-day existence?

Many of you are talking of ascension. But the process that is about to take place is more of a de-scension than an a-scension. It is the descending, the landing of the light, the finer, higher energies of Christ Consciousness. The form of your body is a blueprint that is used not only for the third dimension, but also for some of the higher dimensions. The body cannot be denied, for your form of a head and two arms and two legs is a form that you will continue to have until you move into the worlds of essence and formlessness.

So just as you are concerned with raising yourself up to higher levels of consciousness, this process is a bi-directional process in as much as it is consciously bringing the light down. Your task here on Earth is not simply to work through what you might view as your karmic lessons, become an enlightened being and then disappear off the planet. Part of the original purpose for creating the world of matter was to bring light and love to each and every molecule in existence with the use of free will. This planet Earth is a free will planet, and you have chosen out of free will to take part in the experiment to bring light down to this level of existence in the Universe.

So what effect are these changes having upon you? Many of you have noticed that issues, fears, anxieties and challenges (having their roots in what you experience as past lives) are coming up at this time in order to be examined, studied and integrated into your life.

The Master Jesus, when he walked upon this planet, spoke of eternal life. The eternal life that he spoke of has been difficult for some of you to understand and therefore many have presumed this was a mis-translation or maybe a deception that has been inserted by one religious organisation or another. You do not perceive yourself as having eternal life. There is a perception of amnesia from one life to another. You may remember having been the baker's wife or the soldier or the healer in China some centuries ago, but these are faint memories and as far as you are concerned, you are no longer this individual. But on a soul level you are. As far as your soul is concerned you are as much the baker's wife and the soldier and the healer in China as you are you today. Eternal life means no longer losing your current identity and moving into another one. Eternal life means integrating each of your sub-selves into the one soul-awareness, so that your memory and your experience of yourself is a continuous thread, without the illusion of cut-off points and beginnings.With the development of your light bodies, you will become increasingly aware of other aspects of yourself and of other incarnational selves. You will become your souls, living consciously upon the earth plane. For some of you this process will prove to be a challenge, for many are in denial of the physical body.

There is choice involved here. Are you going to choose to do the work upon yourself and to accept your humanity now, or later?  Is mankind going to continue to place God outside of himself, or is mankind going to experience the God within? Is mankind once and for all going to take on the challenge of facing its fears and replace fear with love? For everything is based upon intention and everything requires a decision. This choice is literally between love and fear. Now is the time for you to set your intention and to make that deep inward decision to take on the challenge. That challenge is to love yourself, utterly, completely, without question and without condition. In order to do this, you need to examine and embrace every aspect of yourself. This means accepting that where you are is the right place for you at this point in time. You came here out of love and out of choice to learn the lesson of love.

This planet is indeed the school of love. This is not a place of judgment. You have not come here to prove yourself to any higher authority. You have come here to teach yourself the lesson of love.

The integration of the soul and multiple selves into your three-dimensional reality is going to require you to consciously open your emotional issues. Many of you have been experiencing a form of spiritual tiredness in recent years. This is because of many new beliefs being brought into your current personality in your current time and place. However, these new beliefs have not been integrated into every aspect of your entire being. Although the soul of your soul, the monad, holds these beliefs, there are aspects of your soul in what you might call past lives that have not taken on these beliefs. Let go of the concept of past lives and see that all your other existences or expressions of self are actually parallel as far as the soul is concerned. Each inhibiting belief that a past-life self may have, is a belief that will infiltrate your current incarnation. In essence it is not entirely necessary to look at your past-life-selves to uncover any limiting beliefs that you may have. Many of these beliefs are just simply lurking under the surface. To bring these beliefs to the surface, you could write down on a piece of paper, "I believe money is........" and once you have opened yourself and have begun to write, you will reveal all your beliefs to yourself about money, or whatever subject you wish to delve into.

With the increased level of light that is coming through to the earth plane at this time, you have the opportunity of integrating all of these "past-life" aspects of yourself into one intergrated unit. Much of the work that is required in order to bring about full integration of self involves working through and looking at your fears. If you have beliefs, ideas and fears that are attached and held by a personality that is mainly concentrated in a past-life self, these threads of beliefs will still have an effect upon your current self and experience of self . . . for you are not in any way detached from these past-life-selves. It is not as though this part of you is dead, buried and gone. It is a part of you and you are an eternal being. You are the sum total of all your experiences. So if you were a nun or a priest or a beggar or a soldier in a past life, you are still that nun, that priest, that beggar, that soldier. That part of you has not gone away - it is living, it is alive, it breathes, it thinks and it feels. Its thoughts and beliefs have a direct influence open your experience of self in this dimension and in this life-time. But in this period of mankind's history, you as a personality-expression of your soul, have the opportunity to draw in all these other part selves and to unify with them.

