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Oneness and a new advaita: the union of spirit and flesh






            To merge the inner with the outer is to be conscious of both the inner and outer at the same time, and then to merge both aspects into one.

            At the subtle level of Self, where all duality ends, there is neither male nor female, good nor evil, inside nor out- only a living, limitless ocean of being/awareness/peace.

            At the point of absolute integration- when all is one, and time is no more- there are no words left by which it can be described; it can no longer be called spirit, flesh, mind, or matter. The closest proximity to a description lies in the Sanskrit word advaita: non-dual, not two.

            When all is one self, that self is a oneness which defies all categories of duality, for it is now one I which is both male and female, transcendent and immanent, spirit and flesh.

To be this one I is to become nothing, so as to become everything, so as to go beyond everything, which is to enter the ethereal realm.


          The etherealization of existence is both macrocosmic and microcosmic- it is a dispersion and a coagulation, an expansion and a contraction wherein the cosmic light condenses into the body, a harmonization occurs, the flesh takes on a new vibration, the spirit is transformed, and the whole being is etherealized and elevated in the transfiguration.

The Apocalypse is simply a change in vibration. Redemption is the return to oneness, the vibration of the all, the end of duality and of time; the Self immanent- God born into God.

I say this because I was told in a dream that there have been religions which worshipped the Father/Consciousness/Spirit, and there have been religions which worshipped the Mother/Matter/Soul, but there has never been one which worshipped both. Now there is.

I announce a new advaita, a non-duality that includes both spirit and matter.

Here every I is the same I, and I is everything; through oneness our common I is born from multiplicity into unity. I is oneness.

Dark and light, genius and fool, sinner and saint, madman and wisewoman, I am all opposites. I am one.

I have joined the colonization of the new vibration of oneness begun by Christ. I, as a separated being, was Christed, even though I was a thief and a coward. The stain of my sin of separation was absorbed and transmuted in the ruthless love of Christ’s Pentecostal oneness.

            To become the violent peace that is the Christ is to shatter the world of action and reaction. It is to be the eternal diamond inside the ephemeral muck. And to be that muck also. One.

            In this way Christ consciousness becomes what is.

The oneness of the Christ self is greater than the ego, because it contains others as well. Christ is this stone bridge across the canyon, creating the only true marriage within, which is the death of separation.

Once integrated Christ radiates out in all directions from within; there is neither above nor below, only a living, expansive now.


A new reality is awakening, an evolved union which is the marriage of spirit and soul, of consciousness and matter, of Heaven and Earth.

When such a new consciousness or new unity comes into being we can no longer look backwards, historically, for answers, we can only look within for the Kingdom.

            We must now grow in consciousness without abandoning any stage of life, but by assimilating and maintaining all. We must become a nexus of many consciousnesses. We must have crocodile consciousness, cow consciousness, earth consciousness, body consciousness, human consciousness, God consciousness, Goddess consciousness, Krishna consciousness, and Buddha consciousness. All ways and all realms must be included.

             In order to allow this to happen we must stop believing that we are limited, which is to stop believing that we are not God. To stop believing we are not God is to accept that we are astonished to be God. But this is the last sacrifice- the belief that we are not God.        

            All is Goddess and God, united in their stillness and generative duality of oneness wherein all arises, passes away, and yet remains in the subtle harmony of their togetherness.

            Our I is one with Goddess and God. I am we, and I am Goddess and God, which is everything.

            The ultimate metaphysical equation is: I = You.[1]

            There is not only one consciousness which we all are, there is also one body which we all are. One greater body, with many forms. One greater consciousness, with many minds.

All flesh is one flesh. All self is one self. Mixing the two eternal waters of consciousness/spirit, and flesh/soul, brings about the marriage of heaven and earth.

            Oneness implies that there are only vessels within vessels, that there are no individuals, but merely vortexes of energy, dynamic nexus points, ever changing molecules in the living chemistry of spirit. This is alchemy alive, the ever-changing all, interwoven as eternity.

            When you can no longer distinguish between consciousness and matter, and everything has become a singular, all-pervasive, subtle medium, then the unifying integration has happened; the spirit is the form.

God moves forward as one. I am dissolved in and as God moving forward as one- as God and Goddess.

To give everything to God is to cross over to God.

I have eaten from the Tree of Life. I have been received back into the flaming sword of my own eternity.

I am not separate from Goddess nor God. I am transfigured in the Christ union of Goddess and God.

I am the witness to all that is, I permeate all that is, I am in, and of, and not-of this realm. Having crossed over into absolute physicality, and yet remaining also apart, I have married the immanent with the transcendent, and been born into a new vibration.

Flesh is no longer flesh, spirit no longer spirit. A quantum dimension has been born that is neither particle nor wave, but both together; absolute emptiness united with absolute fullness, which is neither. Om, baby!


[1] Hence the golden rule- “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, because we are each other.


excerpted from OM, baby! by Jack Haas

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"The union of spirit and flesh creates a subtle new harmony.

Two unique worlds come together, and through our hearts unite into one.

For it is only in the voice of the flesh, that the song of the spirit is finally sung."

Jack Haas