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ZENERGY: integration of the new vibration (visionary art, and crystal singing bowls)

Visionary digital art by Jack Haas, crystal singing bowl music by Valerie Farnsworth and Deborah Van Dyke


A profound assimilation of transformative art and healing music. Visionary art by Jack Haas (www.spiritandflesh.com) is accompanied by the ethereal sounds of crystal singing bowls, played by Deborah Van Dyke and Valerie Farnsworth of Crystal Voices (track: 'Octaves of Light', from their CD 'Sounds of Light'. www.soundcurrent.homestead.com).
This video is intended to assist in our transformation into a vibration of greater wholeness, peace, and harmony. Meditating with this video multiple times will magnify its transformative effects.


Visionary, abstract, digital, and fractal art by Jack Haas.


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Spirit and Flesh


Enter the new vibration.








Visionary abstract digital art gallery: spiritual and religious images representing the new vibration of harmony and oneness.