Some of the sub-personalities that you have, some of the aspects of self that you have begun to recognize are ones that you have developed in this life-time and others are expressions of your past-life selves. Each past-life self is still present within your current day-to-day psyche, so certain ways that you react to certain things are very much attached to a pattern that is still present within a past-life self. Now as you learn and progress then so do the other aspects of yourself. If you feel that one of your past-life selves had a particular skill - be it a writer, a painter, or healer, then you can tune into this part of your past-life self in order to learn more about that aspect of yourself.

So how is this integration going to take place? It is an energetic shift, because when your soul leaves your body at the point of physical death you move into what is termed the fourth dimension. Some souls go higher, but the majority move into the fourth dimension. When the soul, or consciousness, reaches the fourth dimension they gradually become more aware of their total selves. They become simultaneously aware of (a) their identity in the life that they have just left, (b) their soul identity and (c) the multifaceted being. In other words they become aware of their other adventures into consciousness - their past-life selves. If they died feeling very unhappy or have experienced much violence, or some other strong experience in that life, this personality will become the dominant personality whilst in the fourth dimension. It is usually in these cases that some of these souls will come through as low level guides, because that aspect of their personality has not yet let go of the Earth plane.

So when the consciousness moves into the fourth dimension it becomes aware of its other selves.  The soul is aware of being several individuals and itself simultaneously, and therefore is the total and complete being.

So on choosing a next life, it looks at the individual personalities involved and will be drawn energetically to that area that needs the most development and growth. The soul then can choose to develop two or three aspects at one time. This is currently what is happening upon the Earth plane. As the pulsations of energy coming to Earth increase, the borderline between your dimension, the world of 3D and the fourth dimension, is becoming less and less defined. It is as if the third and the fourth are merging. This is having a direct effect open your physical bodies. Because it means that your multidimensional selves are becoming more apparent upon the Earth plane. The light body that is developing within mankind is a fourth and fifth-dimensional body, which means that it carries with it automatically the knowledge and the awareness of the other selves in what you would term past-life experiences. This is the reason why at this time your spiritual growth is not only involving those issues that you have dealt with over the years, stemming from your childhood experiences, but also from past-life experience. As your light body awakens, you are tuning into the fourth and fifth levels of reality and therefore you have a more direct link with your past-life selves. That is why it seems that all these issues are coming up to be dealt with.

This process of awakening your light body and simultaneously becoming aware of your past-life selves can induce some confusion in the beginning. But as far as your soul self is concerned, past-life selves do not really exist in the terms that you understand a past life to be. For in the higher realms all time is simultaneous and space is also an illusion. If one of Light wishes to travel from one end of the galaxy to another, it simply has to think it so and it is there. In the third dimension you have the illusion of there being distance in real terms between one object and another. But in the higher realms everything is connected. For each area, as it were, is a different thought or a thought form or a collection of a group of thoughts. So therefore the time and the space that you experience is tied to the dimension that you find yourself in this time. Any issue that you become aware of, is attached to, or seems to stem from a past life self, is an issue that your soul is dealing with as an entity. What that means is that these issues from past-lives are not things from your past -  they are current threads. Threads are themes that you choose to work on in one particular incarnation, or as one particular projection of your soul's consciousness in the third dimension. Some of you are indeed having parallel lives. It is possible for you to be having a life as a factory worker in one country and as a doctor or a politician in another country. However, most souls choose to project these parts of their consciousness into different historical and time frame holographs on the Earth plane.

Returning to the concept of eternal life as spoken of by the master Jesus, this is the process that you are currently in - of integrating all your selves, through your current personality. It has been this experience of your soul in this particular time frame that you have decided to move beyond the third dimension. To move beyond the third dimension requires integration - not only mentally and emotionally and within your auric field - but also down to the cellular level. You are connected at all times via your auric field to all your other incarnations. What that means is that at various times in your life you will begin to resonate more with one expression of your soul self than with another. This can mean that with the awakening of your light body you could develop physical symptoms within your body which are a greater reflection of a past-life self than as you know yourself now.

The borderlines that divide the third and fourth dimensions are becoming thinner and thinner. So some of you may experience minor crises, wondering exactly who you are. For the memories, behavioural patterns and the emotions of a past-life self may seem to become more apparent, or sometimes even feel more dominant in your current experience. That is why it is essential when talking of the process of ascension to really think about the process of decension. And that means bringing this love and light down to cellular level. Each of the physical bodies that your soul has incarnated into is the result of mass thought, and carries with it an electro-magnetic fingerprinting that can be described as etheric genetic fingerprinting. The more and more you move into your light body the more that you will be aligning to all aspects of yourself. And therefore any issues that your other selves are dealing with on a cellular level may also be transformed by you.

This may all sound like difficult work, but unless you are prepared to do the deep level emotional work and to harmonize mind body and spirit, you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to follow the path of ascension.

The process of integrating body and soul goes hand in hand with the process of incarnation. This is what this process of incarnation is all about. It is about fully and consciously incarnating within your own physical body. Many of you are not fully present within your physical body. On an energetic level that means that the light of your soul is often not present in the lower chakras. It tends to halt round about the midriff, just below the heart.

Part of the experiment is to bring love and light through the use of free will to every corner of the universe, included bringing light fully into the material world. What this means is that you have agreed to bring light to every aspect of the material world - which is why you are taking part in this experiment on earth. You have agreed to bring the light of your soul fully into your body. You are not developing a light body so that you can move from your physical body into your light body, but you are merging your light body with your physical body. This will bring changes to your physical body. It will have a direct effect on the operation of the meridians and the chakras.

At this present time your chakras are working by and large according to the beliefs of the personality self. They have yet to be infused with the qualities of the soul self. However, as the energy of the Christ increases and as the waves of energy coming to the earth become more intense it will become easier for you to incarnate more fully. It will become easier for you to bring the light of your soul into your first, second and third chakras.

Each consciousness in the universe has built within it the Flames of Divine Desire, acting as a magnet, drawing it automatically to light. This means that your other selves, the other aspects of your selves that you view as past lives, are then automatically drawn towards you. This has the effect of integrating the workings of the chakras of your other aspects into your own energetic system. This means the taking on the lessons and karmic relationships of your other selves. You are becoming your soul. In the past, when the physical died, you left the physical body and your personality self traveled with your consciousness to the level of your soul and then merged with it. But in this current paradigm, you are bringing your soul down to this plane and therefore you are becoming your soul. It means that the two of you are becoming one, consciously, and that the other aspects of self are being merged into the wholeness that you are creating. This process can be very challenging.

So, ascension is truly about descension. It is bringing the light down - it is landing the light. It means incarnating 100% as your soul-self.

That is how paradise will be brought to earth. You are not waiting for a savior, a guru, a messiah or spaceships from one enlightened planet or another. You are waiting for the arrival of your soul. It is a choice that you made prior to this life time. In this period of man's history it is more possible now to become enlightened, en masse, than ever before. This is a real prospect. This is a real probability.

It means eternal life, it means an ending of the amnesia between one existence and another, it means the ending of separation, it means the beginning of unity, of oneness, of aliveness, of light, of love, of eternity as an integrated soul. This is not the end of a journey, this is but the beginning. The beginning of unending potentiality, of unending adventure, creativity, love, abundance, satisfaction and wealth. Unlimited potential prospects. A world and an existence where you may choose where to go, what to do, what to create out of love whenever you want to.

It is your initiation into the status of creator god. For that is your ultimate destiny - to become a creator god. At the moment you create your own reality, but in your future, you'll be able to create realities, worlds, even parts of your own universe. That is why the earth is so loved and why it was created out of love. This is the planet where you learn to move into your heart, this is the planet where you learn how to love, how to create with love.

This intergration process has as its height the acceptance of yourself exactly as you are. For that is the key to love - acceptance. Acceptance is love, and love is total acceptance. Showing affection, having compassion are other attributes of love. But unconditional love is the total, complete and utter acceptance of what is. Start with accepting yourself where you are and then you will know more about where you are going . . . a place of great joy and great abundance . . . a destination that starts from within and not from without.



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